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This is a shameless, unofficial copy of the Wurm server release notes as shown in the news section of the Wurm client. The section headings are the date the server was updated; YYMMDD.

Please note that this page was not created by Code Club AB, so it is not an official document.


  • Upkeep should now be added as traders sell things instead of buys
  • Bloodthirst strength is now added in melee only and the efficiency depends on weapon quality level as well. It will be added in archery the next update.
  • Mail CoD prices were a bit miscalculated and were usually about 10 copper too expensive.
  • The Vessel spell now usually requires at least 5 favor to put into the gem.
  • The bug where creating items used up too little material was fixed.


  • The new religion code is now live. The change contains more spells, the ability to link casters, the need to keep your alignment in check by for instance taking confession or holding sermons. Most functionality is like before though. In order to reduce the incitament for everyone to become a priest, priests gain basic body and mind characteristics slower.
  • Some changes were implemented to make it easier on newbies like large anvil weight, fireplace heating and less-than-20 skill gain speed.
  • Bugs with vehicles/boats and entering caves were fixed so mounts and vehicles shouldn't get stuck or disappear. You've heard it before but this time should be different.
  • Champions can take more damage.
  • Secondary weapon attacks had a bug which made them attack too often. This has been fixed so test it out on something harmless.
  • A lot of other small changes and bugfixes were introduced that should have a positive effect on the game.
  • The reason that this is released a few days before christmas is so that we have time to detect any really bad bugs before the holidays. In any case, this update will fix more bugs than it causes.


  • When you lead or ride creatures they no longer should suffocate in rock
  • Domestic creatures should move more often between reboots.
  • The previous Mol Rehan server was upgraded to 16GB RAM yesterday and today we asked our hosting company to install 64-bit linux on the machine. When that is done we'll prepare the system a while then move wild there. We expect that to happen next week or the week after.


  • The bug where you could raise 3 corners of a road section by flattening was removed so that it prevents raising on all 4 corners instead.
  • The strength requirement to remove paved tiles was lowered to 20.


  • You may now buy premium time at settlement tokens for silver coins ingame. The cost is 10 silver, and 3 silver is returned to the traders.
  • You may now travel between the wild server and the freedom server using portals found in the capitals. On freedom there are portals in Samling and Freedom Market. The cost for using a portal is 10 silver coins deducted from your bank account. You can only bring no-drop and newbie items as well as coins in order to reduce local trade disruption. If you have above 50 in Archery or Fighting skill, those skills will suffer a 5% penalty. The reasoning behind these penalties is described in the web forum.
  • The bug where animals attached to the wrong vehicle when hitched was fixed.


  • There is now a setting in deed management that may allow anyone to put personal merchants on your deed
  • Skillgain for meditation should now be easier and more consistent
  • The rubberband bug got another kick
  • You may no longer allow people from opposing kingdoms to pass your mine doors


  • A bug where you could send containers via mail COD much cheaper than if prepaid was fixed.
  • The bug with small carts getting stuck at cave entrances was fixed.
  • We had problems with the shop and registration system being unavailable the last 16 hours but it is now online again.


  • Fixed a bug where riding out from a cave sometimes didn't show the rider
  • Fixed a bug where dragging a cart out from a cave seemed to make the passengers stay in the cave
  • The rubberband bug where you sometimes could not move after disembarking should be fixed but it could not be reproduced.


