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This is a shameless, unofficial copy of the Wurm server release notes as shown in the news section of the Wurm client. The section headings are the date the server was updated; YYMMDD.

Please note that this page was not created by Code Club AB, so it is not an official document.


  • A bug with deeding the altars fixed.
  • When the server crashes uncontrolled or must be hard booted you will now receive max sleep bonus (5 hours).
  • A bug where artifacts were hidden in the rock in sloping environments fixed.
  • Spyglasses are now nodrop so you will keep them when you die.


  • A security hole was fixed.
  • Outside items will now cool five times faster.


  • You will now be able to attack non-players at will again.
  • The bug where you were teleported when sliding or climbing is temporarily fixed.


  • Make sure to visit Santa Claus between the 24th-26th swedish time if you are a premium player.
  • You may no longer attack people on the home server unless you have 20.5 body and soul strength. If this does not work well we will change it.
  • The bug that disbanded Newtown and The Shroud was fixed.
  • Two types of accounts now run the risk of being deleted:

1) Player accounts older than a week that never logged on.

2) Player accounts with three months of inactivitity and less than a days playing time.

No accounts that is or has been premium will be deleted.

  • It is virtually impossible to speed-cheat in Wurm now since the second part of the movementchecker has been fixed.
  • Huge eggs may now be cracked open when the shell is thin enough.
  • The woodtype bug is fixed.


  • Bug/exploit where you could give your personal merchant more items than supposed to fixed.
  • The rendering bug should be gone for most people.
  • Creatures now swim and rafts float.
  • You should now be able to withdraw money even if your bank account is being transferred.
  • Due to the amount of items tilling up the database decay damage now has a minimum value of 0.5 damage.


  • It items don't show on the ground, walk away maybe 5-20 or more tiles and return or try turning off culling in the client.
  • The price of bow strings has slumped due to loss of demand.
  • A bug with decay fixed.


  • The bug with temperature always showing as very warm for warmer items was fixed.
  • A decay bug was fixed so some old items may panic-decay and disappear.
  • Items and creatures should now be better positioned in height.
  • Caves are now lit from outside by natural lighting. Caves and nights are darker.
  • Olives now have a maturity season in the spring as well.
  • Kingdom guards and merchants no longer use lanterns since oil is too expensive.
  • Kingdom guards have been given orders to accept equipment again though.
  • The deities have agreed to limit the power of their champions spells to 30 on the home servers in order to promote their heroism.


  • You will now need lanterns and torches to light the path in the dark. Fill lanterns with olive oil to make them burn. They will burn ql*2 minutes for torches, and a full lantern roughly 10 hours.


  • Flattening in water is now easier.
  • Flaming Aura had a severe bug, causing it to deal too much damage.
  • Catapults may now make max 20 damage per shot to structures.
  • Wooden palisade gates now take a little less damage from weapons.
  • A bug where non-premium priests could still gain faith above 30 fixed.


  • Some server bugfixes.
  • The server memory leak is fixed as far as i can see, so the game should not become more laggy over time.


  • The ql of the container, as well as the ql of the item itself now is involved in determining heat speed.
  • Sleep bonus has changed so that you now get 1 minute of bonus per 24 minutes of sleep if you sleep more than one hour, up to max 5 hours bonus.


  • Forge/oven/fire qualitylevel is now correctly used when determining heat speed of items.
  • Many raw material and scrap items are now recycled, and may not be banked. The banks have deemed them worthless and decided to throw such banked items on the garbage pile. Remove all your ore and logs from banks since they will also become recycled soon.
  • Sleep bonus has changed upon request. You now recieve 1 hour bonus after 20 hours of sleep. Then 1 hour per next 24 hours up to max 5 hours.


  • Set the height limits of flattening and digging to 3*skill.


  • A lot of pretty minor bugfixes from bugzilla. Includes flattening, fishing, deed management.


  • Houses will now only provide theft protection if all walls are intact.
  • The bug where roads still could not be flattened fixed. Minimum flattening difference at low skill is 1 yard now instead of 2 as per player request.
  • Cave openings should not slope upwards any longer.
  • Some internal checks implemented in order to eventually reduce lag.


  • You may now drink fruit juice.
  • The creation of carts and compasses has changed when it comes to what is destroyed.
  • Flattening now should work better overall, but you will have to be the judge of that.

You may now raise corners 3 times higher by flattening, so at 70 skill you may create 21 meters high slopes.

You will now assemble and drop dirt automatically when flattening.

You may now flatten tiles that could not be flattened before like roads.

  • You may now make stone slab roads from stone slabs.


  • Changes to flattening: You may now raise cobblestone and gravel. Skill needed increased.
  • The problem where you could no longer farm was fixed.


