Ship transporter

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Ship Transporter
A Ship Transporter
Total materials
  • Ship transporter
Skill and improvement


A cart designed to transport ships over land.


  • Ship transporters require 15 Fine Carpentry to start.
  • 0.50 kg log weight is used up when using a log to improve a ship transporter.
  • 26.65 kg of dye is needed to paint a ship transporter.
  • 23 Body Strength is needed to use the load cargo function.
  • 20.1 Mind logic is needed to command the ship transporter.
  • For security, the ship transporter can be locked with a Large padlock
  • Unfinished ships can be loaded onto the transporter.
  • Will not hold anything but ships.
  • Will not load moored ships or ships you aren't allowed to command.
  • Can be dragged as well as have 2 animals hitched to it.
  • Cannot be loaded on a ship.