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This is a shameless, unofficial copy of the Wurm server release notes as shown in the news section of the Wurm client. The section headings are the date the server was updated; YYMMDD.

Please note that this page was not created by Code Club AB, so it is not an official document.

180614 Patch Notes 14/JUN/18

Changes and Additions:

  • New: Added current titles for occultist and meditation levels on the /titles menu and fixed an issue to have them show/hide immediately upon sending.
  • New: Ability to switch dirt to sand and sand to dirt without having to drop the sand/dirt to turn one tile.
  • New: You can now remove deleted players from your ignore list by issuing the /ignore command to see if you have unknown? on your list then issuing /ignore again to verify they have been removed.
  • Change: Updated the Lord of War achievement description to better indicate the quantity of items needed for the achievement.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix: Spear tips and weapons heads (blades) will now also transfer rarity, runes and enchants to their completed item.
  • Bugfix: Creature cage will no longer change ownership when another person on the permissions list loads it into a vehicle.
  • Bugfix: Artifacts can no longer spawn in a HoTA Zone.
  • Bugfix: Fixed more text and spelling errors.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where wine barrels would overflow when you attempted to seal them while having max carry weight in your inventory even when the barrel was in a rack or on the ground.
  • Bugfix: Liquids with a metal type can no longer be smelted.
  • Bugfix: Enchanted turrets will no longer decay on deed on pve servers.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the blank personal goal window and goal not completing when a server transfer was involved.
  • Bugfix: Those who completed their goals but they did not register because of the epic/freedom transfer bug will receive the winning of the game stuff upon login.
  • Bugfix: Changed achievement text for digging up brilliant gem to refer to it being dug up not mined.
  • Bugfix: Fix for some champion mission creatures being tiny.
  • Bugfix: Fix for not being able to drag your archaeology journal back into your inventory from another container.
  • Bugfix: Fix for archaeological reports with deed names which contain apostrophes.
  • Bugfix: The Troll King will not drown his followers if he leads them to water.
  • Bugfix: Paper/papyrus/reports inside books and archaeological journals will now cost 1i each (similar to the almanac).
  • Bugfix: Anchors can now properly be made from all metal types.
  • Client :Bugfix: Items won’t hide under terrain in certain places.

180605 Patch Notes 5/JUN/18

Happy Anniverary!

  • Premium character can investigate on a tile during the week of the anniversary to get a “special fragment”.
  • Find 3 and identify them all before combining to get one of a few different gifts for Wurm’s Anniversary.
  • Chance to get a special fragment is 1/15 upon finding any other fragment.
  • Once combined, players won’t be able to combine another, or find any more special fragments.
  • Finding and combining these special fragments is available only during Wurm’s Anniversary week which will start on the 6th of June and end on the 13th.

Changes and Additions:

Archaeology changes:

  • Archaeology items can now be found in all metal types:
  • If you investigate and find a metal fragment that is NOT ore or a lump, it’ll get the “metal” material.
  • If the fragment you found would have had the steel material (instead of iron), it’ll get the “alloy” material instead.
  • Any existing iron fragments can be combined with metal fragments (they will be converted to “metal” material when you start the combine action.
  • Same deal with steel and alloy fragments.
  • When you complete an item from fragments of the metal material, the final item will have a chance to become any base metal type (iron, tin, lead, gold, silver, copper, zinc) depending on how well identified the fragments were – heavily weighted towards iron.
  • When you complete an item from fragments of the alloy material, the final item will have a chance to become any alloy metal type (steel, brass, bronze) depending on how well identified the fragments were – heavily weighted towards steel.
  • If alloy fragments are extremely well identified, upon combining they will have a small chance to come out as a moonmetal (seryll, glimmersteel, adamantine) – though steel is more likely again.
  • “metal” material fragments can only be combined with other “metal” fragments, and “alloy” material fragments can only be combined with other “alloy” fragments.
  • New: You can now create an archaeological journal to help record your investigations.
  • Add report pages to the journal by activating paper or papyrus sheets and right clicking on the journal – Add report.
  • 22 reports will fit into the journal.
  • Data will be added to your reports as you investigate and gather information.
  • New information will be added to the report as you continue to investigate.
  • Once you’ve found enough information for a single report, you will be able to use that report to help find that deed again whenever you want.
  • Changes:
  • New statues have been added.
  • Rarities and enchants/runes from combined weapons and tool heads will now be transferred to the final item .
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug which allowed investigating to bypass max inventory weight.
  • Paved tiles should properly reset the investigate flag.

