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151222 Renting, Marble Statues and Displays

  • Update for renting beds. Once a bed is rented only the renter should be able to use it for the next 24 RL hours (unless they rent a different bed, e.g. only one bed can be rented by one person at a time).
  • Added marble statues and displays for swords and axes.
  • Non-premiums players no longer block looting in PvP (added 23d Dec).
  • Added bonus back into decay rate for walls and floors when player is absent from server.
  • Removed additional (non-cooked) meat from hell scorpions.
  • Fix so flags and banners just show description (if they have one).
  • Made removing reinforcements to be never for enemies and unlawful players as was too easy.
  • Added the missing FUNGUS_TRAP, FUNGUS_SPELL, PAINRAIN and SCORN_OF_LIBLA keybinds.
  • Client: Fixed deed export orientation.

151216 Fix For Spell Keybinds

  • A bug with casting spells using keybinds was fixed.
  • Plotted courses no longer clear when the commander changes.
  • Chair names now display properly.
  • Fixed issue with unloading boats, which couldn’t be unloaded anymore.
  • Made it so you may not ninja loot your own corpse when enemies are around in PvP.

151214 Chair Shenanigans And Keybinds

  • Bug Fix: No longer able to pick up or load an occupied chair.
  • Bug Fix: You stand up from your chair when disconnecting.
  • Bug Fix: Chairs can no longer be driven due to weird circumstances.
  • Added safeguard for plot course allowing a person to swim across when their boat transfers without them.
  • Bug Fix: Renaming chairs works and keeps the vehicle-like display.
  • Grammar fixed on some special moves.
  • Disabled turning ON PvP Travel Blocking while embarked on a boat as a passenger.
  • Fix for new player kingdom being wrong when spawning on the Chaos server.
  • Keybinds for spells have been added. The names of the binds will be the same as the spell name in most cases (where spaces are replaced with underscores). The bindings can also be set up from the ‘Options’ within the client, in the ‘Keybindings’ tab
  • FILET key bind added

151211 Better Newbie Equipment

  • New players now start with a long sword and leather armour in order to get a better chance of survival and discovering the game instead of ragequitting due to being owned by a pheasant.
  • Fixed incorrect butchered cooked meat weight.

151210 Big Stuff - Spiral Stairs And Plotting Boat Travel

  • You can now build spiral stairs!
  • You can now sail between servers by plotting a course on Freedom and Chaos: Plot course – Allows you to set a server destination on your boat. Any server border you cross will take you to the server you set, as if it was linked. Proper warning messages are given for Chaos as a destination. Due to the architecture of the Epic cluster this was not seen as a desired feature there.
  • An old favourite returns: Added halter rope to lead up to 4 animals with single item.
  • Mailing costs were reduced by approximately 90% and the double cost for other servers removed.
  • Sleep bonus idle timeout option added. Sleep bonus will automatically turn off if no action or combat happens within 10 minutes. You can turn this off in your Profile.
  • Added possibility to sit on royal lounge chaise.
  • Updated server crossing messages so that they now tell driver and passengers what server and warn if you are crossing on to Chaos and if you have soon-to-be enemies in your boat.
  • Added the spell Locate soul to custom deities.
  • Added cooked meat drop instead of normal meat for hell/lava creatures.
  • Added charcoal drop from hell hounds.
  • Added possibility to put hot items into bulk containers.
  • Made Ram spawn on grass and steppe.
  • Made all chairs plantable.
  • Fix for permissions blocking sitting.
  • Two new shop signs images added. Tailor and Alchemy.
  • Fix for grass not spreading properly in some situations.
  • Fixed “add to crafting window” appearing on some chairs.
  • Fixed possibility to sit on chairs below water.
  • Fix for Dirt spell working on locked containers without permission.
  • Fix for permissions checking on unlocked boats about to cross server borders.

151202 Sitting Plus Client Memory Leak Fix

  • You can now sit on most chairs and benches thanks to Warlander!
  • A long lingering memory leak in the game client has finally been found and fixed. Thanks go to Mikael Nordell/Danoob for profiling opengl and explaining the solution!
  • Artifact power and recharge messages are now more accurate.
  • Added time until PMK titles refresh to Appointments window.
  • Added a bury all action, which will bury the corpse and anything on it. Reverted Bury so it only bury the corpse.
  • Fix so dragging a locked item into a container, does not change ownership.
  • Another fix to bashing damage for unfinished walls and fences.
  • Fix so splitting zombie milk keeps its zombie flag. (Also fix for zombie Zombie milk)
  • Removed the 10% loss on making scale and drake armour.
  • Fix for almost ripe messages on harvestable bushes and trees.
  • Fix so diagonal roadways don’t revert to non-diagonal version when dug.
  • Bugfix for time getting out of hand (as noted on Xanadu).
  • Added possibility to see slopes with trowel.
  • Fixed bury bind so it works on corpses in inventory. Added Bury_All keybind.