  • Various bugfixes: Using freedom portals, fat level decrease, creating grooming brushes and puppets now work as intended. The fat decrease bug was what caused creatures to sometimes die prematurely this weekend
  • Animal breeding skill was renamed to Animal husbandry instead. Grooming gives lower skillgain now since it was too high during the weekend
  • Erupting is now limited in various ways and moved to another level
  • Large carts are no longer lockable


  • Apparently people breed creatures much to gain skill, so we added another way to gain that skill for domestic animals: by grooming. You will be able to use a brush made from wood and wemp fibre on your creatures as they get dirty or need attention. Grooming also helps prevent disease and depression.
  • Your creatures may now (rarely) catch diseases. Now, please do not panic:) See how often or rarely it happens - it is easy to prevent. Diseases arise mainly from two factors: large amounts (three or more on one tile) of creatures in small spaces, and other diseased animals or players. Diseases cause them to lose fat faster and also to die after a while. To remove disease, put the creature isolated, well fed and groom it. If a creature needs to be groomed which happens after about two days, examining it will say "This creature could use some grooming".
  • The two meditation paths that previously was virtually impossible to find now is more available.
  • You can now create puppets to play with.
  • Skill decay rates have been drastically changed. You will now not decay skills until after two weeks of not using them. The accumulated skill loss will be the same.
  • You can now enchant things like buckets, loom, dredge and fruit press.
  • I found a reason that could have made creatures move away from grass. It is still unverified.


  • A few bugs that qualified as or were perceived as exploits were fixed - attacking through mine doors, twigging in combat, and climbing with a cart. Right now only the wild server is updated with these fixes.
  • I walked through the code that verify commands from the client. Not many holes were found - actually less than I expected.
  • I granted Wollschaf the wish of buckets using WOA when harvesting maple sap since he reported a bug with it. Rejoice!


  • Parts of the database on the wild server was rolled back to yesterday as the white light altar was destroyed because of a missing check on the server allowing it to be moved into lava. The effects of this is large on the server population so a rollback was warranted.
  • The server is designed to handle erroneous input but as this event shows there are situations that lack protection. As we have opened the client to send any command to the server at any time these types of bugs were expected and we are improving the protection. We do however expect you to report such errors instead of intentionally creating havoc since it steals time from normal development.
  • Regarding punishment: A lot of the players had a very good time because of these bugs and a lot of the GM's as well. It was done in the open and a lot of players dragged all sorts of items around. It caused commotion and excitement. I like that and I think most of us do. It seems to me the wild server needed some action like this. I rolled most of the damage back such as the faith and favor loss, but yes some people lost some skills including the people who did this. The intention was not malicious or egoistic but rather playful and it was done by so many players so there will be no bans for this.


  • The problems involving some misplaced items on the wild server was solved, and the items were returned to where they were this friday. No rollback was required. The wild server players received sleep bonus as a small compensation for the hassle. Please forward any remaining issues to Rolf.
  • Boat permissions should now be properly set on the wild server as you embark as captain on the ship.
  • Skill level 15 is now required in meditation in order to embark on a philosophical path.


  • Fixed a bug with hitching, failed to reproduce others. Hopefully it works now
  • Vehicles on mine doors should not get stuck in the same way any longer
  • A bug where an animal trait could get lost at a restart was fixed, also breeding timer
  • A bug with cooking and salt was fixed
  • There is now a /lives command for champions to show how many respawns they have left
  • A secret feature was introduced which will be announced more later
  • Kingdom animals should no longer attack innocent horses and the like


  • Priests with faith 40+ may now inaugurate other players with 30 faith as priests on the freedom server.
  • Large carts are now a lot harder to drag but they move 3 times faster when driven. If that still is too slow it will have to be increased again.
  • You should no longer be able to build walls on the other side of a wall.
  • Trap damage was toned down a bit for the most powerful ones.
  • Foraging and botanizing should start yielding more results.


  • Because they pose too much of a threat, the bear population has been declared to become extint on the Golden Valley server.
  • There was a change in the creature movement code in order to make animals stop entering buildings.


