Ritual of the sun

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Ritual of the sun
Ritual of the sun

Faith: 50
Favor: 300
Difficulty: 60
Target: Item
Casting time: 100 seconds


Only a Priest of Magranon can cast this spell


Magranon spell available to priests at 50 faith. An enchantment spell castable on altars. Requires linking with multiple priests to be possible.

The spell is available to cast once the deity's favor is full. Only prayers and sermons that could cause valid faith gains increase deity favor, which is used to charge rite spells. If you are capped at the 30 or 100 faith caps, you can still provide to the deity favor as long as you have the valid timing available. Missions also provide some deity favor, scaled on the difficulty of the mission.


  • Priests and followers gain 0.2% body stamina towards 100 and 5 hours of sleep bonus through a single prayer. This benefit can be experienced up to 24 hours from the cast by praying and having at least 30 faith.
  • Buildings, fences, and bridges inside Magranon's domain are repaired, up to full damage.
  • Meteor showers will begin throughout the duration of the spell, for the server it is cast on.
  • All meteorites have a chance of giving lumps of empyrean iron when mined.
   *Meteor showers will occur and boulder-like meteorites will land across the server which have random metal type and can be mined directly for lumps. 
   *All metals except alloys and moonmetals will be possible
   *Difficulty of mining meteorites will be lower than mining an equivalent vein in a cave, leading to higher average quality of metals.
   *Meteorites will not change terrain, and will avoid landing on highways, deeds, structures, and deep water.
  • Magranon followers get 100 water, 100 food, and 50 nutrition boost (up to 50 nutrition), with the event message: You feel a sudden surge of energy!.


  • The spell will disappear from list after a successful cast. The cooldown for this spell is similar to that of other global spells.

See also


Wurm Year 1008

  • Cast on 08/29/10 18:40:01 GMT (day of Sleep in week 3 of the Snake's starfall)
  • Location: Magranon Sands, West beach of Samling
  • Main Caster: Emperorchong (Metaldragon)
  • Linkers (Participators): Arn, Draugr, Harvick, Iorail, Majesty & Gorm
  • GMs Witnessing: Emu & Pomona

Wurm Year 1013

  • Cast 03/20/11 14:26:38 EST
  • Location: Akhenaten
  • Main Caster: Arcadia (Thorgot)
  • Linkers (Participators): Draugr, Gorm (Draugr), Raheed (Perdaetor), Ahkmag

Wurm Year 1020

  • Cast on 01/29/12 09:47:05 EST
  • Location: Dragonfoot (Magranon Prayer Group)
  • Main Caster: Arcadia (Thorgot)
  • Linkers (Participators): Padremaronno, Lumpygravy, Braum, Dichiara, Erah, Zhentil

Wurm Year 1024 - Deliverance

  • Cast on 01/07/2012 20:12 GMT.
  • [22:12:16] Majesty casts 'Ritual of the Sun' on an altar of Magranon.
  • [22:12:16] You feel a sudden surge of energy!
  • Location: Greendog
  • Main Caster: Majesty (Dopeymcdope, 18 attempts over 2 days)
  • Failed Caster the day before: Gurkin (Figs)(4 attempts)
  • Linkers for both days (Participators): Sincor (Axeblade), Gurkin (Figs), Sandtrix, Vilesh(Yetian), Gram, Dulcien (Stargrace), Rumo (Tekari)
  • Forums: link

Wurm Year 1028 - Deliverance

  • Cast on 09/22/2012 19:15 UCT.
  • Location: Puzzle Plaza market
  • Main Caster: Majesty (Dopeymcdope)
  • Linkers (Participators): Sincor (Axeblade), Marshie (Jesslynn), Praxxe, Kabalarian (Chulirac), Orago, Kameo, Rog, Rumo (Tekari), Valfreya
  • Forums: link

Wurm Year 1029 - Exodus

  • Cast on 09/02/2013 20:10 GMT.
  • Location: Arrowhead
  • Main Caster: Melody
  • Linkers (Participators): Vigilant, Redrum, Notyouravgscrub, Chort

Wurm Year 1029 - Independence

  • Cast on 09/02/2013 23:03 GMT.
  • Location: Akhenaten
  • Main Caster: Arcadia (Thorgot)
  • Linkers (Participators): Vigilant, Notyouravgscrub, Chort, Melody

Wurm Year 1030 - Celebration, Exodus, Deliverance, Independence

  • Cast on 03/27/2013 15:47, 17:10, 19:22, 20:45 GMT.
  • Location: Beargazi, Arrowhead, a mountainside, Ryddinjorn
  • Main Caster: Vigilant (Skren), Melody, Notyouravgscrub (Skren), Arcadia (Thorgot)
  • Linkers (Participators): Chort, Arcadia, Notyouravgscrub, Melody, Vigilant. (Skren and Noizhead added material support.)

Wurm Year 1035 - Independence

  • Cast on 10/02/13 09:17 EST.
  • Location: Raider Nation
  • Main Caster: Dani
  • Linkers (Participators): Daneyko, Braum, Solingen

Wurm Year 1036 - Independence

  • Cast on 14/12/13 16:48:26 GMT+1
  • Location: Wolpertinger Ranch
  • Main Caster: Bombi
  • Linkers (Participators): Magira, Marinus and Vraccas