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Small maul
A Small maul
  • 1 Small maul (3.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A smooth heavy clump of metal on a shaft.

A small maul is a weapon very similar in appearance to a hammer, except on a greater scale. It is used for bashing and bludgeoning things with, and is very effective against walls. The small maul is the smaller of 3 variants.

Weapon Stats

  • Skills: Mauls -> Small Maul
  • Strength: 0.225 (Weaker than the small axe, but stronger than the short sword)
  • Attack Speed: 3 seconds
  • Damage Type: Mauling
  • Parry Rate: Medium
  • Wielding: One-hander


  • Mauling damage is good vs armor units.
  • Great at demolition as they are akin to what we know in real-life as a sledge hammer.


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