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Main / Skills / Firemaking


The firemaking skill represents your ability to light fires using a steel and flint and kindling. It is used to light campfires, ovens, forges, and other burning vessels. It is also used to create torches.

Tools Used


  • To create a campfire, activate a steel and flint or wood scrap in your inventory by double-clicking it. Right-click on a kindling in your inventory and select Create > Containers > Campfire. The higher the quality of the kindling, the higher the quality level of the resulting fire. Higher quality fires burn hotter and thus cook food and melt ore faster.
  • To light a spent campfire or an unlit forge or oven, equip a steel and flint as above then right-click the campfire, oven, or forge and select Light. You must have at least 1 kindling in your inventory to perform the action.
  • If you have lost your steel and flint, light a campfire with a wood scrap & a kindling. Place a wood scrap inside the lit campfire. When the scrap is hot, remove it from the campfire, and right-click on your forge, oven, or other fire container to light it.
  • A higher firemaking skill results in a greater chance of success in lighting fires. This skill also helps determine the quality level of the ash generated from resulting campfires.
  • Lighting a fire can be done while moving (except for making campfires), so long as you do not move too far away (two tiles) from the tile you are currently working on.
  • At over 20 Firemaking skill, an estimate of how long a furnace will continue burning is given. More information, and more precise times, are given at higher skill levels. Note that these are only estimates, as many factors influence how long a fire will burn. This applies to ovens, forges, kilns, smelters, campfires, and stills.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Pyrotechnic at 50 skill
  • Arsonist at 70 skill
  • Pyromaniac at 90 skill