Huge shod club

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Huge shod club
A Huge shod club

This item is dropped by trolls.

  • 1 huge shod club (15.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A huge metal shod gnarly branch, worn and strengthened by weather.

A huge shod club weighs 15 kg and is used as a weapon by trolls. Using it as a weapon gives Huge club skill. It is a two-handed weapon, you cannot wear a shield or another weapon with it. Although this weapon is slow and hard to use, its mauling hits can be deadly.


  • Collected from killing a troll
  • Always 45 QL, unless you kill the Troll King, Kyklops, or Forest Giant uniques, whose club is 65 QL
  • Cannot be created, but can be improved and repaired. Improving gives weapon smithing skill and uses carpentry items.
  • Most are made of birchwood and can be used as fuel.
  • Some clubs seem to be steel.
  • Decays relatively fast.
  • Can be enchanted.
  • Uses Huge club skill.

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