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Just as the historic Holmgard served as the gateway for Varengian Vikings traveling east through Gardariki and to the riches of Miklagard, the Holmgard deed on Release server aims to help new players learn to survive (and strive) in the world of Wurm. The deed is not a school, but more of a playground with tools and resources available to all players to use and explore on their own. Deed is under development, new features will be added when the owner has time to build them.

The deed is located a bit South of Sloping Sands (the starting point), on the southwest side of the hill with the Kingdom of Lindarian deed. If you head directly south from Sloping Sands, turn right (West) after you see the guard tower. If you walk past the market, follow the wide highway to a well named Troll Yellow Water, and follow the road south.

Deed does not accept citizens. Deed owner is Jarisleif. Best way to contact him is the Forum post.

Tools and resources

The deed currently has:

Also, nearby we have:

  • Clay just west of the deed, for making bowls and flasks
  • Sloping Sands spawn point and market
  • Tar a few tiles south of Sloping Sands, for your torch or other lamp

Permissions and Rules

Deed allows you to :

  • Pickup items. So you do not have to worry about dropping your stuff.
  • Hunt and butcher. Lure mobs onto the deed and the templar will tank them for you. If the templar is busy or dead, type "help" in Local chat - a Tower_guard will attack your target.
  • Forage and botanize, to get food and healing.
  • Mine ore (but not rock)

Here are a few rules:

  • You can take materials, foods, and simple tools if there are left unattended.
    • If there is somebody nearby, ask them before taking anything. Same for items left near tents.
    • Do not leave your things unattended. Put them into your tent container if your inventory is getting too heavy.
    • If you are sharing an oven or forge with another player, rename your items.
    • Do NOT take the Large Anvil from the mine. It is heavy, it is low quality, and you can make one using just 10kg iron and a small anvil
    • Items around the Rurikheim house were likely misplaced by deed owner. Be nice and let them be.
  • Keep area around the deed as it is:
    • Cut only Very Old and Overaged trees - they will give you more logs, and more skill. Try to replant trees if you know how.
    • Do not destroy grass through digging or dropping sand.
      • If you want to practice digging, dig and drop dirt in a single spot. Or dig down the small ridge just east of the deed.
      • If you do dig up a lot of land, replant grass by planting flowers or sprouts.
    • Do not make flat areas impassable.

Further Advice and Ideas

  • Read this wiki, especially the guides.
  • You can drop your tent outside of the deed & perimeter, both to securely store your belongings, and respawn.
  • Save the highest-QL logs and iron lumps for improving your tools.
  • You can sell unwanted items to the deed token to make a bit of money. Common sells are corpses (after you remove the butchered items), since they are QL100, you get 11 iron.
  • Bashing the spider lair will spawn a spider somewhere in Local chat radius. While you cannot kill it (alone), you can pull it towards the deed, or sic tower guards on it.
  • If you want to get your own fence or house, there is empty land W, NW, E, and NE of the deed. If you take over the deed spot near clay, please leave some clay in public access.