  • Traders no longer accept normal items to trade for deeds, since disbanding deeds yield money. The reason for this is that it ruins our business, which unfortunate since it would be a nice feature otherwise.
  • Flattening has been revamped. Hopefully it is for the better, at least it is less buggy. You should be able to flatten in areas where you could not before, including close to water. Digging skill gain speed has been increased.
  • Spell effects on items now slowly dissipates with use. The enchantment dissipates faster the lower the power of the effect.
  • Omnivores and carnivores now will eat your dishes.
  • Tweaked the difficulty of repairing walls and fences to make it easier.
  • You may no longer /tell other players while muted.


  • Fixed a bug where creating items either became 0 or 100 percent.


  • Fixed the bug that crashed the server last night.
  • Higher chance of lava eruptions
  • You will now see normal information for beds with people sleeping in them.
  • Cheese may now be used in cooking again
  • You don't get thirsty as quick now. Wine and lemonade now give a boost to stamina.
  • You may now make sandwiches. They don't last long but give a boost to stamina.


  • Fishing damage has changed so that it is more dependant on the type of fish. Damage is a bit higher on low quality rods, but lower when the line snaps.
  • A bug with legal mode and stealing fixed.
  • Lighting forges and ovens are now quicker.
  • Signatures should now appear on certain unfinished items.


  • Fixed a bug where you could not rent a bed unless you were holding an item.
  • If you sleep less then 3 hours real time, your bed will still be available to you if you hired it.
  • You now receive a question before going to sleep.
  • Bug with setting sizes fixed. The sizes of cotton rags were also made smaller. Combine old rags to get the new size.


  • Some model names changed for unfinished items so they will use the wrong models. It may take a while until the graphics packs are updated.
  • Items should grow more appropriately when combined.
  • Fields will now stay at full height a bit longer on average.
  • The deities have agreed upon some religion reliefs:
    • Magranon priests may now mine.
    • Fo priests may now use healing covers.
    • Vynora priests may now build roads.
    • Magranon and libila priests may now use bows.
  • More reliefs will come later, but this is a start.


  • The difficulty of repairing fences and walls are now more related to the damage, so it is harder the more damage they have.
  • You may now move beds.
  • Village alliances and wars now should be properly displayed in the village information.


  • Fixed a few bugs with cultivating, player creation, and beds.


  • You may now make beds inside houses. There will give bonus to skillgain and stamina regain if you sleep in them for more than one hour. Sleeping logs you off. You may also rent them if you own the house. You have to pay in cash to hire a bed. Half the amount will end up in the village upkeep if in a village, and half at the house owner. You may only hire one bed at a time. If you hire more, the previous will be made available to other. The bonus affects skillgain and stamina regeneration. You can check the bonus with the new /sleep command.
  • You may now cultivate packed dirt in order to turn it back to normal dirt.
  • Unfinished notake items can now be picked up again.


  • Bows now have signatures. Keys no longer have signatures.


  • Disbanding now returns 50% of the deed cost, and 50% of remaining upkeep to the deed holder. Citizens may stop the disbanding.
  • Spiders are a bit less aggressive.
  • Creatures now have a 180 degree field of view, but reacts if you walk too close behind them as well.
  • Many item are now signed by their creator.
  • Regaining lost skill after death should be 3 times quicker.
  • You should now be able to lead your pet on deeds.


  • There are harsher reputation penalties for stealing and killing non-outlaws. Killing a non-outlaw now renders you an outlaw, loosing 125 reputation.
  • It is no longer possible to push item out from deeds in order to steal them.
  • Spiders on the wild server are back to very strong again due to popular demand, and they are a little bit stronger on home again as well.
  • New unfinished 'more complicated' items like barrels and watch towers will now behave more lile unfinished simple items like swords. You may now repair old unfinished 'complicated' items.
  • Woa now affects burying, fileting and butchering.
  • Rye, wheat, corn and oat seeds weight more. Wemp weights more.
  • You may now refer players with names over 20 characters long.
  • Your playing time has been or will soon be reset since it was miscalculated.
  • Item enchantments will now transfer between servers.


  • Referrals are in. You may now reward other players for bringing you to Wurm with the command /refer.
  • Pigs had too thick hide. Spider do less damage. Guards should help each other a bit better now.
  • You may now withdraw your money at any bank.


  • The bug with locks was finally found. Most old locks can now be properly locked and unlocked. If they still don.


  • The message that the client is out of sync should appear much less frequently now and the game should run smoother again.
  • You may now change upkeep plan even if there are no guards alive.
  • The guard role will now show in village settings again.


  • The bug in the speed detection system fixed. Speed hacks are no longer a threat. Rather the opposite, since it is dangerous to use one. You may receive annoying warnings if the server is lagging. If those warnings become too common, these will be tweaked.


