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This is a shameless, unofficial copy of the Wurm server release notes as shown in the news section of the Wurm client. The section headings are the date the server was updated; YYMMDD.

Please note that this page was not created by Code Club AB, so it is not an official document.


  • Some people discovered that the rock layer had become more soft and started to mold it, but they also noticed that it had some weird spongy characteristics causing it to pop extrusions now and then. This behaviour has now gone away and the extrusions have disappeared. Scientists are "befuddled".
  • Creatures are now more picky when you try to tame them, accepting only food when they are hungry that they deem worthy of eating.
  • Some late changes to the christmas gifts were added.


  • As an early christmas gift to everyone, you may now mine on the rock surface layer again (it was possible a few years ago). You now need to tunnel if you want to create a tunnel - the standard mine action will only lower the nearest corner like dig does. For now you will not be able to mine near cliffs.


  • The base protection level of armours are lower. Base protection level is the percentage of damage that is reduced at armour quality level 1. The change means that most low quality armours will be less effective. Also cloth, leather and studded leather will protect less compared to chain, plate and drake armours since their max protection level has been lowered as well. They are lighter to carry however, and you evade blows easier which are other benefits they provide.
  • If this change means that you are punished too severely by creatures such as guards now they may have to be downpowered.


  • There were changes to evading. You evaded too seldom before. The new code takes into account mainly your body control, carried weight and armour type. This affects creatures as well so some may have become a bit harder to hit.
  • Armours were changed. Mainly Plate, Chain and dragon armours were improved compared to the others because of the evasion changes. NOTE: Armours will still change some in the next update.
  • Sorry for the extensive downtime today. As usual we are trying immensely to please you but on very rare occasions like this you will notice that we fail. Today the Jenn home server lucked out - another year it's another server.


  • After todays update you will be invulnerable only if you log on a) in your village or a village that your village is allied with or b) in your own kingdom and there is a hostile monster or animal within 10 tiles (not counting players or guards). You will not be invulnerable in a village where you are wanted. The reason is that it was too easy to use an account from the same kingdom to spy on a village before.
  • Drain health now uses 25 favor instead because of a misunderstanding. The change should have been applied to drain stamina, which will drain 20 favor instead of 10 and be more difficult the next update. Drain health will be reverted to using 15 favor.


  • Belaying pins are now a bit less useful
  • Flattening and digging bugs were fixed
  • Fo priests may now dig, priests of Vynora and Libila may now cut down trees.
  • Shaker orbs no longer create ore tiles since they block openings
  • Weapon skillgain should increase for low values and decrease for higher values


  • Fixed a bug with digging where the wrong corners were checked for height was fixed. Also flattening checked the wrong corner for structures in NW. Some mining bugs as well.


  • Merchants may no longer be put at market stalls in settlements where you are not citizen. There will be a setting eventually. This is a slight modification to the latest change which allows you to place Merchants in market stall rather than buildings. More functionality will come in time!


  • Item improvement for high ql items now requires less material, and a bit more for lower ql items.
  • As you probably have noticed the favor requirements for enchants were increased in the wednesday update. This is because they were too common before.


  • Shieldbashing now drains stamina. You will also now use your shield occasionally while out of stamina.
  • Certain actions that never ended during combat such as focusing or changing stance now should end more properly.
  • Armour and shields now have a minimum value for a hit.


  • Food should no longer decay as you pick it up.


  • Because we have so few fraud attempts we have increased the amount of silver you may purchase in the web shop. Old verified players may ask to have even less restrictions.


  • Attacks now use up stamina based on weapon weight as well as of number of attacks.


  • Weapon attack times were increased by an average of 2 seconds. Wind of Ages now only has effect on these 2 seconds, whereas before it affected the whole attack time. Some weapon damages were modified a little as well. This should balance longswords with the other weapons better.
  • Tower guards no longer give archery skillgain.
  • Boat permissions now should allow you to put things in the hold.


  • Fixed a crash bug.


  • Fixed a bug with farwalker amulets and boats.


  • Added messages for item decay that would explain some disappeared lumps, meat, seeds etc.
  • Found a bug that made corpses disappear.


  • Because a game server can not support the number of players we want with the current item decay rate, item decay was increased for a number of items as explained in news 081013. Unfortunately this means that a lot of stored items will disappear during the weekend. If the game is unplayable because of the decay rate
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the Mol Rehan server on thursday.