Item Placement:

  • Items can now be placed on tables and certain objects
  • To place an item, simply right click it from your inventory and select drop > place. You may then move the outlined object onto the table, clicking will place it at that location.
  • The following surfaces can have items placed on them:
  • square table
  • round table
  • dining table
  • bed
  • bench (stone)
  • bedside table
  • open fireplace
  • canopy bed
  • tripod table
  • high bookshelf
  • low bookshelf
  • round marble table
  • rectangular marble table
  • New Decorational Items that items can be placed on have been added too:
  • Empty High Bookshelf
  • Empty Low Bookshelf
  • Bar Table

Creature Cages:

  • New Item: Creature Cage – Requires 60 carpentry skill to create and continue.
  • New Item: Creature Transporter – 25 Fine Carpentry to create.
  • Must have 23 body strength to load cage onto vehicle.
  • You cannot load pregnant animals.
  • You cannot load hurt animals.
  • You cannot load a creature with items on it.
  • There are specific models for the following stored creatures: bison, sheep, ram, cow, bull, horse, foal, hell horse. All other stored creatures have an enclosed cage graphic.
  • Max of 4 creature cages per tile.
  • A caged animal will move around and cause damage to the cage.
  • When a cage hits 80 damage, the animal will escape.
  • If an animal escapes a cage while in a boat in water, the animal will end up in the water and begin taking damage if they are not a swimming animal. If agro and not tamed, you will not be able to tame them while swimming.
  • You cannot repair or improve a cage if it is storing an animal.
  • The number of cages that can be carried by a vehicle is as follows:
  • Caravel – 8
  • Cog – 6
  • Corbita – 5
  • Knarr – 4
  • Sailing boat – 0
  • Rowing boat – 0
  • Creature transporter – 4
  • Wagon – 2
  • Large cart – 0

Personal goal changes:

  • Changes
  • Spars on PVE servers will now trigger the ‘defeat another player xxx’ goals.
  • Some of the more difficult personal goals have been rerolled if not completed. (ex. goals involving tomes or pvp only creatures and/or mechanics)
  • Bugfixes
  • The description for ‘Sysyphos Says Hello’ goal has been changed to correctly reflect the number of repairs needed to 6250 instead of 6000 for repair fences, walls or floors.
  • The ‘pilot a xxx boat’ achievements should trigger properly now, even if you had them bugged before. Try again with this patch update.
  • Destroy a structure by catapulting it goal has been fixed.
  • Lockpick five boats goal has been fixed.
  • Goals/achievements involving fermenting wine will now properly trigger even if the player is offline.
  • Fixed achievement triggers for mining gems.
  • Fixed a number of grammar and capitalization issues with personal goals and achievements.
  • Epic Finalizer (Be the person to complete an Epic mission) now triggers properly.
  • Operation Cleanup (putting items in a trash heap) will now trigger properly even if the destruction happens while you are offline.
  • New: You can now directly open equipped saddlebags/saddlesacks by using keybind OPEN or right clicking the equipped horse or unicorn.
  • New: The creation of books has been added.
  • Change: The recipe for creating an almanac has changed because of the introduction of books.
  • New: Kings robes will show as scale armour with specific colors for now.

Client Changes:

  • Windows position and status is now also saved for backpacks, quivers and inventory groups. (previously only for out of inventory containers)
  • Bugfix: Fix for items blocking placement.
  • Bugfix: Lock status is now saved on all windows that remember their positions, both in current session and between sessions.
  • Added keybind for Toggle Backpack and Toggle Quiver.

Bug Fixes:

  • PvP Mission Bugfix: More checks to prevent erroneous structure building missions.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which allowed non-intended items/armor to be equipped on non-intended creatures.
  • Bugfix: Another check to be sure new missions spawn correctly after the completion or fail of a previous one.
  • Bugfix: Ritual missions should now end at the 3.5 day mark if under 33% complete.
  • Bugfix: Messaging added to items that cannot be dragged into containers, mailboxes, etc so that you are aware that it’s intended behavior.