  • Some bugs player placement on vehicles was fixed. Driving into a cave still has a graphical bug.
  • Fixed a bug where liquids moved between containers lost data
  • Meat and fish filets now decay four times slower. As usual, add salt or move to a container to slow decay even more.
  • Added combat moves for freedom
  • You should now retarget someone who is embarking or disembarking a boat
  • Wooden mine doors no longer requires 21 strength to be placed so they may now be placed by most people
  • The fire effect from dragons now disappear
  • Piles now disappear when they contain few items
  • Non-aggressive creatures will now usually avoid traps unless they are ridden by enemies
  • Boarding vehicles no longer removes yourself from local
  • Female horse corpse models should show correctly now


  • Performing tricky actions when you are being attacked now makes you more vulnerable than before. This affects all non-combat actions such as tracking, spellcasting, bandaging but also actions that open you up for attacks such as taunting.


  • Raw meat now has the same decay rate as corpses.
  • Food now takes damage as you insert it into banks.
  • The bug where traps dealt spell damage against uniques was fixed. Traps will still do some damage on them though until next restart to gather information on the effect of normal traps in case someone decides to try.
  • Rope value was changed so that normal ropes that are very easy to make have a lot lower value while cordage ropes had its value doubled.
  • There was an armour bug when you hit a companion with an arrow that was fixed.


  • The old Jenn-Kellon and Mol Rehan home servers have being taken offline. You will not be able to log on to them again.
  • The old home servers accounts are migrated to the wild server.
  • The artifacts on the wild server have respawned in other places during this downtime.
  • PvP on the wild server is now allowed again.
  • The portals to the freedom lands have disappeared and sailing there is no longer possible.
  • The free settlement disbanding that was in place these last few weeks is removed so now you will loose half the deed cost again if you disband.


  • Planting mixed seeds now should work, making it possible to spread steppe.
  • A bug that affected some timing issues where for instance food levels dropped too quickly was fixed. It also affected mounts and in those rare cases you may end up being kicked from the vehicle or mount.


  • Nutrition level now goes down with every step when you fast.
  • Fixed a bug where digging on protected tiles was sometimes allowed.
  • You may now destroy locked buildings on the wild server without skill loss penalty if they are not deeded. If a guard detects you your reputation may take a hit but the skill loss penalty is reserved for deeded structures.
  • A bug that allowed you to collapse a cave entrance beneath a mine door was fixed so that you now need to destroy the mine door first.


  • If a ship can not cross the border to the next server, the client will now make it stop a few tiles from it. This should prevent throwing people out of their boats as it reaches the border, thereby preventing some drowning situations.
  • Market stalls can now be destroyed by their creators.


  • The problems where items and creatures suddenly went invisible until next restart should be gone now.
  • I destroyed most bears and wolves on the free Golden Valley server, but there are still a lot too many creatures making it a more dangerous place than it is supposed to be. Unless players manage to kill off these creatures we'll probably do it next restart scheduled Monday.


  • The chance to find salt has increased. Existing salt spots moved.
  • There are some changes to the requirements for destroying buildings which usually make you require 21 strength. These will be sorted out next update so that you can destroy your own buildings.
  • You were able to loose reputation while catapulting on non-pvp servers which should no longer be possible.
  • Road decay on premium servers was made a lot less common.


  • The release date for the Freedom lands is set to Wednesday the 17th 18:00 hrs CEST. You will be able to sail there, south of the existing home servers and the wild server. An FAQ should be available pretty soon explaining some other details.
  • The bug where boats no longer transferred properly between servers was fixed. Anchors now transfer properly with the boat as well.
  • The portals to the home servers from Golden Valley will close during the weekend.
  • Tower guards now only attack creatures that you have targeted or is fighting. So they will not randomly hunt any longer when you say "help".


  • The servers now run freedom code, which means that on the home servers it should work like it will on the freedom servers. The preliminary date for the freedom server release is on Monday 15th, so some large scale tests will not hurt. The wild server lacks the area of influence that home servers have. You should be able to duel but otherwise most things should be locked down now.
  • Some flattening bugs were fixed and it should work more properly again.