  • Skill decay was changed so now only skills above 70 decay. Also they should decay max 0.03 per three day period of not being used.


  • Potions erroneously used the amulet behaviour. They have functionality in combat.
  • Shields now drain more stamina because of minor exploitability. Actually it was a bug where you gained stamina instead with heavier shields because of a plus instead of a minus in the code.
  • Items retrieved from mailed containers should now behave less weird and be possible to equip.
  • As the graph at http://jenn002.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/itemcount shows the number of ingame items is still increasing causing lag. Earliest on friday clutter items such as planks, logs, seeds etc will start being destroyed after 2 RL days + ql hours, modified with factor 2 if inside a building or mine and again by 2 if inside a settlement. Unless we can come up with a better idea.


  • Tenon value has dropped since it could be used to gain a lot of favor when sacrificing. Please report similar easy-to-make high value objects.


  • Fixed bugs with server-to-server mail. Cash on Deliveries still are a bit weird for containers, since you will have to pay for sending items in them. Send only COD outside of containers to avoid it.


  • Guard management works again


  • Decay should not kick in for items like clay for 2 days.
  • Shaker orbs no longer effect surrounding tiles.
  • Unique tamed creatures on deeds now fight back.
  • You may no longer found deeds on aggressive creatures.
  • Duelling should now not drain skills except some body strength. It yields no fighting skill either.
  • A bug with Winds of Ages on weapons was fixed.


  • The disconnects that happened to some people during the weekend should be less frequent now


  • You may now improve mine doors.
  • Kingdom towers are 50% harder to destroy.


  • There is now a way to locate water sources below ground. Fountains will automatically fill up if placed in the right spot.


  • Now if you put tar on floorboards they will decay a lot slower.


  • First aid now destroys items that are not combinable so sheets, sails, shirts and pants etc will be totally used up. Rags will only use up a portion.
  • Added a few iron value options for renting beds.
  • You may now use the toolbelt together with leg armour.
  • The improvement column should update a bit better.


  • Zcul added an improve icon column in the client inventory windows!
  • Losing link now makes you invulnerable first after 30 seconds if you have not been attacked in that time.
  • The decay rate has increased for certain very popular items that cluttered the database and is a major factor in game lag.
  • The effect of putting these items in containers, houses and on deeds have been improved.
  • Expect some heavy initial decay these first days. It will normalize. Also you may have to move a bit more in the future since stockpiling may become a bit harder.
  • When you use an item such as lighting a forge, it will prevent decay. Items in caves decay as if they were inside.
  • Scientists have invented shaker orbs that will collapse mines. You should be able to purchase them at your local trader. Too much griefing is expected if they could be player made and they should be rarely used.
  • First aiding no longer destroys the whole bandaid unless you use clothing as bandaid.
  • Spawns points now receive damage when they spawn a creature so in effect they move around.
  • The number of actions you can stack is now dependant on mind logic.
  • Sacrificing was changed. Jewelry prices were adjusted down as an effect of this.
  • Jewelry items will have special effects later so have patience.
  • There is now a /converts command that shows how many times you may change kingdom.
  • Vehicles with apostrophe in their names no longer disrupts the management window.
  • You may no longer cast Mend on items with quality level 2 or less.
  • The server will now log you off immediately keeping your character safe if it detects a lot of linklosses indicating a network problem to wurm.
  • Some changes were made so you should be able to perform more actions on large boats. You should regain stamina as commander as well if not rowing.
  • You should now be able to shoot arrows while duelling or sparring without losing reputation.
  • You should not be able to raise focus level outside of combat as easily any more.
  • Unlocked boats may now be dragged.


  • Uniques special attacks did no harm before this update.
  • Wind speeds should be a bit higher overall.


  • You may rename items with the characters / and + again.


  • The dreadful bugs where mines acted up has been fixed. When a tile changed far away under certain circumstances the mine layer became screwed up. The server no longer sends those updates and everything is now okay again.
  • Code was added to prevent you from dieing in rock, loosing your corpse.


  • Boats now need to be locked if their hold shall be protected.
  • You will no longer get reputation losses for unintentional hits.
  • Some items lacked proper checks so they could be finished and used in containers instead of on the ground as intended.