151126 Burying Improvements

  • Changes to Bury:

When you bury it will also bury all items that were in the corpse. You can now bury on rock and cliff tiles, but have to use a pickaxe. You can now bury in caves using a pickaxe too and last but not least… bury corpse action can now give rare coins

  • Fix for mine door permissions not changing correctly when deed founded over them.
  • Fix so clay will only lower every 50-100 dig actions.
  • Fixed bug that stopped mayor from setting rent on beds in houses.
  • Added check in so that if an animal is tamed, it can only be cared for by the tamer.
  • Added plant to trellis. Plus they will be able to be used indoors.
  • Fix so underwater mycelium will revert to dirt or kelp or reeds if not in HOTS kingdom.
  • Allowed mycelium to spread over moss (as can now plant it)
  • Fix so action queue can’t be used to bypass fatigue.
  • Fix for PMK titles not becoming available based on land control
  • Fix so if an animal is branded it does not check who last lead it. E.g. it always checks the brand permissions for branded animals.
  • You can no longer put locked containers on merchants

151123 Looms Fit In Wagons, Crash Bugfix

  • Increased the internal size of wagons so looms fit.
  • Fix for off-deed gate permissions so citizens of “xxx” will work (and allies of “xxx”) e.g. it correctly now checks for the gates owners settlement.
  • Fix so emotes on tiles work.
  • Missions that require you to drain permanent settlements should no longer appear.
  • Unfinished walls now take damage from attacks a lot faster.
  • You should no longer be able to plan fences and walls on top of unfinished ones.
  • Valrei quest items and treasure chests now spawn more based on map size, which means an increase on for instance Elevation.
  • Fix for server crashes (was caused by flowers.. flower-power!)
  • Update so ‘harvestable’ hover text can only show for trees and bushes are within the correct age limits.

151118 Smelter Live

  • Added smelter, holds 100 ore, fairly hard to make.
  • Fix so mycelium trees can revert to normal ones.
  • Settlement founding screen no longer indicates that 7 silver will be used toward the founding of a deed when a deed stake is used.
  • Fix for loading items that should not fit.
  • Update so you get a notification when you get the alcoholic title.
  • Fix so animal ratio limit is shown with correct number for pvp servers (on settlement info screen).
  • Use water when improving clay items with it.
  • Fix so manage objects is not blocked from r-click menu.
  • Fix so dragging items into an unlocked bulk container uses structure or village permissions as required.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
  • Wooden beams, marble, slate, and stone slabs can be stored in bulk containers.
  • Fix for flowers not spawning on grass tiles.
  • Allow anyone with modify building to be able to attach locks to it.
  • Added ability to plant signs and lamps in tile corners directly.
  • Update so client shows ‘harvestable’ when a tree or bush is.

151111 Lock Bugfix

  • Fix so enemies on PvP servers don’t get unlock option on building doors.
  • Fix so practice doll has to be on ground to be used.
  • Fix so mycelium spreads on pvp servers.

151110 Bulk container decay and nudging decorations

  • Fix for citizen group not working correctly for structure permissions. It was only working on deed, now should also work off deed.
  • Removed bulk containers 5% decay when its on a deed with over a months upkeep.
  • Removed option to “add to crafting window” for kiln, gnomes and lairs.
  • Fix so a non-villager can grow hedges using wild growth if have correct permissions.
  • Fix for unlocked attached boatlocks and padlocks. E.g. they are also locked when attached to something, this is to help with some going unlocked on crossing servers.
  • Changed so summoning a worg, removes any current pets. This should stop people have multiple pets after casting summon worg.
  • Fix so planted items are always moveable and turnable by the person who planted it.
  • Added more items to the list of items that shouldn’t appear in sacrifice missions.
  • Removed menu option to blow up a building.
  • Cobra King and Lady of the Lake no longer should show up as mission targets.
  • Added sanity checks for Hell Strength.
  • Fix for branded creatures taking on kingdom from brand (PvP).
  • Partial fix for chaos permissions. Feedback on what else needs doing required.
  • Fix so small chests can be unlocked/locked whilst in inventory.
  • Added gentle push/pull actions.
  • Fix so cant trade merchant contract on that merchant.
  • Fix so necklace, ring, bracelet, ball and chain will now form piles.
  • Added destroy options for bell towers and snowmen.
  • Fix so anyone who can manage a building can attach a lock.
  • Fix to allow most enemy actions in buildings.
  • Removed hunted status on non-home servers and non-pvp servers.