  • Gravel, slabs, planks and cobblestone now use a different algorithm to determine whether they decay or not. If they are not walked upon for a day or two there is a small chance that they will decay.
  • A hint on wishing wells: The value of the coin is the base when calculating the chance for the wish to come true. You may even be better off sacrificing one higher value coin than several small value coins.
  • Game masters may protect tiles such as roads from terraforming. This feature is supposed to be used on the non-pvp servers mainly.
  • If you change kingdom on the wild server and return to your old home server you will be kicked out from the village. Your old village will start disbanding if you are the mayor and it is not a homestead. If it is a homestead the effects are uncertain this update but you will probably be hunted on your own deed. In the next update homesteads will also start disbanding as you return.
  • Mounts will start changing speed due to traits a while after you mount now, in order to make it better for riding competitions.


  • Wurm Online is now 3 years old (the 6th)! As a celebration to the 3 year anniversary certain priests may now create wishing wells. Needless to say they have secret functionality.
  • An old bug related to creatures and items disappearing was found and dealt with.
  • Golden Valley players can no longer go unfaithful or unlawful
  • Golden Valley traders no longer sell deeds. You're not really supposed to deed that server but the existing ones will be allowed to remain.


  • Tower guards no longer automatically clear the area around their towers. You now have to manually write help or guards! in local chat and they will try to help you with your target or opponent. If you are not engaged or target a creature they will start killing off aggressive creatures at random instead. The reason for this change is that more often than not people wanted wildlife to stay alive nearby.


  • The finishing lag problems on the wild server lead to a bug fix where tower guards now hunt through locked house doors. I haven't received any reports yet but they probably enter through locked fences as well.


  • You should not receive those out of synch commands on boats any more. A lot of other bugs that were related to this problem were also fixed in the process.
  • Crocodiles now move like other creatures.
  • Free disbands are now effective. You will receive a new trader deed only once as you plant the deed again if you have a village size 10+.
  • The reason for the wild finishing lag was tower guards not being able to pass through doors, trying to find a way. Fixed.
  • Boat locks can no longer be used to lock large carts since that was unintended.


  • Swimming now works as intended and is required. You will start drowning as you approach low stamina - so be careful out there!


  • There was a difficulty cap before for skill checks which was removed. This should not have a big impact on normal gameplay but for high skills certain actions may have become harder.
  • Rank for banned players was reset. Villages where the mayor was banned have been turned into democracies so that you can vote for a new mayor.
  • Some bug fixes with creature breeding not updating their model.
  • Offline creatures now loose loyalty as if they were ingame.


  • Good and high nutrition food fills better again
  • Salt is more common and if included in meals will lower decay to half.
  • Raw meat and fish is now low nutrition and cooked meat is medium nutrition
  • Fat and nourishment (nutrition level) now has some effect on wound recovery
  • Dominated creatures now loose some loyalty when they are hurt - the more powerful the creature is the easier it becomes aggravated.
  • Boats now have a kingdom flag set by whoever mounts as driver. Current boats have their flag set to the current server. New boats from the person who creates them. You will be able to pick boats with enemy kingdom flag on the current home servers.
  • Fasting bug was fixed.
  • Flattening close to houses and fences now should be fixed.


  • Food changed. There now is a nutrition level that affects how soon you get hungry. You gain skill a bit better with higher nutrition levels in your body as well. High nutrition food decays a lot faster though so it must be more fresh than travel food. Good idea Joss! Hopefully this change will make life for newbies a bit easier but we'll see during the weekend.
  • We have gathered information about client cheats for a while. If you are one of those who have used modified clients you may email icheated@wurmonline.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and provide information about which tool you used. Instead of a permanent ban you will merely have your skills reset to max 20. If you decide not to email us, please offload any deeds and writs so that your fellow villagers don't get into trouble when you get permanently banned.
  • Found the reason why you can not ride newly bred creatures - they kept their childhood skills. New creatures that are born will be ridable.
  • Added debug functionality to try and figure out why creatures go invisible at times since I can not reproduce it on the test server.
  • A big warm welcome to all new players from PC Gamer UK. We hope you will enjoy Wurm Online!