  • Added messages when you enter and leave caves. They are mainly there to track down bugs and will probably go away later.
  • Dragged carts and vehicle holds should be protected from theft again.
  • Tree tiles may no longer be botanized or foraged due to data issues.
  • Items that would or already have ended up in rock will now magically appear on the surface instead.
  • Increased the distance that cave data is sent again in order to see if this helps since the bug remains. If it does, obscurity will be added again.
  • You will no longer embark boats during login if the permissions have been removed.
  • Only the captain of a boat may now raise the anchor.


  • Removed the obscurity for caves to see if that helps with the falling through bug.


  • The bug with mines not rendering should be less frequent.
  • A bug where you could mount vehicles through fences was fixed.
  • You should now be allowed to removed items from the vehicle hold if you have the permissions.


  • Changed some behaviours and bugs related to newbie items, underground lairs, invisible mines, withdrawing money, and updating positions.


  • Found the bug with disappearing items close to the edges of the map.


  • You can now rename boats
  • Farwalker items no longer keep their position when changing server.
  • Royal items are now removed and put in inventory as you return to the wild server.
  • Changing servers while in a boat may work a bit better now but I have found no obvious error.
  • New characters now receive all their items instantly again and the guides are now optional. You receive 20 iron when you complete them.



  • Fixed a bug where mines did not render properly by mine doors.
  • Passengers of vehicles should notice better graphical updates.
  • Disbanding is no longer free.


  • You now need to provide a password when changing email. The password is checked if there already exists an account with the new email.


  • A small bug with the permissions for the boat hold.
  • Deeds are disbanded for free during the weekend since hopefully the new Mol Rehan is set up on Monday!
  • The reason behind the free disbands are for people to be able to disband their deed and prepare to settle down on the new server. It may be considered abuse if you use it to resettle many times instead.
  • The kingdom change counters should also have been reset so you may now change kingdom three more times.
  • We will not convert priests and you should not expect to be teleported. It is up to the GMs to decide if they have the time to offer teleporting services.


  • Positioning on ships was improved.
  • The heavy guards have become a bit heavier


  • Fixed the bug where you could not board a ship.
  • Boats now keep their owner when crossing the border. Permissions need to be set once per server still though.
  • Wind power and direction is now random at restart.


  • Boat permissions should now work better (there was a bug with locks) and also boats should not become irresponsive or disappear close to the server border.


  • Started to fix some boat speed and wind problems.
  • Gems may now be sacrificed.
  • The free disbands are no longer in effect.
  • Gems may now be sacrificed.
  • The trader will now keep half of the value only for merchant and trader contracts.
  • Certain types of fish has been overfished close to land and can now only be found in deeper waters.


  • The deep sea fish is now more rare and regional. Their breeding places may have shifted some.
  • The critical hit chance for long swords was reduced. The sword of Magranon is now quicker.
  • Dirt now decays 5 times faster.
  • Fixed a permission bug with mine doors when trying to manage.
  • Fixed a bug when trying to give away pets.
  • There seems to be a bug with wind coming from certain directions making it hard to understand sailing. I have reports that northwestern wind behaves normally. Thanks Wollshaf:)


  • We found another reason for the server freezes and expect them to be virtually gone for now.
  • Filleting now gives a more reasonable skillgain for the new large types of fish.


  • We found one reason for the server hangs that occurred during the weekend. Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to reimburse for all the problems this has caused except by giving sleep bonus. We are very sorry for this and hope that you have patience with us trying to make the game as stable and effective as possible.
  • You will not get hurt in some instances where you previously received no falling damage.


  • Metal mine doors are now created from door lock, metal sheet and rivets. Wooden ones now needs a door lock as well.
  • Fixed a bug with dropping dirt near mine doors.
  • Bugs with mine door permissions fixed. Added everyone as an option. You should notice less glitches with them as well. Damage done to them was reduced.
  • Leaving a ship now properly set your encumbrance again.
  • Since the wild server is becoming premium only deeds may now be disbanded for free over the weekend.
  • Casting courier no longer shatters mail boxes and was made easier for now.
  • You should now be able to fish and dredge by right-clicking the boat itself. The centre of the boat will be the place where you fish/dredge.
  • A new command /weather should give some info about the wind..
  • Mail boxes have been debugged and should now work between servers. Use with caution and cheaper items for a while. There are no reimbursements for lost items.
  • You now need to wear a toolbelt on your legs in order to activate the client feature.


  • Bugs with boat permissions fixed.
  • You may now construct mine doors. The basic type is wood but there are other.
  • You can now change the email of your account with the command /changeemail <new mail>.
  • The wind should start affecting boats now unless it still is bugged.