  • Fixed a graphical bug with multiple models showing when leaving a cave by a gate.
  • Fixed the bug with keys not working with new locks or after changing server. Unfortunatly these newly made keys are unrelated to the newly made locks.
  • Item naming fixed so that they don
  • Bug with alliances not showing in the village info fixed.
  • You now need 21 strength to fire, load or winch a catapult.
  • Creating needles now uses up more material.


  • Armour damage fix.


  • The database has been restructured in certain areas in order to solve the problems with the wild server. The change should have no visable effect, but the areas affected are house guests, structures, and keys. Due to a manual error recently created items on the wild server may have disappeared or changed place.
  • Using catapults on houses with owners from the same kingdom now have more severe repercussions.
  • Made it so that you can not trade liquids out of their containers.
  • Picking seeds and crushing pumpkins are now policed.


  • The fix yesterday did not work, so in order to pin down why the database connection is suddenly being shut down, the game will shut down as well when it happens in order to get proper logs. Before the real message was rotated away due to the excess error logging that happened.
  • This problem will hopefully be solved during the next few days.


  • Upgraded kernel on the wild server, in an attempt to fix the instability.


  • A bug with updating passwords from the website caused the wild server to be down for about 10 hours. Premium players on that server have received 2 days compensation.


  • WARNING! Creatures now do different types of damage. Leather armour should become less prevalent since it is not as efficient against the various types of attacks.
  • Fixed the table bug in the village settlement window.
  • Fixed another bug with fence decay.
  • A bug where armour speed modifiers were one step behind when you wore/removed armour has been fixed.


  • Fixed a bug where repairing 0 damaged items made them receive damage.


  • Repair times were lowered.
  • Fixed a bug with pricing that at rare occasions made certain items sell 1 iron cheaper

then for wich they are purchased.

  • Fixed a bug with trading where items traded with containers were not traded properly.


  • Fixed a bug with fence decay on eastern and southern village borders.
  • You may no longer repair hot items that take damage from fires. You no longer get damage set to 0 for free after every repair
  • Better looking village settings and personal trader price management windows.
  • A bug with loosing link and invurnerability fixed. You are now vurnerable 3 minutes after you fight a creature, and 5 minutes after you fight a player. You may log off before though if in a safe area. The commands /attackers and /lotime might be useful
  • Gate management window now shows the gate names properly.


  • Due to the general problems after gold (and specifically the structure management bug), every paying player has received 1 week extra premium time.
  • Creatures now age a bit faster. Max number of creatures increased.
  • Bug with priest limitations fixed.
  • The economy has been trimmed so traders should more often have money.
  • The teleport bug when leaving caves with fences fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with personal trader price management.
  • Non-democracies may now revoke citizenship again. Manage citizens is now allowed on the token to those who may manage settings.
  • Village settings window now scrolls left (still no table yet though).


  • Fixed other problems with the structure management window (the destroy bug) and the personal trader management window
  • Archery targets are the only item that gives skill now when fired upon.


  • Fixed problems with various windows: Titles, structure management, bank management, spawning.
  • Transfered some money to the wild server.


  • New window system that does not use html. Most dialogs have been tested, but some errors may remain. Some may also look a bit weird now.
  • Creature spawn rate lowered. Also a mysterious plague has hit boars, gorillas and hyenas.
  • Bug with cave decay fixed so that weird holes no longer should emerge. Unused entrances also decay faster.
  • A bug with time synchronization between the wild server and the login server fixed. No really bad effects should occur.


  • Fixed a bug with the rock layer. Uncovering rock by digging should be easier now again.
  • Alchemy skillgain slowed down since it was too fast given the availability of the new wound covers. Fighting skills were equalled so they gain equally slow/quick in order to prepare for the future fighting system. Overall skillgain was also tweaked a bit.


  • Unless you've noticed already, it takes longer time to create a hole on the surface when mining, and it does not always yield rock shards. A bug with transferring wounds between servers fixed.
  • Dragons did waaay too little damage. They were not the extremely tough creatures they were supposed to be. If you managed to kill one, congratulations.


  • Premium accounts now have received their sign-up bonus title and item. Set the title with the '/titles' command.
  • Faith gain broke due to the fix and many players were reset to 1. All players with a deity are now set to faith 10. Most players will be capped at 30 anyways later on unless they decide to become priests. Faithgain was crazy before the 'fix' anyways so 10 is probably reasonable.


