Butchering knife

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Butchering knife
A Butchering knife
  • 1 Butchering knife (1.2 kg)
Skill and improvement


A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering.

Skins applicable


+ Butchering knife is both the item and the name of the skill gained when using a butchering knife.

Rare Functionality

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Note: Rare functionality is still not completely understood and is an exciting aspect of the game. Most information listed is only an observation of one or more players rather than confirmed by developers.

Butchering knives with rare properties have been seen to increase the yield and quality of meats produced. Gives a minimum of one meat even from starving creatures.

Skills & Characteristics

When using a butchering knife

When creating a butchering knife


  • Dissector at 50 skill
  • Skinner at 70 skill
  • Cleaver at 90 skill