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Flowers are found growing on grass tiles throughout Wurm. Some tiles may have only a couple flowers on them. Tiles that have pickable flowers have many of the same color flowers on that tile. Flowers are picked with a sickle and are planted on dirt tiles. Flowers spawn randomly on grass tiles and can spread to nearby dirt tiles.

Types of flowers from most common to most rare:

  • Bouquet of yellow flowers: Some yellow prickly flowers. (~35% chance to spawn)
  • Bouquet of orange-red flowers: Some long-stemmed orange-red flowers with thick, pointy leaves.. (~20%)
  • Bouquet of purple flowers: Some purple fluffy flowers. (~15%)
  • Bouquet of white flowers: Some white flowers with a thick stem and long leaves. (~10+%)
  • Bouquet of blue flowers: Some crooked but beautiful blue flowers. (~10%)
    • 10 used in the construction of a shrine.
  • Bouquet of greenish-yellow flowers: Some greenish-yellow furry flowers. (~8%)
  • Bouquet of white-dotted flowers: Some white-dotted flowers. (~2%)
    • 10 used in the construction of a temple.



  • Planting flowers uses gardening skill.
    • Level 15 gardeners can mouse over a flower tile to determine flower type.
  • Can be picked and re-used on dirt or grass tile to change them to grass tiles with flowers. (Can be re-picked and replanted)
  • Picking failures result in 1 quality flowers which are harder to plant.
  • Planting failures result in the flowers being lost.
  • Flower tiles count as an available tile when sprouts spread from other trees and bushes. As such, they can be "replaced" by them.
  • Flower tiles share the same properties as grass tiles.
  • Animals can graze or stomp a flower patch down to packed dirt.
  • Enchanting (path of Love ability) will destroy flowers turning the tile into enchanted grass
  • Spring does appear to increase the flower spawn frequency.
  • Tiles must be at least two dirt above water to plant.


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