  • Bug found with creatures being out of position.
  • Religion system fix: At faith 10 anyone receive bonuses in your deity's domain. Only priests can cast spells. Faith 30 needed to become a priest. You do not gain favour by praying any more. Favour slowly rises by time instead. Spells almost always succeed. Priests may NOT perform LOTS of normal actions, like mine, dig, repair, improve, mix alchemy etc. Fo priests may not initiate aggressive actions. A priest may go unfaithful and still perform these actions and lose 0.1 faith. If they go below 30 faith they lose priesthood. You need to be priest for a while if you want to become a champion of a deity and enjoy realdeath. The effects of this system is to make priests and magic very rare, and possibly very powerful. The prayer skill still remain but it does nothing and may be removed or reworked later. The channeling skill still helps if you are good at it, but it is also subject to change soon. Maybe even before anyone gets to use it.


  • A bug was fixed with the penalty for same-side attacking non-outlaws. The penalty was increased for home servers. In order to get to grips with the amount of thievery going on on the homeserver, the king now declares everyone an outlaw as soon as he or she is found stealing there.
  • Bug with too much data sent when creatures moving fixed.
  • Passing through fences should now happen much more seldom.
  • Scrap material will no longer be yielded when failing to create something from scrap material.
  • Bug with fighting affecting questions like 'who got the kill?' fixed.
  • Weapons belonging to monsters no longer take damage when fighting.
  • Premium accounts now have twice the fatigue (12 hours added).
  • Faithgain bugfix.
  • Followers of Libila may not enter the homeserver for a while. People who convert to libila are now insta-transferred to the wild server.
  • You may now create some natural healing treatments.

It's missing from the official release notes, but opening a cave entrance now takes up to 60 mining actions, but yield less rock shards.


  • Tunneling now fails later when tunneling on ore.
  • Water quality bug fixed.
  • Flattening gravel/cobblestone fix.
  • Spiders now has shorter vision.


  • Creatures will no longer spawn right beside you.
  • You may now retrieve lower denominations from the bank as well.
  • Fixed some issues with digging.

060606 (Gold!)

  • Some initial game play tips:
  • Try to collaborate. Doing it all yourself is very time consuming.
  • Use the bartenders at the starting points for free food.
  • Don't wander off too far from the starting points.
  • Note: No spells are available for now, and faith will no longer rise above 30.
    • This is pending the religion fix where priests are very limited in their actions.
  • Planned feature number 1: Some kind of natural healing, like salves.
  • Planned features numbers 2 and 3: Religion fix and fighting system fixes.


  • Note: The home server is still considered a test server! No account guarantees are given. No GM supported expected. Etc.
  • THIS IS UNTESTED: You should now be able to leave the server while carrying deeds, merchant contracts, and writs. These should not accompany you to the next server, but reappear when you return. Verify that it works before you head south yourself.
  • BLs should no longer be able to enter the home server. Beware of sharks!


  • Falling damage on login should be much rarer.
  • You should now be able to leave the server with unused deeds.
  • You will not be able to return to the wild from the home server for a while. We are testing some premier account functionalities.
  • You may now build plan on cobblestone and it is now terraformable.
  • You may no longer create lockpicks until you have sufficient locksmithing. Also you need to have high ql picks to pick high ql locks.


  • It is now easier to mine cave floor and roof.
  • You may now dig on dirt again..


  • Updates to the qos scheme fixing some bugs.


  • We are testing a 'quality of service' scheme, which means creature positions are updated less often. We will see how it goes.
  • Fountains and statues and some other items are now created on ground. Shields are now created in inventory.
  • Prospecting on surface rock now gives better quality messages.
  • Fire effects that don't go away should be fixed.
  • Creatures that don't climb should no longer spawn on steep slopes or on high mountain tops.


  • You may now cast 'break altar' on normal altars


  • You may no longer disband enemy deeds directly, only via drain coffers.
  • Bandaging wounds should yield more accurate health back.
  • Village spirits will now blink to their target.
  • If you swim out to sea and encounter waves, proceed at your own risk. You may lose items, skills or even permadie.
  • Hens will lay fewer eggs. Kill off the chickens please. Such creatures now should die even faster.


  • Gems now appear in piles.
  • A tile can now only contain one campfire.
  • One-item piles should appear only as a result of removing items from a tile.
  • You may now pick your own locks and gates without upsetting your deity. You will receive no skill though since there is no risk involved.
  • Items no longer yield too high amounts of temperature when burnt in fires.
  • Examining a village token will tell you how many guards are alive.
  • The bug where you could create cave openings with diagonal lowest corners is fixed, so you won't be able to mine on those.
  • Chickens and other very weak creatures die very easily now.


  • You may now loot the corpses of outlaws.
  • Invitations to join a kingdom or to join a religion now requires the target player to type /invitations in order to accept them.


