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Made by: --Arcanias 04:12, 5 April 2012 (UTC)

Starting out in Wurm!

Starting out in Wurm can be tough at first, but as long as you're pointed out in the right direction, you will be able to thrive off the land.


In Wurm, you have a Thirst bar , Hunger bar, and a Stamina bar; these stats are your lifeline. This section will teach you how to keep an eye on each one and replenish them accordingly.

Hunger bar

You must eat in Wurm, just as we all do everyday in real life. But in Wurm, when you eat, you gain Nutrition as well as replenishing the food meter. As a new player, however, you shouldn't have to worry about eating too much. This is because if your hunger meter hits 7%, you will fast, which will use up a fat layer to boost your hunger meter back up to 80%. You can examine your body to get an idea of how many fat layers you have (generally, new players have 8 layers). See Starvation for more details.

Thirst bar

The blue thirst meter is one that you should always keep in check. Thirst affects your stamina regeneration, which, in Wurm, is very important. As said before, your stamina affects the speed in which you complete tasks and other actions inside Wurm. Keeping your thirst meter above 80% will also give you the best regeneration.

Keeping your thirst meter filled is very simple, so once again, no need to worry. There is plenty of water around Wurm for everyone, and it's never a problem for a friendly neighbor to share some. Keep in mind that most of the Wurm community is very helpful, and will either share their water, or guide you to a location to find some.

Stamina/Health bar

Lastly, you have your Stamina bar, which doubles up as your Health bar. This shows how tired your character is. When it hits 0% you will walk slower and complete tasks slower. You will need to stop doing tasks, climbing, moving, etc. for the stamina bar to replenish. Your thirst bar, as said before, will affect the speed of which your Stamina regenerates.

If you take damage, it will remove portions of your stamina based on how severe the wounds are, how many wounds you have, and where they are located. This will mean your max stamina will be reduced until you have either been healed by a Priest or have used a Healing Cover (see First Aid for in-depth explanation).

Finding a place to start up

Finding a place to settle in Wurm can be a somewhat difficult task. On some servers, however, there are villages for new players to stay, such as the Inner City Orphanage on the Independence(Freedom) server. These villages will allow you to learn the ropes of the game while also letting you gain skill levels and personal experience with the game so that you may move on without being totally overwhelmed.

To help you find a nice place to settle, these simple guidelines account for your new settlement.


Water is a much needed resource, and should always be accounted for around a new settlement. Finding a water source in cave, lake, river, or stream would be great. It doesn't matter where it comes from, but you're going to need water to fill your thirst meter.


Ensuring that a mine is close by is important. Most of the things you'll be creating will be made from either stone or iron. Both of these materials are obtained through mining. A good distance would be somewhere close by that isn't a complete pain in the toe to cart back and forth between. Another thought would be to set up a small 'camp' inside the mine. Be sure you have permission to do this if it's a public mine. Most public mines already have forges and Bulk storage bins close by to use. Creating your own isn't very difficult, however. See mining for more details.


You don't want to be building on someone's building plans, so check in local or kingdom chat to see if anyone is building near you. Space is important, so make sure you have plenty of space between your neighbors. Be sure to ask your neighbors before you start building, this will keep you on good terms with your neighbors, which may prove very useful for the both of you.


As a new player, wood is going to prove extremely useful in your future endeavors. Whether you're going to be part of a village or decide to go off by yourself, you're always going to need wood. Wood isn't hard to find; just look for trees. Before cutting trees down though, make sure that they are 'Very Old'. See Woodcutting for further information on the topic.


Seeking help is very important, whether it be on the Wurmpedia, the forums, or in-game. Know your resources for acquiring help. Be polite in the CA HELP channel and on the forums, and try to check the Wiki if you need help before asking players in-game. If you need help from a player in-game, be sure to know your location. If you need help finding a map for your server, check >here< or on the forums.

These very simple guidelines will help you find your place to settle down. Don't forget that you can always join a village if you feel uncomfortable creating your own settlement.

Starting off


You want a house to keep all your belongings in and to keep you safe from all the nasty mobs that want to gnaw on your flesh.

1. Chop some trees with your axe and make some planks. For a 1x1 house you would need around 80 planks and 4 large nails.

2. Use some of that left-over wood to make yourself some shafts. Now, use them to make a mallet head and a handle, and attach them to make a mallet.

3. Next you will need some nails. Find some iron ore in a nearby mine or public mine (ask in CA HELP for a pointer in the direction of some) Around 10 iron ores will do just fine.

4. Look for a public furnace (also ask in CA HELP), and light it with some kindling and a flint and steel. Place the iron ore in it.

5. Wait for the iron ore to turn into lumps, and don't forget to use an occasional log to fuel the fire so it doesn't burn out.

6. Activate your mallet, right-click on the lump (make sure its glowing with heat), and make a Small anvil.

7. Once you've got your small anvil, use the lump on the anvil to make around 4 large nails.

8. Now you have got the materials needed to make your house.

9. Now you should flatten the ground in the intended location of the structure. See Flattening for additional help.

10. Lastly, activate your mallet, right-click a tile, and click "plan building".

11. Now, just add all the materials to it by clicking "continue building".


The next task would be to get some storage up in your house, like a Bulk storage bin or BSB as they're commonly known.

You will need:

1x iron ribbon

25x planks

4x nails

You may also need a food storage bin.

You will need:

1x iron ribbon

25x planks

4x nails

Feeding yourself


Probably the simplest way to obtain food is by simply right-clicking a grass tile and selecting nature > forage/botanize.

Foraging Can give berries and some herbs, vegetables and nuts

Botanizing Can give you Herbs, vegetables and seeds


Finding an animal that's at your fighting skill, killing it, then butchering it with your carving knife is a good way to gain meat (see Animals for your fighting skill limits).


Fishing is the best source of meat when you don't want to risk fighting, to fish, you will need a fishing rod

To make a rod, you will need:

1x shaft 1x string of cloth 1x fishing hook


To start cooking, you need to make a Campfire to cook your ingredients, or you can use an oven. A breakfast is an easy meal to cook. Use a pottery bowl, add a vegetable or herb, and place in the heat source.

There are loads of other dishes to cook, but this is the most basic one. You can find out more about cooking on the cooking Wurmpedia page.

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