Chain barding

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Chain barding
A Chain barding
  • Chain barding (25.00 kg)
Skill and improvement

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A powerful chain barding to protect your noble steed.

Chain barding is the strongest barding for your horses and hell horses, it can be created with armour chains made from any metal.


  • Tame or brand the animal you want to put the Chain barding on to
  • Right click the animal and choose look>equipment.
  • Drag and drop the Chain barding to the torso


  • Chain barding takes up more space in a forge than the armor chains that are used to make it.
  • Slows down the horse by a moderate amount.
  • The quality of the large anvil affects your creation chance.
  • Will not fit inside an empty backpack.
  • Silver, seryll, glimmersteel, and adamantine barding do not show visually on a horse, but still offers protection and reduces speed.
  • The type of metal does not affect protection offered by the barding.
  • Barding must be cool before equipping on a horse. If it is too hot, you will see this message: The Venerable fat Dogswift rears as the chain barding is too warm.

Creation chance examples

Large anvil ql Chain armour smithing skill Creation chance
22.31 ql 19.47 6 %
9.56 ql 72 34 %
50 ql 72 63 %
60 ql 72 68 %
70 ql 72 75 %

Different types of chain barding