Wooden canopy

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Wooden canopy
A Wooden canopy
Total materials
  • Wooden canopy
Skill and improvement


A wooden wall with a man-sized door and canopy for a wooden house. The door is too small for hitched vehicles to be driven though.


  • You can turn walls to suit your needs.

Repairing and Improving

  • To improve or repair, activate a plank, right-click the wall, and select "Improve" or "Repair". Any quality plank can be used to repair or improve the wall.
  • As for repairs, one plank will repair up to 10 damage depending on quality and repairing skill.
  • As for improvement, each successful improvement action with a plank will improve the wooden canopy by between .04 and 1.5+ QL. Further testing is needed in order to confirm the effects of factors such as plank QL and the player's repair skill on this improvement process.