  • The huge altars will no longer receive negative damage, and heal once every ten minutes.
  • Moving your bank account now works properly. Items in banks shouldn't crumble when you remove them.
  • Any white light religion may now sacrifice at the Altar of Three.


  • Pets that you are leading no longer should go through gates or doors that you cannot enter.


  • Faith gain was also increased.
  • Bows should not start spamming you when the string breaks.
  • Corpse models should change when butchered (if a model exists).
  • Leather items now use material when improving.


  • Livestock now have shorter lifespan.
  • Skills.. now rise at.. 12 TIMES FASTER, so this last month will roughly resemble one year of playing.. promised child!
  • Steaks are now more properly called meals.
  • Another bug with trying to destroy the huge altars using artifacts was found.
  • The first successful server transfer has occured. Rolf swimmed from his homeserver to the wurm server. He had an extra body when he arrived, but otherwise everything looked well.


  • Bug with artifacts spamming a message fixed. They now correctly drop when the player carrying it logs off.
  • Bugs with lockpicking fixed.
  • You should no longer be able to lock doors with padlocks or gatelocks, and chests with gatelocks.
  • Guard towers should be tile-aligned now. The door ends up behind you!


  • Artifacts now take no damage. Artifacts now load on the ground where the owner was if they were in the possession of someone when the server starts.
  • The Orb of Doom and the Magranon spell Smite no longer instakills. They will however put you very near death. Unique creatures usually have innate abilites that reduces this effect.
  • You may now create and use lockpicks. A building door should stay open 10 minutes.
  • Scale of Libila bug fix. Rod of Beguiling now has a use. You now need to have higher favor than the target player to bless someone.


  • The bug with faith gain fixed.


  • Newbie items except the backpack will now stay in inventory when you die. The drawback is that they cannot be improved.
  • Fences on the south and east side of villages now have village decay rate.
  • You may no longer drain coffers as long as there are guards alive.
  • Enemies may no longer pass gates on a deed. A bug with village gates was fixed. Fence and palisade gates now take more damage from attacks than the standard types of fence and palisade.
  • Food bar fixed. You receive no penalties unless you are hungry. If you are full you will use up less stamina when working (making steaks valuable).


  • Some issues with irresponsive pets solved. Be aware that they are generally more alert when not being led.
  • Get price now returns a more sensible value.
  • Bug with dropping corpses where the owner became the person who dropped it fixed. You may now also always loot corpses from corpses.


  • You now get no deed skill loss bonus if suiciding on a deed. If you have realdeath (a champion of a deity), you have 50% of that suicide not counting towards your real deaths.
  • A clarification to end certain rumours: A bonus for Magranon players is that at high faith and with enough favor left, they have about 75% chance to keep items and skills at death.
  • Hopefully less login-lag will occur due to a better way of loading skills.


  • Trolls have come up with a way to make deadlier clubs, as well as improved armour so take care.
  • Some bugs with attacking BL deed guards as a WL and stealing from BL houses fixed.


  • You should no longer be killed by aggressive animals who walk up to you while you are linkless.
  • Some new creatures!
  • When becoming champion you will now receive bonus up to max skill 80 in certain religious skills (unless you already had higher). This since you have 3 lives now.
  • If current upkeep will last more than 28 days, no decay should occur to fences and walls on a deed.
  • Number of allowed roles on a deed has been increased to 12 again. Large deeds will need to manage citizens in a few more steps.
  • The deed rules on attacking other players should now work correct.


  • You may now gain shield skill when bashing with it.
  • Citizen management should work better for large deeds. The number of available roles had to be lowered to 8 (old roles remain for now).
  • Fo received a new spell that works on creatures. Currently not on self, but that will be fixed


  • Crush weapons now do much less damage versus cloth and leather armour. Other weapons now do more damage. You may now receive a negative bonus to fighting if your weapon skill is too low. Before it could only be positive.
  • Pets should now swim when lead.
  • Various small typos fixed.


  • Deed guards should not all run after dominated creatures.
  • Thanks to all of you who fell for our little jest with the chests! The competition was over on the 2nd of april, swedish time with no winner.


  • April fool Gold competition
  • Since we are coming close to going gold, we have decided to run a competition while we wait. One random creature in the game has been given magical properties. If you step up within two tiles of that creature and say I am a chest, give me my gold. you will receive and be announced as the winner of the Prize. The Prize consists of a fine Teleport Wand, a Bag of Keeping, and 2 gold (all of which you will be able to keep when we go gold). The server history log found on deed tokens will show if a winner has been declared. GMs are not allowed to participate, but chat moderators are. Good luck everyone!
  • You now only gain skill from attacking opposing kingdom deed guards.
  • Items no longer decay in banks.


  • Various bugfixes, for instance with dough. Kingdom and deed guards should be a bit easier to cope with again.