180426 Patch Notes 26/APR/18

PvP Affinities and rank rework:

PvP Rank:

  • Rank is now more evenly split between attackers. Rank gained/lost depends on the total average rank of all attackers versus the killed player.
  • If there is more than double the number of attackers worth of rank to be split, half will be spread evenly and the other half will be spread based on the rank of each attacker (lower ranked attackers will gain more than a higher ranked attacker).
  • If there is only enough rank to be split evenly, then no bonuses will be given based on attacker rank.
  • If there isn’t enough to be split evenly, then it will be split based on attacker rank only.
  • Killed player will lose 75% of the rank gained among attackers, instead of 100%.
  • (e.g. 20 rank split across 5 attackers: Each of the 5 will gain a base of 2 rank each. The other 10 rank will be split between attackers based on their relative rank – lowest rank attacker might gain 3 bonus (total 5), next 3 might gain 2 (total 4), and highest rank might only gain 1 (total 3). Killed player will only lose 15 rank instead of 20.

PvP Affinities:

  • Affinity will now go to a random attacker instead of the “max” attacker.
  • Changed the chance for the affinity to be lost without transfer: If the chosen attacker already has at least 2 more affinities in the chosen skill than the killed player (before the affinity is lost), they will only have a 50% chance to gain the affinity. If the do not gain the affinity, another random attacker will get the chance instead.If no permanent affinity is gained, a week long timed affinity will be given to a random attacker instead. Killed player will still lose the affinity.
  • All other attackers will gain a timed affinity of between 1 and 2 days in the skill of the lost affinity.
  • Champions will now lose an affinity on death even if it is their only affinity.
  • If a killed player doesn’t drop an affinity (due to only having one, or none as a Champion), a random timed affinity between 3 and 6 hours will be given to all attackers.

PvP Mission changes:

  • Properly check the correct region when building mission structures on pvp.
  • Lowered the number of players required for x player missions on pvp.
  • Fixed rewards string for build missions.
  • Changed create/sacrifice missions to take into account more number of items properly (bell tower is more than 2 items, for example).
  • PvP servers should get less “requires x players” missions at higher difficulties.

General changes

  • Change: Ongoing creature movement tweaks to help get them off high mountains and away from fences and walls if on deed. Creatures will now prefer to move across flatter paths than up or down steep slopes.
  • Change: Icons for pegs, masts and tenons added.
  • Change: You can now level and flatten from a boat and the dirt/sand will go into the boat as long as there is enough room.
  • Change: You can now do the following while mounted/embarked – yoyo, prune, pick sprout and harvest.
  • Change: Copies of keys made from copper are now called key copy, copper in order to differentiate them from copper keys made with copper locks.
  • Change: A message in the event window will now appear when you gain an affinity via skill usage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix: Kilns should now properly have the bash/destroy option.
  • Bugfix: Various spelling and text errors.
  • Bugfix: Small bells will now take on the metal type of the resonator instead of always becoming brass.
  • Bugfix: Material types on lockpicks will now properly use and display the bonus for lockpicking.
  • Bugfix: The adamantine rune of jackal will correctly change the secondary color of drake/scale armour instead of the primary colour.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a depth check for flattening/leveling in shallow water.
  • Bugfix: Action queue is now cleared when continuing a fence if you are standing in the way of completing the fence.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which failed to check for reinforced floors in some cases when mining tile corners.
  • Bugfix: Grape seedling removed from mission item list.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a dredge leveling action which in rare cases caused a slope to lower by 1 dirt even with a full dredge.
  • Bugfix: Fixed branded and bred creatures on deed not losing agro when you back away and click no target.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue that allowed dragging items from a branded/tamed horse onto an unbranded/untamed horse.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issues with taking and opening distances with piles and containers.
  • Bugfix: Fixed potential issue with uniques dying early.
  • Bugfix: Brass oil lamps can now be crafted and improved correctly.

