Plain stone door

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Plain stone door
A Plain stone door
Total materials
  • Plain stone door
Skill and improvement
Main / Structures / House doors / Plain stone door


You see a door.

A door without wood trim for a stone house.


Skill Requirements

  • At least 30 masonry skill is required to build stone walls.
  • See multi-story housing for more information regarding skill requirements on additional floors.



  • Continuation requires at least 1 stone brick and 1 mortar in your inventory.


  • A hammer or mallet can be used for modifying the plain stone arched wall into its trimmed version, the stone door. Activate the tool and right-click the wall, then select Modify.
  • You can turn walls to suit your needs by right-clicking them, and selecting Rotate wall.



  • Hitched draft animals (horses, bisons, etc) pulling a vehicle can go through it.
  • A door lock must be attached to prevent unauthorized access. You can see the quality of the current door lock, if any, by right-clicking on the door and examining it.
  • Only the writ holder may attach a door lock.
  • Only plain variants of walls may be built inside of mines.

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