  • Kingdom guards will only hunt near their tower now.
  • Corpses will now fit in new coffins.
  • A bug with enchantment effects being lost between reboots fixed.
  • A new command, /attackers shows the creatures who attacked you the last 5 minutes. If a player is there should be able to attack him/her without a penalty to skills/faith.
  • You now need 20.5 body control to steal things.


  • The extreme repairtimes were lessened.
  • Armour strength were lowered again for most creatures.
  • Archery targets can no longer be picked up.
  • Champions of deities now have 3 chances before realdeath kicks in.
  • Dough now should use less water when created.


  • Removed the bug that crashed the game tonight.


  • Practicing targets work now. We will test the new creature armour rates over the weekend. No time to fix anyways. Feedback after. Good luck!


  • You may now 'drain coffers' from an enemy village once every 24 hours. If the village has more than one week of upkeep left, you will drain and receive a fraction of the monthly upkeep (drain about 15% and receive 7.5%). In order to prevent that villages always keep less than a weeks upkeep, structure decay will kick in at normal rate if upkeep left is less than one week.
  • Bowstrings may now snap, and you may unstring your bow. Bows may only be improved if they have no string.
  • Arrows should break less often, and hitting something should be much easier.
  • Creatures now have better armour, as they are using armour types.
  • You will now deflect arrows with your shield. A fraction of the defending creatures body control also now adds to the difficulty to hit.
  • You can no longer shoot if you are in deep water.
  • Repairing now takes longer time for very heavy items.


  • Bows can now be stringed. Arrow shafts and arrow heads now are not repairable and should be quicker to make.

Notes on archery: Archery is hard to learn. It is supposed only to be usable against creatures with fair skill and good equipment. To gain skill quickest, practice with hunting arrows that have no penalties.

All bows have a 'best distance'. That distance is 20, 40, and 80 meters (or roughly 5, 10 and 20 tiles) for the bows.

Shooting at shorter or longer ranges will affect the difficulty. Arrows will be shot in the following order: 1. from quiver worn on body, 2. from quiver in inventory (or if 1 is found but is empty), 3. arrow held in hand, 4. arrow in inventory.

If a quiver is found at 2 but it is empty, no arrow will be shot. This should give you good control over which arrows are shot. Arrows are fired in the following order: 1. War arrows, 2. Hunting arrows, 3. shafts. War arrows do more damage, but are slightly harder to hit with. Shafts do little damage and are hardest to hit with.

  • All three religions should now be able to pray at the Altar of Three.
  • Bugfixes with /ranks.
  • A bug where the finished item received the wrong material was fixed.


  • Archery/Bowyery/Fletching is in. Some wood materials are better suited than other. Examine will give a clue.
  • Smithing now has a title.
  • The time to log out when in enemy kingdoms is now set to 2 minutes if you have not been involved in battle.


  • Fixed a bug that made armour disappear if you dragged it to your hands.


  • Village guards should no longer suddenly become non-citizens.
  • Item creation and pre-finished improving now is affected by Wind of ages.
  • Building new house walls are now slightly slower, while repairing them is faster instead.
  • Removed some money from some very rich players that were obviously inherited from old exploits.
  • The bug where it was possible to become killed twice in a row should be fixed.


  • Zombies should no longer be insta-agg when created.
  • Stealing in villages of the opposite kingdom no longer upsets your deity.
  • Creatures should find their way in caves better.
  • Wind of ages cast on tools now affects improvement times.


  • Guards should not start hunting enemies outside the deed, and not assign all guards either.
  • Managing gates have been moved from the village settings management interface. The village settings management should work better.


  • Holding/wearing armour should give more correct messages.
  • Enchantments and the spell Sunder may no longer target locked items.
  • Mycelium now should have a harder time surviving outside HOTS.
  • You should now start to get warnings in village chat one week from when your village is disbanded.
  • Newbies now wear items when they are created.
  • More fixes with updating the color outlines of creatures.
  • Dropping an item in a container in a barrel now should put the item in the correct container.


  • Bug with kingdom guards not attacking fixed. Nobody gains skill from kingdom guards until a better solution is figured out. Reason was that you could gain too easy skill on them since they respawn and are fairly weak.
  • IMPORTANT: You are now only invulnerable when logging off in your own kingdom! Outside it also takes 3 minutes to leave the world unless you have fought, in which case it takes 5 minutes. Check /lotime to see how long it takes until you leave the world.