Client updates:

  • Change: Added animal condition colors back
  • Change: Distant terrain textures will look more fitting to the close ones
  • Change: Added a Very High setting to Terrain/Shadow Detail
  • Change: Fixed glitchy background when distant terrain was disabled.
  • Bugfix: Reduced light flickering
  • Bugfix: New stone fences will properly export to Deed Planner 2.8+.
  • Bugfix: Slate and marble brick pavement will properly export to Deed Planner 2.8+
  • Bugfix: Texture size settings will now work for all objects properly

180406 Patch Notes 6/APR/18

Epic structure changes:

  • All epic structures are now able to be improved.
  • All epic structures can be moved and rotated by their owners.
  • All epic structures cannot be moved and block deeds if they are involved in an active mission
  • Epic structures will not block deeds and will be removed from the pool of possible targets if on deed on all servers.

Bug Fixes Bug fix: Tile item count will be checked for items dropping on creation and being unloaded in order to prevent piles of more than 100 items.

180405 Patch Notes 5/APR/18

Changes and additions:

  • Heal spell will now heal a minimum of 30% and scale up to 100% depending on cast power.
  • Sacrifice creature success for missions will now take player FS and creature CR into account:
  • Weaker creatures will be able to be sacrificed at more health.
  • The existing requirements of 50% health or less will remain the cap.
  • Mission descriptions will now display the movement timer reduction upon completion of the mission

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Artifacts can no longer be placed inside saddlebags/saddlesacks.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer remove the string from a bow unless the bow is in your inventory.
  • Bug fix: You can now mine out of a cliff tile without getting an error message.
  • Bug fix: Fixed various spelling and text errors.
  • Bug fix: When opening a gift inside a container, the contents will go into the player’s main inventory.
  • Bug fix: Smelters and kilns should no longer take damage when on deed and upkeep is greater than 30 days.
  • Bug fix: Tree stumps should once again match the tree woodtype.
  • Bug fix: Creation of Sandstone parapets should now use the proper quantity of sandstone bricks.
  • Bug fix: The action cycle for completing a fence will now cancel if the player is in the way of completion.
  • Bug fix: Global spells cast by player gods will now correctly announce the deity name of the casters.
  • Bug fix: Missions will now display there correct karma per item when requiring multi part items.
  • Bug fix: Guard tower ritual missions will now spawn correctly and display tower name as well as kingdom affiliation.

180315 Patch Notes 15/MAR/18

Changes and additions:

  • Chain, plate, drake and scale armour can now be dyed

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix: Staves and crowbars can now be crafted from all metal types.
  • Bugfix: Fixed timer scaling issue for pickaxes with WoA when mining.
  • Bugfix: Removed double copper needle from recipe list.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be able to bash a tent that does not belong to you on pve.
  • Bugfix: Addressed issues with timer and success when sacrificing animals.
  • Epic Bugfix: Player gods should no longer show up on the commune list or be referenced by name when deciding not to guide.
  • Epic Bugfix: Drake/Scale should no longer drop when logging out.

Client changes

  • Change: Dyes will now show on helmets and held items
  • Due to some unforseen issues with a live build, the preview compatibility for mac changes have been delayed to an update coming shortly.
  • Preview: Fixed issues with keyboard input on Linux

180308 Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

Changes and additions

  • New: Added the option to use the Place feature for larger items which you cannot take into inventory.
  • New: White Cloth, leather and studded leather armour can now be dyed.
  • New: Dragging an item from a container or inventory window to a world object will cause it to be moved to the object’s inventory, without the need to open it in a window manually.
  • Change: You should do more damage when destroying off deed items if they are owned/created by you.
  • Change:You will now get the option to spawn at your deed token even if the terrain is too steep. The spawn location will have a Steep warning in the dropdown menu.

Epic Mission Tweaks:

  • Avenger of light missions will no longer spawn.
  • Increased amount of mission creatures spawned (up to 50% extra of the required amount).
  • Spawned mission creatures will age faster and die after a few weeks.
  • Mission difficulty will not always go up on a successful mission completion.
  • Mission requirements will be a bit less across most missions.
  • Changed sacrifice creature missions so the action is only 12s long instead of 30s. Changed the chance of interruption during the action to be a lot less.
  • Epic Change: Characteristic skillgain has been increased by 30%.

