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Long spear
A Long spear
  • 1 Long spear (2.70 kg)
Skill and improvement


A long well-polished shaft with a heavy sharp blade attached at one end.

The long spear is wielded in two hands, so you cannot wield a shield with it.

Weapon Stats

  • Strength: 0.40 (Similar to the medium Maul)
  • Attack Speed: 5 seconds (4 in Aggressive Mode)
  • Attack Range: 1 Tile
  • Damage Type: Piercing
  • Parry Rate: Rate uncertain, but capable of parrying.
  • Wielding: Two-hander (can't use a shield with it)


  • Wood type of staff determines wood type of long spear.
  • The spear tip quality determines success chances.
  • Failing attaching will lower staff quality and damage spear tip.
  • You wield a long spear in your two hands.
  • Heating the spear in a forge will destroy the spear.
  • Quality of the weapon will greatly affect overall damage.
  • Can be mailed with a volume rune.
  • Does not fit into a weapons rack
  • To fish with a spear, stand near a sufficiently deep water tile, activate the spear, right-click the water tile, and select "fish". This will bring up a long action timer in which random clicks will sometimes result in an event message that a fish is near and that the player missed it. Then, look around for the fish. By successfully placing the target symbol on the fish and clicking, the player will then spear the fish.

Skills & Characteristics

When using a long spear

When creating a long spear


  • Spearman at 50 skill
  • Hussar at 70 skill
  • Spartan at 90 skill