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Steel mine door
A Steel mine door
Total materials
  • 1 Mine door (steel) (61 kg)
Skill and improvement


A strong steel door that will sustain a lot of damage.

An item used to limit access to a mine.


  • Activate the mine door, right click a mine tile border and select build door.


  • Mine doors cannot be placed on entrances with a slope of greater than 90..
  • Remember that off-deed mine doors can be bashed by other players, so your mine is not entirely safe just because it has a mine door attached. A deed perimeter does NOT protect mine doors.
  • If you wish to place a fence around a mine entrance this should be done before attaching a mine door.
  • On Elevation and Defiance servers, there must be a minimum of 3 tiles between mine doors and only 4 mine doors in an 11x11 area. There is a check in a 5 tile radius around the door being placed.
  • Right-click on the door to manage the permissions.
  • Needs a high blacksmithing skill with a high ql door lock to start.
  • Very hard to start and continue at low skill, though there is no hard coded limit.
  • Decays only off deed over time (loses strength and disappears when it drops to 0).
  • Strongest door available. It has almost double the resistance of a rock mine door.
  • Failure to create does not destroy the lock but damages the steel sheet.
  • Improved with steel lump.

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