  • Tunneling while in the cave should generate fewer buggy shudders. You will now get a warning if a deep shaft will emerge.
  • HOTS now gain no skill fighting kingdom guards, since they theoretically provide endless training with no risk involved.
  • Attitude (the red/green/blue aura) has been reprogrammed, and should better reflect whether a creature will attack.
  • New traders now start out with very little money instead of one gold as they used to. They will receive money distributed by the king instead.
  • Guards spamming that they will help eachother should be reduced.
  • Pumpkins now should work for steaks.
  • Cooking containers should no longer have less space after a few dishes.


  • Steaks now properly need to be made in a frying pan. Meat or fish with some appropriate vegetable, and no liquid.
  • Creatures and guards should now ignore you when you are invulnerable.
  • You are no longer invulnerable in hostile villages, when you log on or off.
  • Spell levels have changed.
  • Items may now only be taken from a cart or raft by the person dragging it if it is dragged.
  • Vynora has some new spells that improves items. Libila has one as well. They may destroy the item depending on item quality, so try them out on something cheap.
  • Drain health now heals wounds if you have any.
  • Pets now are tame longer than 24 hours. Sorry.
  • Pickaxes are now in the miscellaneous skill group instead of axes. Weapon group skills increase faster, except axes. You no longer parry with axes.
  • Creatures should leave caves more frequently.
  • A bug with stealing fixed.


  • A bug with pets made some of them disappear. It should work now though, but you have to find new pets if you lost yours.
  • Giving away pets works now.
  • Very strong aggressive creatures will now break down walls and fences near them if they are disturbed by them.


  • Fumbling with repairing walls and fences will no longer insta-destroy them (was a bug).
  • Taming carnivores with a corpse only works if the corpse is fairly undamaged.
  • Small problem when being teleported near doors fixed.
  • Followers of Libila now get less stamina drain when moving on mycelium.
  • Tamed animals (not dominated or zombies) will now leave the world when you do (as soon as it has quit fighting), unless you order it to stay online.
  • Fixed a bug with village voting.


  • Fighting skills have been restored for those who lost them.
  • Thorns will no longer damage GMs and are tougher to cut down.
  • Bug with stealing items from deeds fixed.


  • More on pets:

Bug where the pet did not fight back fixed. Taming should now work on deeds. You can now give away pets to friendly players. Pets should now have blue outlines to people from the same kingdom with positive reputation. Usually non-aggressive creatures may now attack you if you fail your taming skill. Unicorns are much harder to tame.

  • Beware of old thorn bushes! Followers of Fo may pass unhindered if faithful enough.
  • Stamina drain is a bit higher when moving. Followers with high faith are inspired in their deities favored terrains, and tire less there. Vynora get bonus on roads, Magranon on rock, and Fo on grass, dirt, trees.
  • Followers of Vynora with high faith have slower skill decay (they already get bonus when learning all skills if they have enough favor). Followers of Magranon now receive skill bonuses in fighting if faith and favor are high.
  • Village and Area (i.e Server) history are now gathered properly and may be found on the village tokens.
  • Found a bug where unexpected shuddering occured when mining south.


  • Bugfixes for pets:

They should now be much harder to tame. You now need food and stamina to tame pets. Reborn pets are now more menacingly called Zombies. Old pets keep their names though. Zombies should still alert the village guards when raised, but the attack should cease immediately. Pets should not be able to attack themselves. Using a pet to grief same-side players now results in skill-loss. Cows and other creatures should now hunt at least a little. Pets should now find their way a bit better. Zombies should be more aggressive. Zombies now have a lifespan of about 1 rl day. You should no longer be able to trade with Zombies.


  • Pets! Everyone may now tame animals. Followers of Libila have a harder time though.

Followers of Libila may raise souls from corpses with a spell. These creatures may be equipped if human. Their skills are lower than the original creature. Followers of Magranon may dominate monsters, even the dragons (good luck). Followers of Vynora will receive something special as well later/soon. You may lead pets with ropes. Pets will attack and be attacked by creatures that would attack you. If you log off, your pet should be safe from same kingdom village and kingdom guards. If the animal is an aggressive creature, it will attack people with negative reputation or from other kingdoms. This means they may work as watchdogs. Pets will stay logged on for now when you leave the game.

  • Praying now goes faster overall, but the initial amount you receive is limited.
  • Enchantments now work on items with ql 70+ instead of 90+.


  • Casting spells, taunting and shieldbashing should now be interrupted if the target dies.
  • Excessive wall/fence damage on unguarded deeds fixed.
  • Spellcasting through windows is prevented for now.
  • Mining graphical bugs should no longer be possible.
  • Some players may now receive the possibility to mute other players to regulate foul language in kingdom chats, so keep it clean.


  • Mining should work better now, and yield some more information.
  • A reason for disappearing items fixed.


  • Debugging. A few reboots with bug fixes may occur after this one.
  • Dye now uses up more scrap material. * Attacking a village wall or fence now should draw the guards out.
  • Respawning guards should look for enemies more efficiently now.


