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Main / Skills / Firemaking


The firemaking skill represents your ability to light fires using a steel and flint along with some kindling. It is used to light campfires, ovens, and forges. It is also used to create torches. A higher skill level results in a greater chance of success. Skill level also helps determine ql of ash generated from campfires.

Tools Required


To create a campfire, equip a steel and flint in your inventory by double-clicking it. Right-click on a kindling in your inventory and select Create > Containers > Campfire. The higher the quality of the kindling, the higher the quality level of the resulting fire. Higher quality fires burn hotter and thus cook food and melt ore faster.

To light a spent campfire or an unlit forge or oven, equip a steel and flint as above then right-click the campfire, oven, or forge and select Light. You must have at least 1 kindling in your inventory to perform the action.


  • Pyrotechnic at 50 skill
  • Arsonist at 70 skill
  • Pyromaniac at 90 skill