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A Staff
Total materials
  • None
Skill and improvement


A long, well polished staff that could be useful as a rudimentary weapon or aiding the wanderer.

Weapon Stats

  • Skills: Polearms -> Staff
  • Strength: 0.10 (Half of a short sword)
  • Attack Speed: 4 seconds (3 in aggressive mode)
  • Damage Type: Mauling
  • Parry Rate: Rate uncertain, but capable of parrying.
  • Wielding: Two-hander (can't use a shield with it)


  • Used to create halberds , long spears and Gem staffs.
  • The staff can be used as a weapon and is wielded in two hands, so you cannot wield a shield with it.
  • A wooden staff cannot be repaired if damaged.
  • The material of the staff does not affect its damage or speed.
  • At creation, the quality level of the log used acts as a cap on the maximum possible quality of the resulting staff, while carpentry skill dictates how frequently a higher ql staff will be produced. At 90 carpentry skill, with an 80ql carving knife, and with a 100ql log, 98ql was the test's high result, while a 59ql staff was the lowest resulting staff made.


Diamond staff
Emerald staff
Opal staff
Ruby staff
Sapphire staff

Skills & Characteristics

When using a staff

When creating a staff