Metal items update

  • New: Many metal items and tools can now be crafted with any metal.
  • New: Metal items will now take on a hue depending on the metal used in creation
  • Change: Ore is no longer capped at 50 Quality on Epic Home Servers.
  • New: Metal lumps can now be combined to up to 64 of the item or 64kg, whichever is the higher.
  • Note: This allows lumps such as gold, silver and brass to be combined past the 64x count, allowing it to be used to create larger items.
  • Metal items will now have special bonuses and penalties depending on metal type used:
  • Note: All values are compared to iron.
  • Adamantine:
  • Armour
  • 5% DR
  • 5% Movement Speed
  • Weapons
  • 10% Damage Dealt
  • General
  • -60% Damage Taken
  • 8x Trader Price
  • 15% shatter resistance
  • -60% decay reduction
  • 5% lockpicking bonus
  • 15% Pendulum Area of Effect bonus
  • 7.5% bash damage bonus
  • 10% ql bonus to items created
  • Brass
  • Armour
  • 1% DR bonus
  • Weapon
  • -1% damage dealt
  • 5% bonus to damage dealt to armour
  • General
  • -5% damage taken
  • 2.5% ql gain per improvement action
  • 6x trader price
  • -5% decay damage
  • 10% bonus to quality upon creation
  • 2.5% bonus to repairing
  • 2.5% bonus to pendulum area of effect
  • 5% bonus to bash damage
  • Bronze
  • Armour
  • 1% DR bonus
  • Weapons
  • -1.5% damage dealt
  • 7.5% bonus damage dealt to armour
  • General
  • -10% damage taken
  • 5x trader price
  • -15% decay damage
  • 5% bonus to quality upon creation
  • 5% bonus to pendulum area of effect
  • 2.5% bonus to bash damage
  • Copper’
  • Armour
  • -1% DR
  • 1% movement speed bonus
  • -2% glance rate
  • Weapon
  • Deals 35% less damage
  • Deals extra poison wound at 30% of damage after 35% reduction
  • General
  • 5x trader price
  • 15% extra damage taken
  • -5% decay damage taken
  • 5% bonus to quality gain per improvement action
  • 2.5% bonus to repairing
  • -5% lockpicking penalty
  • -5% to pendulum area of effect
  • -10% to bash damage
  • Glimmersteel
  • Armour
  • 5% DR Bonus
  • 10% movement speed bonus
  • Weapons
  • 10% attack speed
  • General
  • -40% damage taken
  • 25% shatter resistance
  • 10x Trader prices
  • -40% decay taken
  • 5% bonus to repairing
  • 5% lockpicking bonus
  • 20% bonus to pendulum area of effect
  • 10% ql bonus to items created
  • Gold
  • Armour
  • -1% DR
  • -5% movement speed
  • 2.5% bonus to glance rate
  • Weapons
  • -5% attack speed
  • -2.5% damage dealt
  • 5% bonus to armour damage
  • General
  • 10x trader prices
  • 20% extra damage taken
  • -60% decay damage taken
  • 20% resistance to shatter
  • -5% penalty to repairing
  • -2.5 penalty to lockpicking
  • Can be used to make holy items (altars, statuettes)
  • 10% bonus to pendulum area of effect
  • 15% bonus to bash damage
  • Can be used to make unicorn shoes
  • Lead
  • Armour
  • -2.5% DR
  • -2.5% movement speed
  • Weapons
  • -50% damage dealt
  • Deals extra poison wound at 75%% of damage after 50% reduction
  • General
  • .75x trader prices
  • 30% extra damage taken
  • -20% decay damage taken
  • 10% bonus to quality gain per improvement action
  • 5% bonus to quality upon creation
  • -10% repair speed
  • -5% penalty to lockpicking
  • -10% penalty to pendulum area of effect
  • 20% bonus to bash damage
  • Seryll
  • Armour
  • 5% DR
  • 10% bonus to movement speed
  • Weapons
  • 5% attack speed
  • 5% damage dealt
  • General
  • 12x trader prices
  • -50% damage taken
  • -50% decay damage taken
  • 100% shatter resistance
  • 5% bonus to repair speed
  • 5% bonus to lockpicking
  • Can be used to make holy items
  • 25% bonus to pendulum area of effect
  • 7.5% bonus to bash damage
  • Silver
  • Armour
  • -.75% DR
  • -2% movement speed
  • 1% glance rate bonus
  • Weapons
  • 10% damage to hunter mobs (most aggressive)
  • -2.5% parry rate
  • General
  • 8x Trader prices
  • 2.5% extra damage taken
  • -30% decay damage taken
  • 10% resistance to shatter
  • 2.5% bonus to lockpicking
  • Can be used to make holy items
  • Can be used to make unicorn shoes
  • 5% bonus to pendulum area of effect
  • 10% bonus to bash damage
  • Steel
  • Armour
  • 2.5% DR
  • Weapons
  • 2.5% extra damage to armour
  • General
  • 2.5x trader prices
  • -20% damage taken
  • -30% decay damage taken
  • 2.5% bonus to repair speed
  • 5% lockpicking bonus
  • 2.5% bonus to pendulum area of effect
  • 5% bonus to bash damage
  • Tin
  • Armour
  • -1.75% DR
  • 2% bonus to movement speed
  • Weapons
  • 4% bonus to attack speed
  • -7.5% damage dealt
  • -5% parry rate
  • General
  • 20% bonus damage taken
  • -7.5% decay penalty
  • 2.5% bonus to quality gain per improvement action
  • 5% bonus to quality upon creation
  • -2.5% penalty to repair speed
  • -2.5% lockpicking penalty
  • -5% penalty to pendulum area of effect
  • -10% bash damage
  • Zinc
  • Armour
  • -2% DR
  • 2.5% bonus to movement speed
  • Weapons
  • 5% attack speed
  • -10% damage dealt
  • General
  • .9x trader prices
  • 25% extra damage taken
  • 20% extra decay damage taken
  • 7.5% bonus to quality gain per improvement action
  • -5% repair speed
  • -2.5% lockpicking bonus
  • -5% penalty to pendulum area of effect
  • -15% bash damage

