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Rite spells are spells with global effects on the entire server and its players, and may only be cast infrequently on each server.

Every rite requires 50 faith, costs 300 Favor (requiring linking of priests), and has 50 difficulty.

Deity Favor

Each deity (Fo, Vynora, Magranon, and Libila) has its own pool of favor used to allow the casting of a rite spell. If the deity currently does not have enough favor, the spell cannot be cast at that time on that server. Only prayers and sermons that could cause valid faith gains increase deity favor, which is used to charge rite spells. If you are capped at the 30 or 100 faith caps, you can still provide to the deity favor as long as you have the valid timing available. Missions also provide some deity favor, scaled on the difficulty of the mission.

This favor is consumed when the spell is cast, and restored by players on the server praying to that god.

A vague estimate of your deity's current favor is given when a priest of that deity preaches a sermon (Still waning = 25-50%, is strong = 50-100%, brimming with power = ready to cast). When the favor pool is adequate for casting a rite spell, the text You sense that (deity) is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow? will appear in the Event tab during the sermon.

The amount of favor of deity needs for a ritual spell to be ready for casting scales depending on how often that ritual spell has been cast on that server.

  • Note this is not the favor needed to cast the spell as a player, this is the mechanic for unlocking the rite casts.
  • The cost of the spell is greater if the ritual spell has been cast more frequently or recently.
  • The base favor has been lowered, so ritual spells that are cast very infrequently on a server may be cast more often.


Each rite spell has effects unique to it, in addition to some common effects:

  • All Rite spells
    • 0.2% progress toward 100 in a particular characteristic determined by the spell.
      • For example, a character with 40 in that characteristic would gain 0.2% of 60, for a gain of 0.12.
    • 5 hours of sleep bonus.
    • These bonuses require praying to an altar of that god within 24 hours of the spell being cast.
  • Rite of spring (Vynora)
    • 0.2% progress toward 100 in mind logic.
    • Double speed for all ships on the server for 24 hours.
  • Ritual of the sun (Magranon)
    • 0.2% progress toward 100 in body stamina.
    • Instantly repairs all building walls and fences within the domain of Magranon.
    • Meteor showers will begin throughout the duration of the spell, for the server it is cast on.
      • Meteor showers will occur and boulder-like meteorites will land across the server which have random metal type and can be mined directly for lumps.
      • All metals except alloys and moonmetals will be possible
      • Difficulty of mining meteorites will be lower than mining an equivalent vein in a cave, leading to higher average quality of metals.
      • Meteorites will not change terrain, and will avoid landing on highways, deeds, structures, and deep water.
  • Holy crop (Fo)
    • 0.2% progress toward 100 in soul depth.
    • Instantly tends to all crops within the domains of Fo.
    • Instantly casts Genesis on all applicable creatures within the domain of Fo.
    • Flower spawns will increase.
    • Grass will grow faster.
  • Rite of death (Libila)
    • 0.2% progress toward 100 in soul strength
    • Mushrooms will spawn far more often, and on significantly more tiles.
    • (PvE Only) Far less skill loss on death, similar in most cases to dying on deed.
    • (PvE Only) Libila followers and priests gain +15% combat damage (similar to a Magranon priest).
    • (PvE Only) When Rite of Death is in effect, Consume Corpse has a chance of triggering an effect similar to a Mind stealer enchantment.
    • (PVP servers only) Spreads mycelium within the domain of Libila.
    • (PVP servers only) Causes an internal damage head wound to all enemy players.