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220214 Patch Notes 14-Feb-2022

  • Bugfix: It is no longer possible outside founding a pmk to convert a village from 1 kingdom to another on pvp servers.
  • New: Added a new title for 100 skill in Large Mauls. Congrats Subie!
  • New: 2022 Valentine Gift

220208 Patch Notes 08-Feb-2022

  • New: Added the new title for 100 skill in Cooking. Congrats Shydow!
  • New: Monthly skin for February
  • Change: Removed shield bashing from caffeine exclusion list.
    • We will continue to monitor caffeine changes and adjust them where needed

220203 Patch Notes 03-Feb-2022

  • Bugfix: Fixed opening links with spaces in them in an external browser.
  • Bugfix: Using the “Find on Wurmpedia” function on house walls should now search for the proper text.
  • Bugfix: Corrected spelling error in description of wide staircase with banisters on both sides.
  • Bugfix: Corrected spelling error in source crystal item description.
  • Bugfix: Pouring liquids is now allowed even when building or village permissions disallow dropping items.
  • Bugfix: Corrected spelling error in description of cheese sandwich.
  • Bugfix: Difficulty when picking from planters has now been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Coffee Ibrik smelting will now work correctly.
  • Bugfix: Fixed glowing coals on forges.
  • Bugfix: Gravestones will now show the correct material after burying something with them.
  • Bugfix: Dragging creature-edible items from bulk containers to hitching posts and feeding troughs should now work properly. Items will now automatically go into the internal container of hitching posts, troughs, and stills.
  • Bugfix: Fixed praying on corpses while having an item activated.
  • Bugfix: Fix for some chats not being cross server as intended.
  • Bugfix: Added taste and eat context to camellia flowers.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the weight of coconuts.
  • Bugfix: Caffeine values will now drop down correctly when entering decay.
  • Bugfix: Fixed caffeine timer looping.
  • Bugfix: Tea, coffee and hot cocoa should no longer say they will burn your mouth when tasted.
  • Change: Caffeine provided per bean has now been increased.
  • Change: You will now be able to drink caffeine even with a full water bar.
  • Change: Caffeine created will now have a minimum ql of 5, so all caffeine should be drinkable.
  • Change: Separated coffee into cream coffee and spiced coffee.
  • Change: Changed cream coffee recipe descriptions and naming.
  • Change: Made spiced coffee naming consistent with cream coffee.
  • Change: The following types of mineral veins have had their names changed for consistency:
    • “Marble wall” is now “Marble vein”
    • “Slate wall” is now “Slate vein”
    • “Sandstone” is now “Sandstone vein”
    • “Rocksalt” is now “Rock salt vein”
  • Change: Changed the description of the cacao pod.
  • Change: Camellia flower description changed to not mention pink flowers.
  • Change: Archaeology reports will now have an indicator in their name when the cache location has been discovered (Located) and when fully complete (Complete). There will also be a message in Event when all possible information about a settlement has been discovered.
  • Change: Bookshelves of all types may now hold a significantly larger quantity of items.
  • Bugfix: Reset coordinates on Farwalker twigs and stones in inventory / subcontainers on death (only on PVP servers).

And now for Caffeine Changes!

  • Bugfix: Mint hot chocolate and hot chocolate will no longer give caffeine
  • Bugfix: Fix weights of various caffeine items
    • Coffee pot 0.10kg -> 1.50kg
    • Tea pot 0.10kg -> 1.50kg
    • Coffee cherries 0.05kg -> 0.15kg
    • Cacao pod 0.05kg -> 0.30kg
    • Coconut 0.50kg -> 0.40kg
    • Cacao beans 0.10kg -> 0.20kg
    • Coffee Ibrik 0.10kg -> 0.20kg
  • Bugfix: Fixed descriptions of various caffeine items
    • Camellia Flower
    • Cocoa Bean
    • Cacao Bean
  • Bugfix: Very small quantities of caffeine consumed will once again provide caffeine
  • Bugfix: Difficulty fix for picking produce from tea, coffee and cocoa planters
  • Bugfix: Coffee Ibriks are now heavy enough to smelt
  • Bugfix: Remove ability to pick seeds from yellow and white tea leaves
  • Bugfix: Caffeine spell effect should no longer appear stuck
  • Bugfix: Caffeine timer durations are now more accurate
  • Bugfix: Drinks that can be drank hot will no longer say they will burn your mouth
  • Bugfix: Consistency fix for colour of camellia flowers in models and icons
  • New: Added new type of tea, Rose Petal tea
  • New: Add optional ingredients to new beverages
  • Change: Increased volume of teapot and coffee pot
  • Volume Teapot [10, 10, 20] -> [15, 15, 20] (Liquid 2.0kg -> 4.5kg)
  • Volume Coffee Pot [10, 10, 20] -> [15, 15, 20] (Liquid 2.0kg -> 4.5kg)
  • Change: Old tea recipes can now be created inside teapots
    • Peppermint tea
    • Spearmint tea
    • Camellia flower tea
    • Herb tea
  • Change: Coffee beans can now be combined to allow easier bulk roasting
  • Change: Campfires can now be made indoors
  • Change: Caffeine drinks will no longer provide extra water
  • Change: Caffeine drinks can be drank when the water bar is full
  • Change: Doubled the potency of every caffeine drink
  • Change: Doubled the hold duration of every caffeine drink
  • Change: Disabled caffeine extra skillgain on meditation, lockpicking and shieldbashing
    • We have received various opinions on the current state of meditation and have been discussing it
  • Change: Tea leaves will only oxidize outside of containers
  • Change: Tea leaves oxidization timer will reset when moved into containers
  • Change: Cocoa beans have been changed to Roasted cocoa beans to distinguish them from cacao beans.
  • Change: Harvesting a Camellia bush will now produce a camellia flower. The camellia flower can be used for the herbal Camellia Flower tea recipe.
  • Add optional ingredients to new beverages:
    • Tea
      • Spice, sugar, milk and lemon
    • Hot Chocolate/Cocoa
      • Cream, milk, hazelnut oil, marshmallows, hum bugs
    • Coffee
      • hazelnut oil, sugar, chocolate, cocoa
      • Spiced coffee using any spice
      • Cream coffee using any cream
      • Black coffee renamed to Coffee due to optional ingredients
  • Change: Instead of caffeine consuming fatigue, using caffeine with sleep bonus will now develop restlessness, up to a maximum of 5 hours restlessness.
    • Upon reaching 5 hours, caffeine will stop providing its extra skillgain and sleep bonus drain.
    • When logged out regardless of bed, restlessness is reduced at the same rate that sleep bonus is gained.
    • Sleeping in beds does not affect how restlessness reduction performs.
    • Restlessness and Alcohol Decay Rate can be found in the Spell Effects window.
  • Change: Caffeine skillgain changed to provide 2x the benefit of sleep bonus at 100% caffeine
  • Change: Caffeine sleep bonus decrease speed now unaffected by CCFP fats
    • This change does not affect the natural sleep bonus decreases, only the extra sleep bonus decreases relating to caffeine

220118 Patch Notes 18-Jan-2022

  • Bugfix: Will no longer show login/out messages to dead players for people around them.