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Tosiek is the first deity ascension from a demigod of a player. His channeling item is a gold or silver statuette of Magranon.

Game lore

Tosiek's converting speech

Tosiek is here to grant strength and guidance.

We are all seekers here in these foreign lands,

We are all threatened by the ancient powers,

And it is easy to stumble in this darkness never to rise again.

he will lead you through the marshes and caverns, and he will hold your hand when you falter.

Trust him in the darkness and sorrow.

Together we will crush our enemies and rule here in eternity.

Listen carefully and you will hear the thunder of his armies!

The path leads on to victory and a new dawn for humankind.

Will you join us or be crushed like a flea?

Tosiek's Inscription (Bone Altar)


I have transcended to a higher state of being.

I am now among the Immortals.

I have become the epitome of darkness.

Trust me when I promise you a path to strength and glory.

I will lead the way and you will follow.

Together we will slay our enemies in the sleep and tear their children apart.

Nothing will stop us and one day we will meet on the Western Spurs and drink our enemies

Let us grow together and conquer the forbidden lands where our souls rule in eternity!

Are you ready to join us?


Each God has slightly different abilities and penalties. See the Gods individual pages for details. Below lists only the abilities and penalties of Tosiek.

This area currently incomplete as no information is available

Tosiek followers abilities and penalties

(See the follower page for details on being a follower)

Please note : To convert someone to a follower of Tosiek when not converting at the Bone Altar they must be at least -1 Alignment. When using the Bone Altar, you must right-click and select random inscription. This will present you with a dialog for Tosiek or Nathan. You can dismiss the dialog and try again until you have the one for Tosiek. You do not lose Tosiek faith when traveling from Chaos to Freedom Isles.

Follower abilities

  • Receives Tosiek domain bonuses while in Tosiek's domain. See domain of the gods for more details about this. - unknown
  • Receives a passive at 20 Faith - unknown

Follower penalties

  • Followers cannot raise Faith above 30.
  • Alignment penalties.
  • Must go unfaithful to bash walls
  • Unable to tame corrupted animals (as HoTS)
  • Does not get food/nutrition from standing on mycellium (as HoTS)
  • Butchering human corpse results in faith loss, - 10 favor, and + alignment
  • Cannot bash mine doors.

Tosiek priests abilities and penalties

(See the priest page for details on priest-hood)

Priest abilities

Priest penalties

Tosiek champion abilities and penalties

(See the champion page for details on champion-hood)

All this information is currently assumed based on all other champion information

Champion abilities

  • All Tosiek follower and Tosiek priest abilities (NOT the Priest penalties)
  • +5 to all characteristics skills.
  • Faith set to 99.99 (you can continue to pray & gain faith, but only at about 0.000010)
  • Praying, channeling, exorcism all get 50+your original skill, up to a maximum of 80.
  • shorter time for normal healing
  • increased skill gain (factor isn't known)
  • You will get a new title: Champion of Tosiek (this title can not be turned off, but it does not effect other titles. So you can be a 'Blacksmith Champion of Tosiek' for example).
  • You will lose your Champion status after you die 3 times or after 6 months.
  • Champ slots do not count towards the regular limit per kingdom


Spells are only available to priests and champions. You cannot raise your faith above 30 without becoming a priest.

Name Level (Faith) Favor Difficulty Time (Seconds) Targets Description Notes
Morning fog 7 5 10 10 Creature Protection from Thorns and Lava N/A
Bless 8 10 10 10 Creature, Item Adds a holy aura of purity Use on blank altars to bless them to Tosiek.
Dispel 10 10 20 5 Tile, Item Creature Tries to dispel an effect on the target. N/A
Drain stamina 10 20 20 10 Creature Drains stamina and adds to you. N/A
Tangle weave 10 30 30 6 Creature Tangles the weave and slows enemy casting. N/A
Locate soul 20 20 10 10 Tile, Item, Creature Locates a player and corpses N/A
Refresh 20 15 20 15 Creature Restores Stamina N/A
Nolocate 22 15/60 10 15 Creature, Item Hides you from locate spells. Lower favor cost when cast on player.
Goat shape 25 20 20 10 Creature Increases Climbing skill N/A
Vynora's Hand 28 30 30 30 Item Counters Vynora's Demise Enchant. N/A
Charm animal 30 40 35 20 Creature Turns an animal into a loyal companion N/A
Dark Messenger 30 30 40 30 Item Tricks evil spirits to inhabit the target N/A
Magranon's shield 30 30 30 30 Item Counters Magranon's Demise enchant N/A
Reveal creatures 30 30 25 40 Tile Locates creatures nearby N/A
Truehit 30 10 15 10 Creature Increases chance to hit N/A
Bloodthirst 31 50 60 20 Item Increases damage N/A
Lurker in the dark 31 30 60 20 Item Locates enemies N/A
Light of Fo 33 60 40 10 Tile Heals allies in an area N/A
Rotting Touch 33 40 60 20 Item Target causes rotting wounds, but takes more damage N/A
Tentacles 33 30 20 10 Tile Summons tentacles from the deep N/A
Bearpaws 35 20 29 10 Creature Increases unarmed damage N/A
Fireheart 35 20 20 5 Creature Attacks the heart with flame N/A
Rotting gut 35 10 10 10 Creature Causes a rotting gut wound N/A
Vessel 38 5 70 30 Item Stores favor in a gem N/A
Break altar 40 80 50 30 Item Damages the holy altars Destroys normal altars and can damage the Bone Altar and Altar of Three
Frostbrand 40 45 60 20 Item Causes frost wounds N/A
Ward 43 20 20 20 Tile Drives away enemy creatures N/A
Hell strength 45 60 40 10 Creature May double strength Assuming strength is capped at 99
Magranon's Demise 46 40 50 200 Item Higher crit chance against followers of Magranon N/A
Vynora's Demise 47 40 50 200 Item Higher crit chance against followers of Vynora N/A
Mind Stealer 50 120 60 14 Item Hits may transfer higher skills Requires linking
Wind of Ages 50 50 60 30 Item Increases speed of use N/A
Sunder 60 50 30 30 Item Deal damage to an item N/A
Venom 62 120 60 20 Item Poisons enemies Requires linking
Disintegrate 70 80 70 60 Tile Destroys rock Destroy rocktile, also works to destroy reinforced tile in some conditions
Land of the dead 70 300 70 100 Item Summons the souls of the deceased Requires linking