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Alyeska, previously a citizen of Kyara on Wild, is the proud Co-Mayor of Muspellsheimr on Independence with her boyfriend, Xallo. She is a seasoned veteran of Wurm, and one of the only main Fo priest players, having achieved 100 Faith and over 90 Channeling skill. Currently, she resides on her throne in the Kastali of Muspellsheimr, and can be regularly found fishing for sharks on one of her many large vessels. She enjoys tending to her animals and breeding a variety of exotic creatures such as Champion Crocodiles and Hell Horses.

Alyeska enchants weapons of all kinds with Life Transfer and Venom, and regularly stocks different warcrafts on her merchants at Muspellsheimr.

Some Wurm friends: Xallo, Duce, Joemog, Kswords, Kylebooze, Littlebear, Saroman, Whykillme, Wintermute, Wintersolstice

Alyeska has participated in the killing of Vuvuzela the White Dragon, Charlie the Unicorn the White Dragon, and Cardigan the White Dragon on Wild, the Green Dragon and Red Dragon on Independence, the White Dragon and the Kyklops on Deliverance, the White Dragon, Black Dragon, Green Dragon and the Forest Giant on Exodus, the White Dragon, Green Dragon, Red Dragon, and the Troll King on Celebration. She also found the third Goblin Leader on Wild with Xallo after being ganked by 50 goblins and screaming for help. She has successfully butchered seven dragons and other uniques.



Titles and Religion

Alyeska the Protector [Skinner]


  • Priest of Fo



Affinities: 15

Battle Rank: 1229
(Before Decay)


Alyeska first started the game and owned a small homestead named Suden Myrsky in the northern parts of Jenn-Kellon Home, Gold 2.
August, 2008

A year after she started playing, Alyeska was forced off the Jenn-Kellon Home server after it was shut down and joined Mol-Rehan on Wild where she founded the settlement of Suden Vartioima.
July, 2009

She founded her second deed, Suden Tahti, on the top of a mountain in the lands of Mol-Rehan.
February 2010

Alyeska converted to Jenn-Kellon and joined the settlement of Kyara.
April 2010

The settlement of Candy Mountain has been founded by Alyeska.
July 2010 - Wild

Alyeska has moved to the Freedom server with Xallo.
July 15th, 2011

Moved to the settlement of Nature Valley with Xallo.
July 16th, 2011 - Independence

Moved to the settlement of Lakeside Retreat with Xallo.
September 16, 2011 - Exodus

Moved to the settlement of Northern Sanctuary with Xallo.
June 28, 2012 - Celebration

Moved to the settlement of Muspellsheimr with Xallo.
November 18, 2012 - Independence