151105 Bugged fountains renamed

  • The legacy fountains inside smaller containers have been changed a bit. Their function is exactly the same as before in most respects but are named “unstable source rift”. These rifts will disappear in a bit more than a year from now. When they disappear any items inside will either end up in the container they are in at that time or outside on the ground if they don’t fit.
  • Rifts are made from magic and not from stone, so they can not be improved.
  • We will add features that compensate for the loss of most or all of the functionality that these provide up until then.

151102 SoTG icon

  • /tinvite command has been added. This command lets you invite a player to your team. The player who is being invited must have /invitations turned on.
  • Using archery target will no longer give double event messages.
  • The ‘Shield of the Gone’ status icon will now appear properly, like the other meditation passive status icons.
  • The /stuck command can no longer be used in combat
  • Throwing hot liquids was balanced
  • Zombie milk was balanced

151029 Birdcage, restriction changes

  • Fixed a minor issue with using tomes (for the first time), where it would check if you’re outside a mine, instead of inside.
  • Kings now have two titles: their normal king title followed by their normal title. This normal title can be changed.
  • Fix so kiln can be made indoors as not restricted them being used only outside.
  • Added display of signature for ‘fire’ items, and added creator for kiln.
  • Added sig for crates (as they were already on bsbs).
  • Increased depth that tiles can be paved.
  • Fixes for pvp (epic) permissions.
  • Fix for some minedoors not being able to be remotely managed.
  • Added birdcage.
  • (PvE) Auto-add some permissions when an animal is branded.
  • Added 1st tile of perimeter to Deed Planner map export.
  • Fixed bug in Deed Planner related to deeds being shifted one tile horizontally while exporting.

151022 Amphoras and Kiln

  • Added Large and Small Amphora and Kiln.
  • Possible fix for uneven creature distribution on large maps. Seeing the result of this will probably take a week or two and note that creatures usually don’t spawn in the vicinity of online players.

151020 Own mount attack fix

  • Allow settlement may pass gates work even if some permissions exists for gate.
  • Fix for feeling bad about bashing floors when you have modify permissions.
  • Removed possibility to attack your own mount on PvE servers.
  • You should now be able to invite offline players to your village using /recruit <playername>. The player should use the command /join. Check /help for reference.

151019 Item fixes

  • Fix for dragging unlocked small carts when you do not have an item active. Also applies to catapults.
  • Fix for clay containers.
  • Fix for rotating various items, e.g. large anvil.
  • Fix for config twitter for villages.

151016 Settings fixes and a Rose Trellis

  • Fix for unlocked off deed vehicles, so can command them.
  • Added rose trellis.
  • Added Plant and Take ability for Large barrels and Tubs. All existing Large barrels and Tubs will be auto-planted. This is so these bigger containers can be used to hold dye to paint bigger items (providing you have the strength). This is in preparation for removing fountain backpacks etc.
  • Fix for faster decaying buildings.
  • Fix for missing turn options on various items.
  • Fix so gates on deed cannot be managed by all citizens (unless they have the manage allowed objects permission).
  • Fix so dropping a locked item will not change its owner.

