Rite of Death

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Rite of Death
Rite of Death

Faith: 50
Favor: 300
Difficulty: 60
Target: Altar
Casting time: 140 seconds


Libila, Paaweelr, Nathan, Gary


Libila spell avaliable to Priests at 50 faith. An enchantment spell castable on altars. Requires linking with multiple priests to be possible.


Spreads Mycelium to tiles within the domain of Libila. Causes a small internal head wound to all enemy players currently online. Damage dealt is reduced by soul strength. Requires linking with multiple priests. Will display event message on affected players when successfully cast.


  • Does not work on PvE servers.

The spell will disappear from list after a successful cast, the cooldown for this spell is similar to that of other global spells (See: Rite of Spring, Ritual of the Sun, Holy Crop).

The spell usually reappears a month to two months after it is cast. Hints from the developers indicate that rituals are recharged by worshippers' prayers, and that even followers at 30 faith should still pray every day as though they were still gaining faith in order to recharge the ritual.