Mine door (gold)

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Golden mine door
A Golden mine door
Total materials
  • 1 Mine door (gold) (121 kg)
Skill and improvement


An item used to limit access to a mine.


  • Activate the mine door, right click a mine tile border and select build door


Once installed the gold mine door slowly loses strength if off deed. To keep it from decaying it has to be repaired. To repair the gold mine door activate a gold lump, right click the mine door and select Improve.

Each improvement uses 0.1kg of the gold lump and raises the strength of the mine door.


  • Mine doors cannot be placed on entrances with a slope of greater than 90.
  • Right click on the door to manage the permissions.
  • Need door lock.
  • Needs a high blacksmithing skill with a high ql door lock.
  • Very hard to start and continue. (Estimated to take ~2 hours at 70 blacksmithing, with equal-quality materials)

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