151012 Deity change option

  • Due to a permissions bugfix which balanced Nahjo the deity lost the ability to mine and cut down trees. We hardcoded those back for now while we consider options.
  • Allowed sacrificing on empty altars so that the actions can be stacked more easily.
  • Added sorting of players in categories in manage screen (except manually added).
  • When you ‘apply changes’ with someone with ‘manage item’ it will now auto-tick rest of options (except deny all).
  • Removed message (on PvE) about needing 1 guard to enforce permissions.
  • Made it possible to price iron keys.
  • Fix so you cant attack branded animal (unless have permission to do so) (PvE).
  • Fix so you can repair and improve items in your inventory whilst on deeds.
  • Allow moving items from inventory to other containers without checking for pickup permission.
  • Reset bridge id for creatures and items when a bridge part is destroyed.
  • Removed switch skill as an option. (staff <-> spear).
  • Fix for managing animals so deed “Manage allowed objects” works on them.
  • Added a check for PvE so that you cannot Tame/Charm/Dominate a branded animal without the branded deeds permission.
  • Spells lists are now sorted.
  • Animal may ride permission allows leading (and riding) anywhere…
  • Fix for loosing skill when destroying bridges parts.
  • Fix so branded animals (on PvE) cannot be sacrificed.
  • Fix so only certain animals can be given equipment (left option there for others with the hope of saddlebags in the future!)

151008 Brands fixes

  • Fix for branding vanishing…(although some may have vanished this time).
  • Fix so can lead branded animals if you have the brand village lead permission.
  • Added ‘pass gates’ as deed permission, which (should) allow the players with that role permission to pass any gates that dont have their owner permissions (if they are managed by that deed).
  • Disallowed getting hunted status on PvE.
  • Fix for unhitching animals from a locked cart (PvE).
  • Fix for picking locks.

151007 Permission Fixes

  • Fix for Nahjo flattening / leveling in caves.
  • Fix for allies in buildings, now checks the correct village (e.g. the owners village).
  • Fix so planted items can be turned by the person who planted it.
  • Beds with no permissions set, will allow anyone who has ‘may Enter’ on building to use it for free.
  • Doors and Beds may now be managed by anyone who has manage permissions on the building.

151006 New Permission System Live!

  • Note: We are working on fixing some issues with gates and mine door permissions
  • Combined kindling will use the default weight when making a fire (forge, oven, campfire).
  • Can now have a deed role for an Individual (non-citizen) role.
  • Deed plan now available for mayors.
  • Writs will vanish when examined / managed. Building can be managed by r-click or from manage menu.
  • You can now attach locks without having the key on you on PvE (was already like this on PvP).
  • You can now sacrifice keys when the lock still exists on same server.
  • Repair keybind should now work correctly on fences and walls.
  • Fences are now paintable.
  • Added missing text for deed settings.
  • Max number of branded animals is number of tiles / 11 (PvE).
  • Fixed face masks overriding the face protection that some helmets give.
  • Fixed leading animals who have a bridle equipped. You will always use the bridle to lead if it has one, even if you have a rope activated.
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t stop dragging items when you died.
  • Fix for player gods, so they allow flatten and level in caves if they can mine.

150928 Fix for cave suffocation

  • Reinforced cave floors will no longer result in dying to suffocation.
  • Fixed dispelling imbuements. Imbuements will now be properly removed when they are dispelled.
  • Fixed applying masonry ointments. The ointment should now work like other imbuements.

150923 Chat stuff

  • Made the same server trade message a bit more blue.
  • New command: /openchat takes a parameter for the chat type, can be a single char e.g. /openchat k

150915 Many chat channel changes and client update

  • Fix for trusted friends being able to loot your corpse.
  • Trade channel improvements. Added a colour to indicate if message is from current server.
  • Trade channel improvements. Added a colour to show the message has your name in it.
  • Trade channel improvements. Added server to message.
  • Fix for Village and Alliance text being wrong way round in profile.
  • Trade channel improvements. Added @<name> which can be used to replay to the specified person. Only shows for them.
  • Fix for trade channel reshowing when switched off (due to x-server trade messaged).
  • Added option in profile so can switch off getting start messages in chats.
  • Made wand of the seas create half the size islands in order to increase usability.
  • Added clause about attending the game when using keybinds in the game rules found at [1]
  • Made the same server trade messages a lighter blue.
  • Added server abbreviations for all trade messages.
  • Fix so the strength check for digging on roads is performed at start of dig action.
  • Fixed bug where we got more of same entity on the valrei map when reconnecting.
  • Moved character name to display before game title instead of after.
  • Added containers position remembering after logouts and for different resolutions.
  • Fixed wrong size of Valrei map.
  • Changed display default settings to make game start in fullscreen for new players.
  • Changed wounds sorting to make bandaged wounds go to the bottom of the list.
  • Added height display on hover when mallet or hammer is activated.
  • Added possibility to align player rotation with mount rotation (toggled off by default).
  • Changed border around items in character window to change color at any damage.