  • A new client was released, version 2.6.21. If you experience problems with the movement keys (WASD) not working any longer, delete the old ones and log on again. The old keybinds are found in your Wurm folder/Config/whatever config you're currently using/keybindings.txt
  • Fixed a bug where targeting was lost as you mounted.


  • Most creatures will be better at detecting enemies in certain circumstances. This should affect for instance spawning towerguards but may make raiding a bit more dangerous as well. Thank you Drega for raising the issue.
  • You will no longer be able to lead away a creature dominated by someone else. Thank you Nosyt for this report!


  • Mounts move a little bit faster
  • Horse and foal corpses should start to have the right color
  • You will get the option to tracking without holding an item again
  • Breeding times were still too long and should improve.


  • With this update you get the sounds and music that Joss Sanglier has made for Wurm. Visit sanglier.co.uk to find out more about him and read his blog. Enjoy!
  • The movement code on the server was cleaned up a bit. It will solve or help find the problems that make you have to use /stuck all the time.
  • Riding was changed so that you can no longer ride on tiles that are too steep in any direction, so you can't just ride up or down any mountain. There will also be some slowdown while riding upwards.
  • There was a bug with focusing. You now need to be within fight distance in order to focus.


  • The new client version should remove some of the invisibility problems that have been prevalent for a while. There should also be an improvement for people who could not get picking to work. There are still some problems with "color bleeding" instead but we're looking at that as well. Thank you Pryath for working hard on this!
  • Carts are now dragged in the proper direction again.


  • This year the good ole easter bunny hides enough eggs for everyone. Starting some time on saturday around the world you will be able to hunt for you own egg. These hidden eggs will be gone after about 48 hours and then you will not be able to find them any longer. The bunny may also make live appearances but will not have many eggs to throw after placing the majority already. The bunny will only let premium players find eggs, since otherwise heshe promotes the creation of throw-away free accounts.


  • Some bug fixes for riding, especially at cave openings as a passenger. Still not thoroughly tested but better.
  • You should now only be teleported across the map when relogging on a boat and not for instance while on a horse.


  • Mounts and large carts are in! The large cart models needs to be rotated though and it will happen soon enough.
  • You can breed better horses. A saddle and horseshoes will increase speed.
  • Welcome the new client! Mainly Dashiva has done absolutely wonders with it! Thanks also to the other client team members - Pryath, Pidgeon, Kilean and Egal.
  • There was always bonus for casting dominating spells versus creatures. This bonus was removed since creatures are a lot tougher now.
  • The game now tries to determine whether you overkill someone for skill and will stop giving you fightskill for that. A few players who had exploited overkilling above 50 lost 5 points in skill.
  • You will no longer be kicked out of unlocked boats when relogging.
  • Focusing will be smoother in combat.


  • In melee, shields now block only once per about 10 seconds, which roughly correspond to the attack rate of the off-hand weapon. This should make the use of off hand weapons interesting again. It will also make it harder to fight, so beware. It has been too easy to solo things for quite a while now.
  • Combat distance is now the same for more actions. Before attack range and stance change range were different but it caused confusion. The new distance is´in between.
  • The penalty in enemy lands is temporarily increased even more now while the home servers increase their defenses.
  • Bashing walls and picking doors is now possible for players from enemy kingdoms on home servers. As is catapult usage.
  • Wild boars and gorillas now attack players from the opposite kingdom.
  • Creatures require less food overall.
  • Using teleportation twigs and rocks should be nearly impossible now in combat so don't count on it.
  • Corpses left on home servers by people from other kingdoms will now be lootable by everyone.
  • Breeding was disabled in order to find the cause for the lag on the Jenn Kellon home server. Pregnant creatures will still give birth.
  • You should be able to create saddles and girth now.