  • Creatures should now enter unfinished buildings
  • Fixed an interesting bug with mining flint. Thanks, Swisscheese.


  • Two types of fish only no longer yield a steak.
  • Found a bug with tunneling.
  • Deed guards may now walk through walls and doors.
  • Disappearing item bugs fixed, and a bug where creatures could become irresponsive.
  • You should now be able to find flint, so you can create steel and flints.


  • Most fruits are now combinable.
  • Steaks can now be made also from corn, or onion, or bread.
  • Dog statues can now be painted as well.
  • New color outlines fix.
  • The bug where players could not move after login fixed.
  • Creatures stuck underground should be destroyed.


  • Pigs now eat pig food:P.
  • Some items that were unusable on ground now should be usable.
  • Disconnects at log on should be more rare, at the cost of a bit slower initial terrain rendering.
  • You now need pumpkin or potato to make steaks.
  • Color outlines fix for aggressive creatures from other kingdoms.


  • Trader demands tweaked a bit.
  • Expect much less cave-ins.
  • It should now be possible to use the /stuck command more then once.
  • Banked containers now show up when you open the bank.
  • A cause for lag may be fixed.
  • Leading cows out of caves does not make them untouchable.
  • Ores will now respawn in a regional fashion, so certain ores will be more common in certain areas. This will work for caveins and new maps.
  • Practice dolls, ovens and other items will now show what is needed to improve or finish them.


  • When villages disband, all the gates are unlocked
  • Cave decay has been slowed down, and corrected. Now reinforcing both walls on the side of a passage stops decay for the center tile, as will reinforcing all three walls around a dead end.

Reminder: You can not be killed by cave decay. People seem to think so.

  • Bug fixed where if you used only a weapon in your left hand it increased barehand fighting. Note that your primary weapon should always be in your right hand. You will use your left hand much less often. You now have a small chance to parry with your left hand weapon as well.
  • You may now correctly change kingdoms up to 3 times instead of 1.
  • Money has been redistributed between the traders and the king to test the economy.


  • Bug with door locks fixed. They will now always be locked when you attach them.
  • Possible cause for creatures disappearing underground fixed.


  • If you reconnect inside a cave wall the game will try put you on a safe tile nearby, so it should be extremely uncommon.
  • One possible cause for periodic lag removed.
  • Bug with tempering fixed.
  • Various other small bugs and improvements.


  • Cave decay is now implented. This means: Always bring a pickaxe, food and drink when going underground. You won't get killed by it right now, but items will be destroyed.

The decay rate is fairly slow. Minerals may respawn. Reinforcing walls help. Large chambers decay quicker. Entrances may also cave in.

  • Stamina-regen-movement delay removed, and fighting-stamina-regen-delay set to 2 seconds.
  • You may now plan a new structure after 4 days unless your old structure becomes finished before that.
  • Golden altars should now be improvable again.
  • Prices of armour chains and cloth strings now better reflect similar product prices.


  • Fighting skillgain bug fixed.


  • FIGHTING SKILL UP AND RUNNING AGAIN. The old skills were not restored, since they were 'dirty' and we want to test skill progress and balance with this system. You now gain no fighting skill if your stamina is at the bottom, or if you or your opponent fight barehanded with a skill over 20. If you have killed your opponent during the last hour you gain a lot less skill also. Expect further tweaks to this system.
  • Lost bodyparts should reappear.
  • Guards skills have been centered around 30, 50 and 80 for the various guard types.
  • Catapult bug fixes, including the very broken aiming algorithm and the too high damage dealt.
  • Skillgain changed a bit, so that you will now gain skill less often for very easy tasks.


  • FIGHTING SKILL RESET. Most fighting related skills capped at 30 until we have a satisfying solution to afk skillgain.
  • You may no longer use catapults to shoot your live bodyparts away.
  • New lag code is in place. It should be unnoticable for the most part.
  • You who catapulted your bodyparts: login again if you are messed up. It should work.


  • Fighting has changed some: Mauls are now slower than axes and swords. Swords are much better at parrying, and take less damage when parrying. Axe and sword damage has been adjusted upwards. You no longer gain skill if either the attacker or the defender is link-less.
  • Prices for combined items now correctly affect trader demand. Consecutive teleports due to a lag teleport should not be as common.
  • Walking through wall plans should no longer render a teleport. Metal altars no longer require heating to be finished or improved.
  • Citizens that may destroy walls and fences now should be able to perform these actions a lot quicker within their own village. Improving walls should be possible again like before but only for finished walls.
  • A bug made it so only the deed owner could continue building on a house. Fixed.
  • There is now a small catapult available.