150908 Trade chat, corpse loot setting

  • Fix so Rams can bred.
  • Added Trade tab.
  • Added kingdom chat hide/show to profile.
  • Added global kingdom chat hide/show to profile.
  • Added Corpse Loot options to profile.

150907 Fighting between floor levels

  • Fighting creatures on another floor level is now blocked inside structures and on bridges due to a blocking glitch which occurred in certain circumstances.
  • The time stamp which was set when dechamping that blocked changing religion was removed.

150903 More Tower Guards AI

  • More work on tower guards to make them more responsive towards conquering.
  • Miscommunication led to Chaos being excluded from the increased loot yesterday. Fixed.

150902 Dragon loot tweaks

  • Dragon scale and hide loot amounts were increased on non-pvp servers.
  • There is now a pool for distributing dragon scale and hide pieces reserved for the more enabled characters with higher fight skill or characteristics and priests. Other players will still receive from the smaller pool and all players will receive blood as usual.
  • Unique meat is now protected from butchering.
  • Uniques should now bash mine doors more properly (was a bug).
  • A bug with Mine Door permissions remaining after destruction was fixed.

150831 AI fix

  • Fix for some creatures not moving in to attack properly
  • Fixed an issue where some merchant contracts could not be moved between servers

150819 Java 8 Client + Ingame Valrei Map

  • The game client now requires java 8, which is the latest available version from java.com. Download and install unless you have already.
  • There is now an ingame map of Valrei, the home of the gods (and a keybind for it).
  • Fix for shearing sheep.
  • Fix to make failing to make cheese consistent (should reduce the weight in all three cases)
  • A reason for not being able to remove walls considered to be supporting floors was fixed.
  • Fixed bug related to auto-selection of items in creation window.
  • Added possibility to repair stationary tools in creation window.
  • Added total weight value display on weight icon hover.
  • Added weight thresholds calculator on weight icon hover (100%, 75%, 25% speed and max weight).
  • Added inventory windows positions remembering.
  • Made wall collisions longer and wider so cant see through the corners now.
  • Fixed the hide Inactive Friends setting.
  • Added functionality to make private messages make a plonk sound and added an option to enable/disable it (disabled by default).
  • Selecting multiple items in an inventory container window will now show how many items you have selected.
  • Added a ‘DROP_AS_PILE’ key bind and have it appear in the keybindings tab in the client.
  • Reordering the the escape menu, added a new button Hud Settings and move a lot of hud windows toggles to Hud settings.
  • On main menu bar buttons removed all underscores and made the text lower case except the first letter.
  • Added word selection in text fields on double-click.
  • Added key binds for ‘WINCH’, ‘WINCH5′, ‘WINCH10′, ‘UNWIND’, ‘LOAD’,’UNLOAD’,’FIRE’ for war machines.
  • Fixed polish keyboard layout “select all” shortcut bug when typing letter “ą”.
  • Added character name display on game title bar.
  • Added wounds sorting in character window.
  • Added visible damage in equipment slots in character window.
  • Fixed windows height caching for minimized windows.
  • Added remembering of windows state (minimized).
  • Added keybind for toggle hud settings.

150811 Premium time Awards and Unstable test at Java 8

  • We have been looking at retroactively fixing the premium time awards and these should start ticking in during the next day or two. You need to be off the Golden Valley server for it to work. Rewarding will be a bit off but in general you will receive a bit too much. Also you need to still be premium for the code to detect the missing awards.
  • The Unstable client now uses Java 8, so if you want to use it please update to the latest Java version at www.java.com. If this works well the standard game client will soon be using Java 8 as well, so it’s a good idea to update anyways. The unstable client can be downloaded at http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_unstable.jnlp
  • Some issues with bridges and gates were fixed.
  • One reason for creatures moving through walls was found and fixed.
  • Fix to reduce bridge decay. Should not take any decay for a week after its been used.
  • Changed the QL levels between different bell sounds, as some sounds were not being played at all.

150810 Sheep and cheese!

  • Added Black Sheep / Rams / Lambs.
  • Can Milk (female) sheep now – and make feta cheese from that.
  • Can Milk (female) Bison now – and make Buffalo cheese from that.

150803 Crude stuff

  • Crude axe head added.
  • Crude shaft added.
  • Larger boats should now be easier to load from a few tiles away (cog, knarr, corbita, caravel).
  • A range check bug resulting in too short distance allowed when unloading crates from ships was fixed.
  • (Bulk storage) “As many as I can carry” should now leave behind partial items that can’t be combined once taken out.
  • (Fighting) Special moves should no longer show the activated item.
  • Fix so gates are correctly unlocked when a deed disbands.
  • Change so attaching a lock to an item only checks if you have a key if you are on a PvE server.