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue where all names on the UI friend list went blank instead of just the specified removed friend.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which allowed you to plan a structure greater than your skill with no option to finalize or destroy the plan.
  • Bugfix: Bridge pavement is now removed when a bridge section is destroyed and reverted to a plan.
  • Bugfix: Recipe Cherries Jubilee should now be in everyone’s recipe book and can actually be made now.
  • Bugfix: Building door history is properly recorded whether or not you have an item activated during the lock/unlock process.
  • Bugfix: You should now be able to tar a floor board underwater to the same depth you can lay them.
  • Bugfix: Prying catseyes and waystones on deed should do more damage than off deed.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the double pray in the context menu for Nahjo on a water tile inside a cave.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which caused damage to water instead of a reduction of weight to the water during a failed tailoring advanced creation attempt. (Ex. Using water on a cloth shirt to make a black vested shirt).
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which caused items with glow runes attached to never cool down.
  • Bugfix: Fennel seed should no longer show as being made with a mortar and pestle on any spice in recipes.
  • Bugfix: Freedom Isle missions should properly reset after 3.5 days if the mission is less than 33% complete. Note that this only applies to missions that gradually tick up (not tree, traitor, build etc missions).
  • Bugfix: Followup fix to the January 2018 change to further address the lag on Elevation.
  • Bugfix: Items should properly decay and cool off while inside saddle bags and saddle sacks equipped on horses.
  • Bugfix: Additional fix to check that the 5% tax is not taken from crates stored in racks as soon as they are moved off deed.
  • Note: This fix does require a tax check to occur on deed prior to taking off deed to correctly update the period between taxings.
  • Please allow a few weeks for everything to get a tick before reporting issues.
  • In the meantime, continue to move items from crates in racks to new crates in order to prevent the immediate tax deduction off deed.
  • Bugfix: Special wounds of same type and position will now stack, similar to normal wounds.

Example of this is a FA weapon causing multiple burn wounds to the same position on the body if hit there multiple times. The normal weapon wounds would mostly stack (with some randomly causing a new wound), but fire wouldn’t stack. That fire wound will now stack with any existing fire wound at that position.

  • Bugfix: Creatures should once again lose aggression if you walk a distance away and choose No Target.

180215 Patch Notes 15/FEB/18

  • Fix to address crashing issue on Elevation.
  • Digging to pile will now correctly take rarity and 10% ql rune into account.
  • Fixed issue with cleaning furnaces allowing for large quantities of ash.
  • Leather can now be made again.

