Two handed sword

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Two handed sword
A Two handed sword
  • Two handed sword (4.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A large heavy sword almost as tall as a ten year old child.

Weapon Stats

  • Strength: 0.45 (Similar to halberd, spear, and scythe in damage)
  • Attack Speed: 5 seconds (4 in aggressive mode)
  • Damage Type: Cutting and piercing
  • Parry Rate: High
  • Wielding: Two-hander (Unable to use a shield with it)

Skills & Characteristics

When using a two handed sword

When creating a two handed sword


  • Twohanded Swordsman at 50 skill
  • Templar at 70 skill
  • Paladin at 90 skill
  • Savagely Striking at 100 skill

Skins applicable


  • The quality of the wooden handle affects the success chance.
  • Previously, wielding this sword was not feasible when compared to the longsword and large shield alternative which offered superior defense and similar damage. However, due to changes to both weapon damage and body control, two handed weapons are now much more viable, sporting a fairly high parry rate and absolutely colossal damage at even low skill levels. However, weapon quality is of key importance with this weapon - as the damage and accuracy fallout on huge weapons is indeed, huge at lower quality grades.
  • The large strikes make Flaming aura much more effective than normal, with 90+ potency enchantments adding up to 10 damage on a normal strike.
  • Two handed weapon skill can be raised by woodcutting until level 20 on the classic servers. On the Epic cluster, this is curved to approximately 11. Testing indicates that the training (skill increase) rate for cutting down trees is not affected by weapon quality.