150727 Oven size, mycelium reverting

  • Re-sized the oven’s internal container volume so that cauldrons may fit inside of it.
  • Fix so mycelium will revert back to normal including grass, trees, bushes and lawns on non-pvp servers.
  • Added crude axe.
  • Adjusted volumes for shingles. Also made slate shingles slightly less dense.
  • Tower guards should be more responsive to enemies during conquering.

150721 Mainly item and structure fixes

  • Updated title for 90 NS as the old one was not very good.
  • Added rarity to the items text (and hover text) in mail receive screen.
  • Tower guards should now be more responsive when spawning.
  • Corrected some size values for seals that resulted in a larger yield of hides then intended. Should now yield 2x 6kg hides instead of 2x 15kg that it did before.
  • The fungus spell should no longer be able to spread mycelium to cobblestone tiles, and possibly other unintended types as well.
  • The valentine flowers should no longer turn into a marble planter when decaying.
  • Bracers should no longer hide shields when equipped, and will for the time being not be visible at all (the bracers not the shields).
  • Fixed an issue where the examine message for soup would disappear when splitting the soup into new containers.
  • Changed it so that Bulk storage bins no longer delete partial items when removing items from it.
  • Examining a timber framed door under construction should now show the materials needed to finish it.
  • Plain stone doors should now properly be shown as options when the house you are building requires a door and won’t let you build anything else.
  • Fixed an old bug where it wasn’t allowed to build upper floors on deed perimeter north and west of a deed when the structure was just outside of the deeds perimeter.
  • A rope is now part of the newbie toolset.

150715 Time to get Java 8!

  • We are adding features in the game client which requires Java 8 within the foreseeable future, so please get the latest version of Java at http://www.java.com as soon as possible:)
  • A bug with mine doors was fixed

150630 Collision fixes

  • Fix for being kicked as passenger
  • Fix for creatures escaping pens
  • Fix for pmk non-prem spawning on Chaos

150626 Repair in Creation Window, Breeding changes on PvP

  • Added possibility to repair tools directly in crafting window.
  • Tripled the ondeed creature ratio on pvp servers.
  • Foals now age a lot faster on pvp servers.
  • Reduced the breed wait timers on pvp servers.
  • The Rod of Eruption has been replaced with a Tome of Incineration since use of the rod was considered undesirable.
  • Fixed some issues with loading things onto boats.
  • Fixed an issue with grass height and flower data.

150625 Bridges and transportation

  • It should now be possible to lead creatures and drive/ride from bridges high up into houses.
  • Fix for teleporting when moving out from floors onto steep tiles.
  • Added in ability to see who planted an item (using examine).
  • Fix so items and creatures that were on bridge when it was destroyed, loose their link to the bridge.
  • Made wall collisions wider, to remove the see through feature.
  • If there is only one possible item to craft, it is auto-selected in crafting window by default (like sand+clay).
  • Non-premiums gives less to no skill in pvp due to some exploitability.
  • Chaos server: In order to deal with alt problems, non-premiums can only respawn in permanent cities and pmk capitals until a better solution can be coded.

150616 Item sizes

  • Fixes for setting weight and sizes when creating items from combined materials.
  • Fix for some notake items suddenly being possible to take.
  • Improved the newbie light a bit.
  • More breeding timer tweaks.
  • Changed bridge decay, so if its used the decay is reduced (a lot).
  • Infection in wounds were bugged and will now be a bit harder to get rid of.
  • The spell Ward should make more creatures flee now.
  • Walls no longer keeps their colors when set to plan or rubble.

150610 Valrei bugfixes and balancing

  • A few bugs that may have prevented Nathan from ascending were found, and he was ascended manually since Fo won this scenario.
  • Powers and vitality for deities on Valrei are now recalculated when receiving immortality. The calculated attack and vitality values generated that are higher than 6 will start at 6 and add 0.1 per full point above 6. So a value of 11 will result in 6.5. This will balance the playing field better. Existing deities have had their values recalculated according to this algorithm.

