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Wooden mine door
A Wooden mine door
Total materials

Mine door (wood) (42.00 kg)

Skill and improvement


A wood mine door is a carpentry item used to limit access to a mine.


  • To attach the door, activate the mine door, right-click a mine tile border, and select build door
  • Mine doors cannot be placed on entrances with a slope of greater than 90.
  • Plank QL affects the chance of success while constructing.
  • Has little if any skill required. Can be successfully created with 2 carpentry skill and 19q plank.
  • Right-click on the door to manage the permissions.
    • You may manage permissions upon door being placed, as wooden mine doors come with a lock built in.
  • Decays only off deed over time (loses strength and disappears when it drops to 0). Average decay amounts to 40 strength points per RL day. Mine door decay always takes place in steps of 100 and the actual daily value is random. It sometimes happens that there is no visible decay for several days (strength can remain constant for as much as 7 days) and then suddenly drops by 200. For example, a wooden mine door of 2000 strength will last approximately 50 days. Once down to 300 a mine door should be improved with planks or it will soon vanish.
  • Creatures cannot pass through mine doors unless the permissions are set to "allow everyone to use this mine door."
  • Creatures being led ignore permissions.
  • Unlike the rock mine door, a wooden mine door can be improved with a plank after it is placed. The plank need to be at least strength/100 ql, else the following message will be displayed:
   You cannot strengthen this door any further with that item and your knowledge.

It may also require a certain skill to improve at high strength. (more testing needed)

  • When a wood mine door is made out of 20ql items the strength will be exactly 1600.
  • If you have permissions, you can remove this mine door using a crowbar.

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