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A Hedge
Total materials
  • Hedge
Skill and improvement
All sprouts will be consumed in one action


A natural fence made from planting sprouts. All but the lowest hedge sizes block movement.

It appears that different hedges will grow to different possible heights.

Hedge Materials

Types of hedge are: Camellia, Cedar, Lavender, Maple, Oleander, Rose, Thorn.

Types that are not available are: Apple, Birch, Blueberry, Cherry, Chestnut, Fir, Grape, Hazelnut, Lemon, Linden, Oak, Olive, Orange, Pine, Raspberry, Walnut, Willow.


A total of 5 sprouts of the same type are needed to plant a hedge. Unlike actual fences, there is no skill requirement based on the tile border's slope.

Hedges can't be planted on crop tile borders or packed dirt tile borders.

You need to have at least 5 sprouts of the same kind in your inventory.

Note that failure is possible - Sadly, the sprout does not survive despite your best efforts. You lose one sprout if you fail.


  • Can be cut down like a tree with an activated hatchet, Right-click - Cut down. A sickle can also be used to destroy a low hedge.
  • Can also be destroyed just as any other fence using a bashing tool. Catapults can also work on them.
    • Body strength of 21 is required.
    • Pruning hedge to medium or low length before bashing increase the damage tremendously.


Wild growth advances a hedge 1 growth-stage (makes low medium, and medium high, if the hedge type grows that tall).

Prune with a sickle (or other bladed tools) to make them 1 growth shorter. (On deed the manage option 'can cut old trees' must be enabled).


All hedges start at low height, which does not impede movement. They will then grow to medium height upon which they become impassable and eventually reach peak height (tall as a house wall). The two exceptions to this are:

  • Lavender hedges stay at the lowest height and therefore remain passable.
  • Camellia hedges stop growing upon reaching medium height, which permits seeing over the hedge while blocking movement.

Hedges can be temporarily trimmed shorter by pruning but will regrow again.

Different Heights
Short : Medium : Prime :
Low-Hedge.png Meduim-Hedge.png Peak-Hedge.png
This low hedge is growing steadily. This medium sized hedge is growing steadily. This hedge seems to be at peak height.

Click on image for larger view

Different appearances


  • These cannot be built on the border of an Arched Wall.
  • Hedges can be dyed, takes 1.0kg of dye per hedge.