150608 Bugfixflash

  • Fix so chopping a tree down leaves the grass (or mycelium) at same length (except lawn goes to short grass/mycelium).
  • Fix for fsb and bsb becoming unplanted over server resets.
  • Fix so can’t dig at the end of bridges.
  • Fix so the max ql of floors and bridge parts is not restricted to 80.
  • In order to prevent various annoying situations, siege shields (and unfinished ones) are now notake and must be created where they are supposed to be used.
  • Turrets should now properly revert to unenchanted ones if dispelled.
  • Removed false disease status which occurred in certain situations.
  • Fix for fatigue going into the negative and blocking certain actions while mounted.
  • Bulk container double turn menus removed.
  • Scissors now take proper damage when shearing.
  • Fix for floor/roof damage using certain tools.
  • Blocked removing bulk items into tents due to certain exploitability.
  • Harvesting now properly using 100 item inventory limitation.
  • Exiting through a door with enemies players in local should now unlock it as well as when entering.
  • Removed possibility to change creator by dealing damage to items.
  • You can no longer tame creatures led by another player or hitched to a vehicle.
  • Hens and chickens no longer autofollow due to disease issues.
  • Summoned skeletons and wraiths should no longer attack same kingdom but other kingdom players.
  • Made it so newbie tents can’t be put into containers due to exploitability.

150604 Marble Planters! Removed Weapon Enchant Decay

  • Removed enchant decay on weapons due to extreme rarity but overwhelming impopularity.
  • Humid drizzle should now properly save the disease state when used so that it doesn’t reset on server restarts.
  • Added marble planters as craftables. Should function in the same way as flowerpots.
  • Possible fix for minedoors not opening for enemies trying to enter shortly after passing.
  • Skillgain for battle camp guards were brought in line with kingdom guards.
  • Fixed so water doesn’t get the rarity when tempering and improving.
  • Fixed so you now can select a player when hovering over their face mask or ring.
  • Fixed bug in skill tracker where the “show progress to next skill” button is always unchecked by default.
  • Fixed for client crashing with out of bounds.

150602 War machines and creature movement

  • Fix so ballista darts do damage
  • Creatures may now be blocked by doors when entering from bridges
  • War machines now work a bit better against bridges but still needs tweaking

150601 Mycelium spread and containers

  • Attempted fix for mycelium spreading to lawns
  • Changed display of received mail items, so can look in containers
  • Fix so cannot charm animals when you are not allowed to tame them
  • Merchants no longer may be threatened from another floor level
  • Relaxed the checks for structures blocking tunnelling
  • Allow fungus spell to work on lawn
  • Fix for deity loss due to alignment changes
  • A bug with faithful setting on spells was fixed

150526 Mycelium lawn absorbing

  • Mycelium lawn may now be absorbed again with proper bugfix
  • The leader challenge creatures and items were added on Elevation (and Duel Rings exist)

150525 Mail outside containers

  • You may now mail all mailable items outside containers in order to prevent C.O.D scams. Only liquids should be possible to mail inside containers.
  • Enabled DIG (and DREDGE) under bridges.
  • Enabled planting flowers/grass/moss under bridges.
  • Enable planting of thatch in buildings (so makes grass).
  • Made it so lawn off deed is less likely to revert back to grass.
  • Made it so centred trees auto-planting themselves will stay in centre on deed, and have a 75% chance to stay in centre if off deed.
  • Ignore structure permissions for bridges. E.g. treat it like the items were outside.
  • Removed the Scenario Point reward for moving deities on Valrei using Karma since it was considered an exploit by other players.
  • Modified the height requirement for ability items such as the White Tome of Magic.
  • Removed ability to Absorb on mycelium lawns.
  • Added in a way to get height above water when surveying (helper has to be in water).

150519 Models for unfinished staircases

  • Models for unfinished staircases and ladders were added.
  • Enabled renaming of bridges by the planner.
  • Fixed dioptra and range pole QL so they restrict the length of bridge planning correctly.
  • Fixed so emoting bridges (and floors) now works.
  • New staircase added called Standalone, it does not have a floor above it.

150518 Postfixes

  • You should now take normal falling damage again
  • Fix for creatures not pathing properly through doors etc
  • Fix for logging on to wrong floor level
  • New fix for drowning creatures
  • Creatures will now try to hunt between floor levels in a fairly basic way, using openings and stairs. Spirit guards will teleport more often.
  • The new collision system may have made some old inaccessible areas accessible depending on how your deed is set up when it comes to walls and structures. You may consider restructuring your deed in order to prevent such access. Proper roofs still collide endlessly upwards which means these can be used to prevent access from above.