  • It was too easy to raid home servers of course. The negative effects of visiting enemy home servers have been increased. Kingdom animal spawns have increased. Enemies may now drain home server deeds.
  • The bug where you could drown on land was fixed. Swimming also drains more stamina now.


  • You probably and hopefully play Wurm because you like the game. You probably want to have a safe experience with slow foreseeable well tested changes. Unfortunately that does not fit well with the state that this game is in. We try to make that evident in many places, for instance in our forums and when you register a character. The dramatic changes listed below may make you want to quit Wurm. If that is so I am sorry but from my perspective these changes are needed since they push the game in the direction where I see the future and survival of Wurm. You may see the opposite. If so the future will tell who is right. Hopefully you will come back one day and try it out again - you are more than welcome! Before you quit though - stay and see what happens. It may not be as bad as you think. - Rolf
  • Overall fight skills were modified by a factor of *0.7 which means that someone who had fight skill 70 will now have 49. You no longer gain fight skill for killing players of the same kingdom. Before this modification, the approximately 15 players who had higher than 75 fighting skill were set to 75.
  • You will now start to drown if you swim too far without stamina, taking (admittedly weird) drowning wounds that heal faster than normal. These wounds will probably be replaced some day with a proper drowning feature.
  • Because of the drowning change. you may now move between all servers if you are a paying customer, visiting and raiding enemy home servers. If you die, you will be teleported to the closest wild server and you will of course loose all equipment where you died. There will never be a good moment to introduce this. I have tried to warn. We will see how bad it gets. It may give new blood to HOTS, who may access both enemy home servers easier because of their central location. If you see enemies approaching - change to heavy guards and change back when the enemies leave. Try to steal the boats from any raiding parties, gather up and annihilate them for a nice booty. Wurm home servers were never intended to be totally safe. I still expect them to be fairly safe though, especially inland and on the opposite side of the border to the wild server.
  • Lastly, you may start to create some equipment used for mounts. Enjoy!


  • The anticipated lair spawn rate increase is now effective. Creature lairs should become more common.
  • Corrosive traps are now improvable.
  • You now gain more fighting skill for pvp kills.
  • Removed the money bonus for joining MR.
  • On the wild server, setting KOS on a settlement now make guard tower guards hostile to that player in the perimeter as a way to make it harder for spy alt accounts. You receive warnings if you enter the perimeter while being KOS.
  • A bug where a trader could act like personal merchant and claim to be out of money was fixed.
  • You now have to either crush wemp and get fibre or pick the seeds from it! Whoo!
  • A bug with finishing containers was fixed.
  • Shield min damage was changed to 0.1
  • A bug with entering caves was fixed


  • Sculpting wands are no longer purchased by traders. They used to give 5 silvers for them even without charges, which was unintended.
  • Shield skillgain changed once more this time for the better.


  • Reconnecting now properly puts you back on the boat
  • Archery line of sight fix
  • Farming now yields more again
  • Shield skillgain is borked and nerfed to more reasonable levels. You dont get more skill the more creatures you fight now because the cost in damage did not make up for it.
  • Dropping link when you are under attack will not be a viable strategy any longer


  • If you are fighting and your stamina is close to 0 you now gain no skill. The fighting skill you gain for killing a foe is not affected. The reason for this change is to reduce inactive grinding against several harmless opponents. Shield skillgain speed was boosted 20%. Hopefully more skill gain speeds can be increased as a result of this.


  • The troll club strike has ended.
  • Critical hits were toned down in frequency by 5 and damage by 50%
  • As you loose a fatness level now your hunger is removed, resembling starving. Until you have no fat left.
  • Archery should check for elevation better.
  • The test client now has sound(!).


  • A lot of the hostile golden valley creatures are disappearing. A rumour is that they pass through the portals or are affected by them in a negative way.
  • Creatures shouldn't bash fences indiscriminately any longer.
  • Guard towers are no longer possible to build or continue on Golden Valley as you may have noticed. The guards broke the truce too often.


