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Starting Out

The easiest thing to do is die, however living is much more fun. From the soul to the heart, here is a basic start.

Searching for natural food and herbs is one of the basic ways to sustain yourself. To search for these items, right click a grass tile and select an action under the Nature menu, be it either Forage (which can produce food items) or Botanize (which can produce herbs and alchemical reagents).

That Clay Thing


Once you've learned how to forage for yourself, the next step you should take is to learn how to work with clay. You will need a shovel to perform this task, and you start off with one, so don't drop it!

Note: There are clay tiles just north of First Light.

Once you have found a tile of clay, open your inventory (F3), double-click a shovel to activate it, and then right click the clay tile. You should see a new menu option named Dig; click it. If you've started to dig, you're on the right path, but if it states that you're on too steep a slope to dig, simply move to another position and retry. Slopes become too steep when the dirt slope is greater than 3x your digging skill (This includes any slopes on any tiles bordering the tile you wish to dig on).


  1 skill can dig dirt that is 3 steep max
 10 skill can dig 30 dirt steep slopes
 50 skill can dig 150 steep slopes.

[ Clay | Shovel | Inventory | Foraging | Digging ]


If you've done everything correctly and successfully completed digging, you should now see an item in your inventory called "clay". Activate either of your hands under the Body section of your inventory (remember, double-click to activate) and right-click a piece of clay. You should notice a sub-menu called "Create". Hover over this menu and a list of things you can make with the clay using your hand will appear. Currently you may only create a flask, jar, or bowl. You should make at least 2 jars and 2 bowls so that you can hold plenty of water and be able to cook two meals at once. This is entirely optional, but it is recommended.

Note: Clay items may turn out "unfinished", and you must examine them to learn what to do to complete them (tasks to complete unfinished items may require certain tools). This is also true for many other crafts.

Once you finish creating your clay items, you may notice that you can't really do anything with them. Clay items are raw and need to be hardened by fire, which brings us to our next section...

[ Pottery Items ]


Starting A Fire

Fires serve many purposes and can be created in various ways. The basic way to start a fire is by kindling, steel and flint. To start a basic campfire, you'll want to find an old fruit tree (you can discover the age of a tree by right-clicking the tile that the tree is on and selecting examine). The reason you want to use the fruit trees as opposed to, say oak or pinewood, is because they have the least amount of wood and are good for skill which is a nice bonus since improving this skill will make things faster later on.

Once you've found a nice tree, activate a hatchet (at this point you should put your shortsword in your right hand by dragging and dropping, in case you get into a fight with a wild animal) and right-click the tile the tree is on, the same way you examined it. Click the Chop Down option, and you'll begin to do damage to the tree (the amount of damage can be viewed by examining it). You may need to repeatedly chop down the tree to get it to fall.

After your tree has been felled, there should either be a log or a felled tree in the tile where the tree once stood. If there is only a log, right-click it and take it. Otherwise, right click the felled tree and select Chop Up, which will produce a log each time until it disappears. You should only require one log, so take one.

Here is where you can either take the skill-improving route (recommended), or the quick route. For both routes, you will need to activate your carving knife.

If you chose the skill-improving route; right click a log and hover over the Create sub-menu, then choose a random option and keep repeating that after each action is completed until you have a pile of wood scrap in your inventory. If you have more than one scrap, there are 2 options: right-click the entire pile and choose the Combine option (which can combine up to 10 or 11 scraps), or activate one scrap, right-click another scrap, and choose the Combine option. If your wood scrap has a weight value of 1.5kg (the standard measuring unit, if you don't have this much then make more scraps and combine them), activate your carving knife, right-click the scrap, hover over the create menu and choose kindling. Keep repeating this process until you have a kindling. Activate your carving knife and right-click the pile of wood scraps that you just combined. If it is heavier than 1.5kgs then make kindling out of it. Repeat this process until you have at least one kindling.

If you chose the quick route; right-click a log and hover over the Create sub-menu, then hover over Miscellaneous and select kindling. If you make kindling, continue to the next step. Otherwise, keep trying.

Once you obtain kindling, you should be able to make a campfire. To do this, activate your steel and flint, then right-click the kindling and hover over Create -> Containers and choose campfire... it might take a few tries with a few pieces of kindling to make one.

[ Campfire | Tree | hatchet | Steel and Flint | Carving knife | Wood scrap | Log | Combine ]

Maintaining Your Fire

Congratulations! You made your first fire, but wait... you have to keep it lit, don't you?

For future reference, you can add any amount of an item to a fire for burning, but anything over 25kg of content in a fire is a waste. The way to tell whether a fire needs fuel to burn is to examine the fire and read the message it brings up in your event window. It will tell you if it has plenty of fuel or not, but here is a base outline:

Message Meaning
Glowing coals Needs fuel immediately.
Starting to fade Needs fuel in 2 to 3 minutes.
Much unburnt material Needs fuel in 4 to 5 minutes.

To add material to a fire for burning, activate it and right-click the fire, then select Burn.

See fuel for more info.

Hardening clay

Since you've learned how to create and maintain a fire, let's start learning how to harden clay into pottery, which is a fairly simple procedure.

To open a campfire for placing objects "inside" of it, right-click it and and select the Open option. You can drag items from your inventory into the window that appears, and that is how you cook, smelt, harden, and perform various other tasks. You should now take your clay items and place them inside of the campfire. They will go through various stages of temperature and ultimately harden into pottery items.

The time it takes for the items to harden depends on the quality of the items and the fire, but don't be surprised if it takes around an hour. You will have to maintain your fire and check on it quite often to make sure it doesn't fizzle out, so before you start doing this make sure you have the time to spend on it.

Once your clay items turn into pottery items, remove them from the fire and you've completed your first task.


Now, on to your second task; sustaining yourself with food. It is a skill that may be easier for some to raise than others, and it requires a somewhat long amount of time to do. In cooking, you can create various types of foods such as stews, casseroles, and other foods which can only raise your nutrition so far depending on their quality.

To improve your cooking skill (you can view this by pressing F2), you must make dishes with a difficulty of within 10 levels of your own skill. For example, if you have 1 cooking skill and you try to create a difficulty 42 casserole, you won't gain any skill from it. To view the difficulty of a dish you want to make, place all of the ingredients you want to use into a pottery bowl and examine it. The difficulty can change depending on the fire or oven you cook in, and the quality of the container. Examine the bowl again when it is cooking to double check the difficulty.

Many types of food can be created, and there are endless combinations of ingredients. However, there are certain restrictions that you must adhere to, such as you can't use just two berries or two herbs. You can create a stew out of 2 fish, so if you can manage to borrow or create a fishing pole, you can use that, but the stew will be of very poor quality.

To create a stew or casserole, drag and drop your ingredients into a pottery bowl and examine it to make sure that your ingredients can create a dish. Then, open a campfire and drag the entire pottery bowl to the campfire window. You must now play the waiting game. After a long while, all the ingredients will combine into a single item and you can drag your pottery bowl back into your inventory where you can do whatever you wish with your new dish.

[ Cooking | Stew | Casserole |

This completes the first tutorial section, and others will be added later depending on response.