  • Added boat construction options.
  • You can both row and sail boats. Rowing is \"normal movement\" with WASD by the captain. This speed is added to any sailing effect.
  • The more passengers, the closer to the ship max speed you get when rowing.
  • You may also moor boats with an anchor tied to a mooring rope. If you do not moor your boat it may drift and take damage against the bottom.
  • You should reconnect on your boat if you leave it and it is left on the server.
  • If the boat is locked with a boat lock it will give certain security options. It is a good idea to make sure you are the one locking your own boat.


  • Archery armour damage was reduced some again and instead you now gain less skill for shooting at players from the same kingdom.
  • There were some problems with people becoming disconnected at login which should be reduced.
  • Movement lag for other players should be reduced with this update.


  • Intermediate update to take care of certain problems. You still can not create boats, but some of the parts.
  • The biggest changes are to archery where you now need to go into ranged mode and then double-click to shoot.
  • Armour now takes more damage from arrows in order to make it more costly to grind skill.


  • Now as you fish the whole tile must be submerged.
  • You may now use a dredger to dig under water.


  • You are no longer always invulnerable when you reconnect.
  • Found a bug with players not being removed from the world.


  • Basic vehicle settings now make it possible for the creator to control who can drive, mount and access the inventory.
  • It is currently very restricted and should maybe allow for more kingdom vulnerabilities.
  • Hitting moving targets with archery was made easier. Hitting face, legs and head was made overall harder.
  • Bug fixes with mails.


  • You now have poor footing if fighting while swimming.
  • Stances now stick for thirty seconds against your last enemy.


  • Basinet and great helm should now also cover the face
  • Archers must now go into ranged mode and double-click or right-click on the person they want to shoot at.


  • The bug with fullscreen mode should be fixed. Thanks Kilean!


  • The numbers in the algorithm were inverted, but now weapon skillgain is higher the tougher the creature as it should be.


  • A bug with weapon damage made too high below weapon skill 50.


  • Weapon skillgain is now more closely related to damage dealt.
  • Guard spawn rate was tweaked a bit downwards, but all guard types can only be attacked by 4 people max now.
  • The bug where expanding a deed was impossible was solved.


  • Weapon speed now will be a bit lower until you reach skills 30 and 50. Damage increases up to skill 50 where it maxes out.


  • The colossus is no longer turnable or movable except by the person who dropped it. Other items that did not use to be movable work this way as well.
  • A bit more upkeep should enter the shops. A rounding error may have made too little money return.


  • Same-side spirits and kingdom guards no longer yield skill.
  • The crown of might should not be able to dominate more than one unique at a time. The times it can be used every day has been reduced and it also has a few minutes cooldown on failures.
  • Shields are still being worked at. During the weekend they were pretty much useless. Now they are more useful again but they may still need tweaking. Since shield skillgain was at least 4 times too fast for a while all your shield skills have been reduced to 50%. Hopefully you grinded it before the rampant skillgain did benefit a while.


  • Shield skillgain was lowered. Damage to shields was halved for non-crushing weapons and creatures. Parrying arrows and melee attacks for shields was too easy and made a bit more difficult.


  • Shooting in the face, legs or head while the target is moving was made much harder.
  • Shields now take more damage since they were too easy to grind skill with.


  • A bug where you could not loot your own corpse was fixed.


  • Fixed a few bugs with ruler settings, appointments and titles
  • Focusing success now depends on your opponents skill less again :).


  • Focusing success now depends on your opponents skill more.
  • The Tests are now better weighted against active kingdom population, so they should be easier to pass. Also the stone had a bug of course.
  • Archery skillgain was slowed down again. A few players gained too much during the weekend and reported themselves, thanks :)
  • Because of database cluttering, the decay was increased for ash, tar, flowers and seeds.


  • Archery skillgain was made 5 times faster when shooting creatures.
  • Fighting skillgain was slowed a bit. You now gain skill for creatures at skill 70+, but very slowly.
  • You may not perform special attacks on stances where the opponent is defending or opposing now.
  • Most special moves were tweaked. Very few remain in the center attack position. They also drain more stamina on a miss and are harder to hit with.
  • Most actions except attacking, stance changes, and taut will make you a bit more vulnerable to attacks. They vulnerability includes (and targets) bashing, special moves, focusing, shooting arrows and casting spells in close combat.
  • Size five village deeds left the server even if they had been used. This was a bug so you may not bring those that left the server back home now.
  • A bug with attacking open opponents was fixed.
  • You should now gain more weapon skill.
  • About half a minute needs to pass in a fight before you can focus or do special moves.
  • Focusing changed so there is only 5 levels. They are attainable when you have certain high characteristics.
  • You receive weapon and shield skill from fighting guards and spirits again, as well as when sparring. A bit better for HOTS but they have less creatures to hunt because of the mycelium.