  • Shield skillgain was increased this restart. It may be increased even more next update.
  • More creatures bash walls now.
  • Fighting players from the same kingdom no longer gives weapon and fight style skill in order to avoid exploits
  • Undominated creatures on cave tiles with more than 2 creatures are now destroyed at boot because of starvation.
  • Kingdom towers can no longer be finished by enemy kingdom alts
  • Dragon scale movement penalty was decreased
  • Fixed a bug with kingdom royal level losses


  • Shield skillgain should work better. Shields now take minimum 0.2 damage per hit though so they should withstand max 500 hits. You may however grind on creatures better again. The cost is this shield damage and the time invested.
  • Rock sculpting is quicker, about 1 per 10 actions instead of 1 per 25
  • A bug with boat settings being lost when changing server was fixed. Boats will now allow all to board after switching servers since maybe you don't belong to the same village on the other server.
  • Paved tiles should now decay on the entry server
  • MR now receives 2 silver coins when using the portal on Golden Valley. Existing MR players also received 2 silver coins for correctness, and as a motivational perk. I am aware that this is unorthodox and sensitive. Try to see the good consequences of it though - it does mean more money globally. This bonus offer will end after a while.
  • There is now a player assistant window for new players where they may ask questions to appointed Player Assistants.
  • Archery should work again


  • Traps now disappear if the terrain becomes invalid
  • Same kingdom structures can no longer be destroyed with catapults on the home servers
  • Pruning now works for old trees, setting them back to 'start of old age'
  • New anti-exploit feature. It will be harder to grind archery and fighting skill off of alt characters now. You will only gain a certain amount of skill from fighting another particular player per approx 4 hour period. Until that period has passed you will have to find another player to fight if you want to gain skill. If this works well we will have to discuss what the next step shall be.
  • Some more village perimeter bug fixes


  • This update contains a new feature - traps. Traps work on player enemies only. Players from a different kingdom or a hostile village may fall victim of your traps. There are ways to detect traps.
  • Some suggested changes for wine making were implemented
  • Fixed some bugs with track
  • Wall damage should update better
  • A bug with sculpting wands where they drained charges but couldn't affect the terrain should be fixed
  • You should no longer be able to steal locked boats on home servers if you are of the same kingdom


  • A large change to registration and the server situation has been made - there is now one single entry server for new players called the Golden Valley. From there they use portals to get to the other servers. In order to use the portals they have to purchase premium time. Old basic accounts will be able to log on to the Jenn home server for now, but no new accounts can be created there.
  • Another large change has been made to home server settlements. They now have perimeter control. For a village this is 50 tiles, and for a homestead it is based on the size. Fences, houses and roads can not be built or destroyed within the perimeter unless the settlement specifically allows it. The reason for this change is to remove certain grief-like situations and relieve the GM team of the task of protecting fences.
  • Entry server specifics: If you buy premium on the entry server you will not notice it until you go through a portal to a premium server. You can change kingdom any number of times on this server. You can only bring 200 items through the portal. Trees grow at a higher rate on that server. Pvp is not allowed but both Mol Rehan and Jenn-Kellon kingdoms exist.
  • In order to become HOTS you now have to seek it out on the wild server. HOTS players will be beefed because of this.
  • We sincerely hope that these changes does not bring anyone down. We believe that it is for the best in the long run.


  • The large influx of players from 4chan is pressing the server capacity on Jenn002 causing it to crash. In order to avoid this the limit of non-premium players that are allowed on the server had to be lowered while we figure out how we best handle the situation. We suggest that as soon as you have decided that you like Wurm - create an account on the beautiful Mol Rehan server! Note that you will then have to pay for some premium time on the website in order to log on that character.
  • A bug with traders was fixed.
  • A bug where sending items via the ingame mail system to an unavailable server made the item disappear was fixed.


  • The chance for hitting the opponent of your target in archery was reduced