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Anything dropped on the ground outside of a settlement or placed inside an insecure container may be picked up by any other player. To avoid this, the following secure storage options are available:


You can access your bank at a settlement token. If you have never accessed your bank on that server, or if the old settlement disbanded, you will be prompted to open an account. Your bank allows you to store currency and up to 5 items carried in your inventory. You may withdraw currency at any settlement token, but you must return to the settlement at which you opened your account in order to deposit currency or access your stored items. You may move your bank account to another settlement, but there is a 24 real-world hour wait until the account is moved.


Tents may be used to store items after being dropped on the ground. Tents on all Freedom Isles servers except Chaos may not be looted by other players and are a safe place to store items temporarily. Tents take decay damage when placed on the ground, so it is not recommended to use them for storage for long periods of time.


Items may be stored securely inside a house. To accomplish this, you will need to build a house and then secure it with a door lock. Activate the door lock, right-click on the door and select lock. Houses cannot be broken into on Freedom Isles, with the exception of Chaos. Houses that are not on a settlement will take damage over time and must be repaired to retain the protection they offer. When an outer wall reaches 100 damage, the structure loses its protection and any player may enter and remove items legally.

Anything dropped inside a house cannot be picked up by other players on Freedom Isles, nor can they be picked up by players in the same kingdom on Chaos or the Epic Cluster. You may grant access to pick up items in the manage buidlings tab found by right clicking your body in the character tab. Note: A guest with permissions may remove any item from that structure. It is important to keep your permissions up to date to prevent theft.


A settlement provides protection so long as its roles are properly managed by the mayor. Permissions that may lead to unintentional situations and item theft are:

Manage Roles 
Allows anyone with this permission to manage the roles directly.
Allows a person to pick up items that are not in a structure.
Destroy buildings
Allows a person to bash walls of structures, removing their protection and allowing access to items within.
Allows a person to load items into vehicles.
Pass gates
May allow unintended access to restricted areas of a settlement.

Note: It is strongly recommended to review the roles and permissions of a settlement regularly to prevent theft.


You may choose to store valuables inside chests. Small chests and large chests may be locked with either a large padlock or a small padlock, either will work. Once secured with a lock, only the person with the key may open the chest on Freedom Isles, while on Chaos and the Epic Cluster a player may use a lockpick to break into the chest. Both types of chest can be destroyed, and a small chest may be picked up while a large chest can only be loaded into a large cart, wagon, or boat. Chests that are locked cannot be loaded. Chests are also subject to decaying and must be repaired regularly or they will crumble away when their damage reaches 100. Locked chests may not be accessed by guests with permissions unless they have access to the key that matches the lock on the chest.

Storage Bins

Bulk storage bins and food storage bins may be locked with a large or small padlock. Similarly to large chests, the key is required for others to access the bin after it is locked. It is also recommended to right-click and plant a bin to prevent it from being picked up when emptied. Bins are subject to decay and must be repaired regularly. A bin that reaches 100 damage will crumble away. Like chests, an enemy player on Chaos or Epic may pick the lock on a bin.


Ships may be locked with a boat lock and large carts and wagons may be locked with a large or small padlock. A vehicle without a lock can be used, opened, and looted by anyone on any server. On Chaos and the Epic Cluster, the locks may be picked and the vehicles may be claimed by an enemy. You can right-click on a vehicle and select Manage Vehicle to change access rights. This allows you to let villagers, friends, or anyone access your vehicle's hold, command the vehicle, modify vehicle permissions, or ride as a passenger. To change the lock, you must have the key activated. Right-click the vehicle and select unlock. You do not need the key to use the vehicle on a regular basis. Ships that are moored and carts that are locked may not be dragged by other players, however they are subject to decay and must be repaired. If the damage reaches 100, the vehicle will crumble away.

Note: It is recommended to check and update your vehicle's permissions and friends list regularly to avoid potential theft.

Other Options

Bag of keeping
These items and their contents follow you on death. They were handed out as gifts and are now only purchased from other players.
Master bag of keeping
Same as a bag of keeping, only larger.
Personal merchant
Merchants can hold and sell items. Setting an extremely high price can dissuade a player from purchasing that item.