Wooden double door

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Wooden double door
A Wooden double door
Total materials
  • Wooden double door
Skill and improvement


A Double door for a wooden house designed so hitched draft animals (horses, bisons, etc) pulling a vehicle can go through it.


It can be locked with a door lock. Any intelligent mob, for example trolls, or player can pass through an unlocked door.


  • You can turn doors to suit your needs.

Repairing and improving

  • Any damage must be repaired on the door with a plank before improving it.
  • Activate a plank, right-click the wall, and select "Repair" or "Improve".
  • The effective quality of the plank is affected by its damage and the player's carpentry skill.
  • Any quality plank can be used to repair and improve a wall (which will improve by between around .04-1.5+ QL per plank--more research needed but a higher QL plank will yield more improved QL).
  • 1 plank of any QL will only repair 10 damage.


  • When building a wall, window, or door, the quality of the materials and the player's skills affect the initial quality of the piece built.

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