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Taming is a skill used to make an animal a pet. Taming allows for special features such as protecting the animal, having the animal fight with you, or placing equipment on the animal, if applicable. Not all creatures can be tamed.

Skills gained

Animal taming, Nature

Characteristics gained

Soul, Soul strength, Soul depth


You can tame an animal by activating an item that it will eat, then right-click the animal and choose Tame.

  • For some animals the item is seeds, for others it is meat or fish (also fileted).
  • The QL of the taming item speeds up the taming action, for about 1 second per 20 QL.
  • Note: Food eaten while taming does go towards their hunger level.
  • You can only have one pet at a time; so if you have a pet and tame another, your first pet will become untamed.
    • Pets that become untamed will return to their normal hostile or non-hostile stance; ie. if the animal is normally hostile then it will begin attacking guards and players.


The animal can go aggressive and attack you if you fail the taming action by too large a margin.

  • If you want to stop attacking a pet that has gone aggressive, move a few tiles away, right-click on ground and choose No target (if you have "Display 'no target' in menus" option checked in Settings).

There is a penalty to taming for Blacklighters; taming is still possible but with a higher level of difficulty.

Only animals can be tamed; for monsters you need to be a Priest/Priestess and a follower of Magranon or Libila.

  • A Priest/Priestess of Magranon at 40 faith can cast Dominate to tame monsters.
  • A Priest/Priestess of Libila at 40 faith can cast Rebirth to raise the spirit of a slain animal, monster or player as a zombie pet.
  • Tamed horses move much faster.

Taming skill and status of animal

  • 0-10 Upset
  • 10-20 Nervous
  • 20-30 Submissive
  • 30-40 Calm
  • 40-50 Tame
  • 50-60 Loyal
  • 60-70 Trusting
  • 70-99 Extremely loyal

The taming status can be used to know when your animal will go untame. When you tame an animal numerous times, then at a 42 taming skill, for example, your animal will have a maximum "tamed level" of [42]. Over time, this value will decay. Examining the animal to check its status can tell you on average how high this level is, with "upset" being the least reliable status, as your animal could go untame without further warning.

If a pet is hit, it will lose loyalty. Stronger animals lose more loyalty when hit than weaker animals.

  • Note: Tamed creatures cannot be attacked by players.

Praying to your deity can improve your taming level. Example: Aged seal suddenly seems more loyal.

Handling pet

  • A pet can be ordered to go somewhere or to attack other animals or people. You can also lead a pet with a rope.
  • A pet can't be tamed by another person while it is your pet.
  • A pet can't be attacked by players
  • You can decide if your pet should go offline or stay online when you log off. Right-click on any tile or creature and select Pet > Go offline/Stay online.
  • You can give your pet to another person: right-click on the person and select Pet > Give away pet. They may need to type /invitations command first.
    • They must not have a pet, and their own taming skill must be high enough to keep the animal.

Hitching creatures

Hitchable animals such as horses, while tamed, can still being hitched to a Large cart, but the pet commands will not move them nor move the cart when ordered to go somewhere. Instead, they will stay on the place, and a message will say they cannot perform that action.

  • A cart hitched with a tamed creature can be moved in the normal way (being mounted and driven by a commanding player).
  • A cart hitched with a tamed creature that is normally aggressive can be mounted and driven. If they go untamed, they will unhitch automatically and will turn aggressive.
  • Only bears of age mature and younger may be hitched to a Large Cart.

Pets and combat

Bringing a pet into combat can be desirable, if it is strong enough it can give you a combination bonus and can more easily survive the fight.

  • Note that creatures you fight will probably target your mount and not you. It is not recommended that you tame your mount for combat, this is an easy way to get it killed.

If it takes a melee hit then this can reduce its taming level. If it takes enough hits without dying it can go untame. This cannot be achieved with archery however, it must be a melee weapon. Thus when entering combat with a pet its important that the pet has the highest loyalty level you can achieve.


[The animal] sniffs the air and looks too nervous to focus. Move the animal to another spot or off deed before taming.

Taming skill levels

Beware: These levels are recommendations, not hard requirements. It is to your advantage to wait, however, as trying to tame at too low a level can result in your death or the loss of potentially hundreds of food items in the attempt.



  • Animal Trainer at 50 skill
  • Beast Speaker at 70 skill
  • Beastmaster at 90 skill