180207 Patch Notes 07/FEB/18

Additions & Changes

  • New: You can now add notes to your friends list.
  • New: You can now clean your furnaces after use and collect the ash which can be used in the creation of other products.
  • Once a furnace goes out, or after being lit for 30 minutes and snuffed, ash can be collected with the ‘clean’ action by activating a shovel and right clicking the furnace
  • This will provide firemaking skill
  • Resulting quality is incluenced by firemaking skill and quality of furnace
  • QL is based off your skill and the QL of the furnace (random QL based on both).
  • New: Attempting to dye an item with not enough dye will tell you how much you need
  • New: You can now paint/dye certain items with one color for the wood and another for the cloth portion.
  • Dye is removed from the wooden sections with a wire brush
  • Dye is removed from the secondary (cloth) sections with lye equal to half the weight required to dye the item in the first place.
  • Note: Items that are currently dyed will have both primary and secondary sections coloured.
  • New: Wood-type shaders have been added, so many items will once again show different hues for the different wood-types. This includes wood-types for the newly added trees which never had a different hue:
  • Orange
  • Linden
  • Oleander
  • Fir
  • Chestnut
  • Walnut.
  • Change: With the addition of adding a second dye color to some items, all dye amount requirements have been reviewed and adjusted.
  • Change: Adjusted affinity gain chances to favour skills more than characteristics. This change is aimed at avoiding the majority of affinities being characteristics and to result in skill affinities being more common. We will continue to monitor and adjust affinity chances in further updates if necessary.
  • Change: Meditation abilities that only affect yourself are no longer affected by deed permissions.
  • Change: Increased post grace period decay rate for offdeed red catseyes and waystones with only one valid link.


  • The ability to accurately place items with the use of the mouse cursor has been added:
  • To place an item, it must be possible to be in your inventory (not heavy objects or vehicles).
  • Right click the item, and select drop > place.
  • Default move is free move with the mouse.
  • Holding CTRL will align to an 8×8 grid within a tile(64 squares within the tile).
  • Holding ALT will align to a 4×4 grid within a tile (16 squares within the tile).
  • Mouse scroll will rotate the object.
  • Holding shift while mouse scrolling will rotate slowly for better precision.
  • Improved loading times of settings window.
  • Wood type will now show on equipped wooden things such as mallets, bows, and shields

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix: Fixed various spelling and text issues.
  • Bugfix: Rare fishing spots will now correctly move when the season (and thus fish type) changes.
  • Bugfix: PvP – Disabling lawful now lets you bypass anti-archery permissions and gives penalty for doing so
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with mining or digging a tile corner from too far a distance.
  • Bugfix: Horse and Hell Horse corpses should match the color of the live horse/hell horse.
  • Bugfix: Fix for bulk bins taking the 5% tax tick immediately when moving them from deed to off deed.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer lose total fillet weight when adding them to a bulk container. Fillets will still be reduced to .30 wt, but the quantity will be increased to reflect the total weight of the fillets before putting them into a bulk container.
  • Bugfix: Tree stumps for centered trees will now also be centered.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused herbs planted while in inventory falling to the ground with the message that they will not fit in the planter rack.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which allowed a mine entrance to be opened onto a bridge.
  • Bugfix: Wagoners have been instructed to keep their wagons repaired.

180128 Hotfix 2018-01-28: Fix for a crash bug

Applying a fix to prevent a crash and bring Independence back online. Also swapped out a few hamsters and cleaned their cages.

180119 Hotfix 19/01/18

Affinity system adjustments: We’ve made some adjustments to the affinity system to improve how affinities are gained. we’ll continue to log affinities gained and adjust accordingly.

180118 Patch Notes 18/JAN/18

Changes and additions:

  • We have adjusted some creatures spawn tile requirements to prevent the over abundance of seal colonies on rocky shores. Rats can now spawn on rock near water and seals may spawn on beaches. We’ll continue to monitor locations of large seal colonies.
  • The ability to dig dirt or resources directly into a pile has been added. The keybind dig_to_pile will allow you to dig dirt and other resources and have them go into a pile at your feet. Once the pile is full, the resources will go into inventory. This is only available via the keybind which can be set in the console or in the keybind tab on the settings page.
  • Hell horses now have new colour names to differentiate them from regular horses.
  • Brown > Cinder
  • Gold > Envious
  • Black > Shadow
  • White > Pestilential
  • Grey > Ash
  • Ebony Black > Molten
  • Piebald Pinto > Nightshade
  • Blood bay > Incandescent
  • Examining a live horse or hell horse will now give it’s colour in the examine message.
  • Title for masonry 100 added – Another Brick In The Wall
  • Sealed containers can now be placed on merchants.
  • Sealed dye containers will now show the RGB in the title.

