Mine door (stone)

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Stone mine door
A Stone mine door
  • Mine door (stone) (120.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A door that looks very similar to the rock around here.

Stone mine door is an item used to limit access to a mine. It conceals the opening as to not be readily apparent to the passerby by making it look like the rest of the nearby rock.


Activate the mine door, right click a mine tile border and select build door. The resulting door has 100 strength for every full QL of the item.

The mine door cannot be improved or removed once installed and can only be managed by right-clicking it while visible (no writs).


  • Mine doors cannot be placed on entrances with a slope of greater than 90.
  • Right click on the door to manage the permissions.
  • No lock is required.
  • Requires 21 mining skill to attach. Otherwise the message "You do not know how to do that effectively" appear.
  • Decays over time off deed (loses strength and disappears when it drops to 0).
  • Substantially more difficult to create than any other cut stone object
  • A 20 quality stone chisel and 20 skill in stone cutting is sufficient to create a stone mine door.

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