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Wogic is the art of Wurm Logic. Perfected over the last decade it is, simply put, the 'Flawless' actions unique to Wurm Online.

Wogic is a term used to describe something quirky about Wurm that just doesn't seem quite right or logical.

Wogic dictates:

  • You must polish the glowing hot metal object with a bundle of fur!
  • You must sharpen the metal ball!
  • Needing a mallet to finish or improve a mallet.
  • Needing a hammer to finish or improve a hammer.
  • Needing water to finish/improve a clay item but not having a liquid container to hold it in (despite being right next to a pond/lake filled with water that the clay item can't simply be dipped into or water picked up by activating a hand on it).
  • (No longer possible.) Attaching an anchor to a mooring rope and, if failing, the anchor becomes lead scrap. Only the rope should be lost (or just damaged, even more logically).
  • Dirt taking damage and "crumbling to dust". Dirt doesn't decay...ever! If anything, when dirt is in a pile, it should go back into the closest tile corner instead of magically disappearing out of existence. The universe doesn't work like that... And when dirt is in a container it should stay there forever.
  • (No longer possible) Fitting large unfinished items in a flask or any other container that is too small to hold the item. Likewise, unfinished items weighing far more than their finished counterparts.
  • (No longer possible) Building ships in a cart.
  • Holding the water to temper a hot item.
  • Shafts are longer than the logs they are made from.
  • Having the ability to equip massive objects like trees and unfinished ships and unfinished guard towers.
  • Being able to put a 12 kg hide in a backpack but not a 0.2 kg pelt.
  • Being able to bury a corpse while in a large cart but can't dig, pack, plant flowers/sprouts, etc.
  • Being "too far away to eat" despite having the food right there with you.
  • Using a yoyo is impossible while riding a boat, even if it is moored. It is possible while swimming.
  • Tempering items in boiling water.
  • Silver altars or Gold altars are improved without heating them up, despite being Jewelry Smithing.
  • Snuffing a glowing hot Lantern, even when in a lit Forge will instantly cool it down.
  • Mining a roof gives you a warning "The roof sounds strangely hollow. You must mine the other corners if you want to create an opening." But your are unable to mine out a "sunroof" in the roof.
  • A measuring jug can fit into a backpack, but a water skin cannot.
  • A small rowing boat requires 4 seats to make but can only hold 3 people
  • Some spells like Locate soul are available below 30 faith, but 30 faith are needed to be a priest
  • Lunchboxes are made of lead sheets, even though lead is poisonous.
  • Reading a recipe makes it instantly crumble away to nothing.

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