Affinity System Adjustments:

Overkilling Changes: (Note: Overkilling is the mechanic that stops any skillgain, affinity gain, rank bonuses etc from killing a player too often)

  • The time limit of 3 hours between kills to trigger overkilling of another player (after having killed them at least 3 times already per player) has been increased to 6 hours.

Overall kills on a single player are now tracked, and will count as overkilling if killed more than 3 times by any other player in a short time.

  • When killed in PvP a player will gain a death count and a 3 hour timer will tick down.
  • If killed while that timer is ticking down, another death count will be gained, and the timer will reset to the 3 hour mark and start again.
  • After this timer has ticked down, a death is removed from their count and the timer will reset if any death counts remain.
  • If a player’s death count increases over 3, then any PvP kills against them will count as overkilling until that death count is again below 3.

Affinity Changes:

  • When using a skill premium characters will now have a small chance to gain an affinity in that skill upon a successful skill check.
  • On average once every 2 hours, a character will open a 15s window of time where every successful skill check will have a chance to gain an affinity in that skill. (e.g if you are mining during this window, you could gain an affinity in mining, pickaxe, miscellaneous items, body stamina, body strength, soul strength, mind logic, mind, soul, or body)
  • The chance to gain an affinity is 1/500 if you have no affinities in that skill, 1/1000 if you have one affinity, 1/1500 if you have two affinities, 1/2000 if you have 3 affinities and 1/2500 if you have 4 affinities.
  • If an affinity is successfully gained during the 15s window, the window will reset and no more will be able to be gained until the next window on that character.
  • This window will remain open and check every skill tick until an affinity is gained or the 15 seconds is up.
  • We will be monitoring these chances and making changes as necessary.
  • Stealing affinities upon killing a character in PvP has changed:
  • If the dead character only has one affinity total, they will not lose that affinity and the killer will not gain an affinity.

If the dead character has more than one affinity, then a random one is lost and may go to the killer. If the dead character has more affinities in that skill than the killer, then the killer will gain that affinity 100% of the time. Otherwise, the chance for the killer to gain the affinity is dependant on the difference between the number of affinities in that skill each player has (before the dead character loses the affinity). If the difference is 0, the chance is 50% for the killer to gain the affinity. Difference of 1 is 25%, difference of 2 is 12.5% and difference of 3 is 6.25%.

  • If an affinity is lost by the dead character and none gained by the killer, then the killer will receive a timed affinity in that skill that will last for a week.

Client Changes:

  • Bugfix: Various objects should not re-appear in wrong places after traveling
  • Bugfix: Keybinds set for GRAVE key will now save correctly
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Bugfix: An issue causing continued lag on Elevation since the release of 1.6 has been identified and addressed. We will continue to monitor the server for any instances of extended lag
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be able to drag more than 100 items into the saddlebags or saddle sacks.
  • Bugfix: The 2017 Saddle Sack gifts should no longer decay.
  • Bugfix: A roof on a south or east building border tile should no longer block wall plans.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with keybind for combine fragment not working properly.
  • Bugfix: Fillets of fish and meat should no longer change to generic fish/meat fillets when dragging from one bulk container to another.
  • Bugfix: Weight reduction runes on tool and weapon heads will be ignored so that the items can be used for creation and not return a too little material message.
  • Bugfix: Corrected various text messages.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Valrei scenario mission rewards being awarded incorrectly.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be able to resize a deed with enemy presence.
  • Bugfix: Removed double taste and drink option on sealed containers with something activated in inventory.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with control-click and dragging containers inside containers.
  • Bugfix: You can now drag items directly into containers inside equipped saddle sacks/bags.
  • Bugfix: Disallowed PvP opportunity attacks on other players on PvE servers, except in spars/duels.
  • Bugfix: Removed double application of bloodthirst for archery on Epic.*