  • Since focusing was not regarded as a decision but rather a free requirement it now takes one second longer and has a stamina cost.
  • Metal armour movement penalty was diminished a little and they protect more. Cloth was made worse against slash.
  • There is now a delay at the start of a fight before you can use special moves.
  • Due to heavy rains, crop yield has diminished.
  • Mind speed is now used when trying to perform extra attacks.
  • Heavy guards were debeefed again, but overall guard power has increased a bit since last week. Three guards can hunt a target now instead, respawn rates are higher and only 6 people may attack heavies at one time.


  • Heavy guards were made tougher. They obviously were too little of a challenge. With heavy guards you should be able to feel safe. Guard respawn rate was also increased.


  • Weapon skillgain should increase. Note that you need to deal or receive damage in order to gain skill in weapons while fighting (in order to prevent exploits).


  • The bug where creatures were displaced was fixed.
  • Taunting should work again.


  • A bug that made building towers confusing was fixed. Build towers just inside your kingdom border to expand it to where you want to settle down.


  • The kingdom change counters are now properly reset.
  • You may no longer disband deeds for free. Half the upkeep and the deed is lost again.
  • Special moves now have higher stamina cost.


  • Made it a bit easier to trade pets and cast the spell dominate.
  • Failing a combat move now drains more stamina.


  • Fixed a bug where animals who go disloyal did not stop following their dominators. It should also be easier to stop pets from attacking.
  • A bug with corpse models fixed


  • Creatures are now much harder to tame. Dominate and rebirth were also a bit affected. It was way too easy before since tamed powerful creatures should be rare and only for experienced tamers. You have to make a taming check (with a bonus) when you receive a pet as well.
  • Archery damage now is more dependent on skill. Aiming at the legs is now hardest.
  • Fight skill is more important now in PvP.
  • Guides and Tormentors now offer refugees to join their kingdom.
  • Due to climate changes, farming became harder. Crop difficulties changed dramatically. In any case, there was overproduce and high-skilled farmers received no skillgain so the change would be positive.
  • New technology makes chain armour 20% better versus piercing (arrows).
  • The Orb of Doom is rumoured to suddenly have grown in potency.
  • Now when you purchase farwalker items, only half of the money remains with the trader. One tenth goes to the king, and the rest to the mystics who created the item.
  • The soul depth requirements to become champion was lowered to 23. Soul depth gain may increase with religion changes later.
  • Some limitations were added for rebirthing and zombies, since the Scale of Libila was too powerful. You can not raise a butchered body now for instance.
  • A bug that made skills decay too fast was found.
  • Increased weapon and fight style skillgain some more. Removed the skillgain from tower guards and spirits.


  • Taming is now harder for tougher animals
  • A bug made it possible to gain fighting skill above 70 for non-players


  • Armor base protection was beefed a bit.
  • Weapon and archery skillgain was increased a bit.
  • Fixed a bug where dead spirit guards prevented draining of a deed.
  • Hatchets are now created using blacksmithing skill. There were no strong objections to changing this.
  • Zombies should not give as much skillgain. Dominated creatures should fight back at their dominator.


  • Special moves no longer can be performed through walls and fences.
  • The wolves have trouble finding food, and the population has been noted to start shrinking.


  • Combat moves that affect your concentration/battle rating now lasts at least 10 seconds.
  • The bug with logging off after a respawn was fixed.
  • A bug that made cooking a bit too predictable was fixed.


  • Herbivores should stay alive longer now.
  • A bug where you could purchase premium for deleted accounts was fixed.


  • Destroying towers was made harder.
  • It is now harder to hit moving targets with archery.
  • Dragon armour was made better compared to leather and studded leather. Those were too powerful compared to other armour and made a little weaker.


  • Happy new year! The bug that effected action speed and fighting should be gone now.
  • First aid bandage timer was too long for light wounds
  • A bug with damage dealt when destroying items was fixed.