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I (Melek) may be new but I see alot of potential in Wurm Online and would love to see what people think of some of my ideas. What do you think?


At the moment you can build stone walls, tall stone walls and wooden fences. Here's a few ideas for some others:

  • Stone Wall with Wood - It has a base the same as a stone wall but then has a solid wooden fence which makes it 2-3 times as high.
  • Hedge - Something other than wood and stone for making more natural borders to areas. Perhaps you find seeds for hedges while botanizing?


There could be a couple of other options for gates. At the moment there are wooden fence gates and palisade gates, perhaps you could have:

  • Stone Arch - Wouldn't open or close and could't have a lock but would have the same texture as stone walls but would look nice used with them.
  • Reinforced Wooden Gate - Would look best with tall stone walls and be stronger than all the other gates

Wall Decay

I personally love finding old abandoned settlements, but they lack a certain... something. Paving lasts forever (or until someone destroys it) and fences/walls simply disappear once they decay.

Perhaps when a fence or wall decays it could be replaced with a container (which looks like a ruined version of itself). This container would have 1 or 2 damaged items inside which went into the construction of the fence/wall. Obviously when these items decay themselves the container would vanish also.

Paving Decay

Paving is another thing. Tiles are either there or not so they can't have incresing levels of damage. But everyone knows that if you leave dirt alone it will become grass soon enough. The same goes for packed dirt (although it seems to take longer).

Perhaps we could have tile types which are part way between packed dirt and gravel (and cobbles etc). So perhaps each RL day paved tiles have a (very) small chance of becoming a sort of damaged version of themselves.

  • Maybe 0.1% per day of gravel becoming [mostly gravel] or a [mostly gravel] becoming packed dirt.
  • It would only take maybe 2kg of rock shards to pave a [mostly gravel] into a regular gravel.
  • Other types of paving would have more steps before they become packed dirt of course.

This could be even less likely than that if it becomes impossible to maintain big roads... but I think that having to repair roads like we do for walls and fences would make sense. And all this of course would mean abandoned settlements would be reclaimed by the wilderness a little bit more... which I think would be nice.


It seems to me that it's just too easy and quick. Making a lock and key should take time and involve making springs, pins and tumblers (or what ever real locks are made from!).

Lock Complexity

We could have a new set of things which could only be made from copper which are parts of locks (like the previously mentioned springs etc). You create the lock housing or case out of iron but then have to finish it by adding the other parts (which takes most of the skill).

You could choose which quality of lock you want to build from the create menu and obviously the better locks would be more difficult. The various components would be added afterwards and would be more difficult to add on the more difficult locks.

Coin Locks

How about locks which instead of requiring keys, take Item:Coin|coins to unlock? In a similar way that you can rent beds you could allow access to houses for a price. Getting back out of the house should be free of course.

You could have a house (with high QL oven and forge etc) with one door, which you would have to pay to get in, and another door (free to use) which leads to a closed off field and iron mine.

People would pay to have access to the facilities until they leave through the main door. Just a random thought.


This all could then open a new line of crafting with springs and cogs etc. Would people complain if you could build traps, levers and other mechanisms?

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