150515 Freedom Permission Fix

  • Fixed a bug with house destroy permissions off-deed on Freedom servers

150513 Slew of buggies

  • Fixed weird fence gates
  • Fixed some wall blocking issues
  • Fixed extensive item piles being formed on bridges
  • Fixed dying sea creatures
  • Cart access bug fix
  • Vehicle permissions fix and ondeed stealing

150507 Lockpicking and a spell

  • Rotting gut no longer should give faith loss if faithful
  • Lockpicking no longer should give faith loss

150505 Valrei prize distribution

  • Most Valrei item prizes were split up in three with one charge each. There is only possibility for one Key to the Heavens, Wand of the Seas and Rod of Eruption each round still. One player may win more than one if lucky.
  • Should now be possible to convert to evil deities in HOTS template kingdoms.

150504 Wall removal and reputation for spell casting

  • Fixed a bug where you were required to demolish walls when removing tiles from a building
  • Some spells were not properly checked for negative aligned deites such as Tosiek when it came to village reputation
  • Kings coffers on Elevation were balanced

150430 Artifact balancing

  • New method for recalculating kingdom influences when a village disbands or a tower is destroyed.
  • Possible fix for breeding timers.
  • Fix for corrupt animals on non-PvP servers.
  • A fix of the fix of walls, now even more chance of not getting bad walls while doing construction work.
  • Champions are now limited to 3 per kingdom.
  • Artifacts will now drop upon death.
  • Artifact damage no longer stacks with enemy presence bonus, Truestrike, Hate path increased damage, Rod effect or Warrior deity bonus damage.
  • Changes to artifact charges: Artifacts still need recharging but the max recharge is 30 uses instead of 120. 10 uses are still removed automatically every week. Orb of Doom consumes 10 charges when used. Current items will *have their charges set to max 30.
  • You no longer can teleport when carrying an artifact.
  • Artifacts no longer deal critical hits.
  • Artifacts should no longer spawn beneath deeds or structures.
  • The Crown Of Might now has better protection stats and shields the face.
  • The Rod of Beguiling now weights half as much and gives 20% damage bonus instead of 10 (not always stackable).
  • Artifacts now properly drop on ground during controlled restarts.
    • The Eye of Vynora now will detect through NoLocate spells.

150428 Wall fix

  • Fixed an issue were some walls were created wrongly resulting in players being unable to remove them.
  • Global PMs are now on as default when you create a new character.

150422 Magical walls fix

  • Prevent people from getting trapped inside magical walls due to teleport lag by blocking casts when a player is on an adjacent tile
  • Prevented some overpowered spell combos from occurring for player made deities
  • Made only premium accounts count when it comes to deciding player made deity favored kingdoms

150420 Tosiek spell list fix

  • The bug where Tosiek spells never were properly generated was fixed. The list is randomly generated per player deity and new spells will be revealed as priests gain faith enough to use them. We let the requirement to join his religion stay at negative alignment since it is possible to attain even on Freedom servers.

150415 New Elevation map live!

  • The Elevation server is open with the new map. Good luck everyone!

150408 New Deity!

  • There’s a new deity in Wurm – Tosiek has ascended and became the first player in the game to found his own religion! There are people converting already. Some quirks still remain and converting is a bit of a gamble.
  • Some initial issues with alignment related to the new religion were fixed in this update.

150402 PvE missions bugfix plus anti griefing measures

  • You can now only spawn in the capital as citizen or ally if it’s not also the starter town
  • Archery towers now shoot kos players on pvp servers
  • A bug with missions generating on PvE servers was fixed
  • Happy Easter!

150401 Warmachine tweaks

  • The trebuchet now has a firing delay
  • The siege shield can now be pushed and pulled easier on pve servers
  • In order to create more land we lowered the ocean water level on most servers by 3-4 meters on average

150331 Valrei balancing

  • The Deities on Valrei now have the same start values.
  • Made it possible for the Key of Heavens to drop every scenario even if the winning Deity already has a demigod companion.

150330 War machines enabled

  • The Trebuchet, Ballista, Siege Shield, Spike Barrier, Magical Turrets and Archery Towers that were tested on Challenge are now live on all servers! Expect further tweaking as more feedback trickles in.
  • Fixed Epic mission names.
  • “Rumours of” typo fix.
  • Meditation path change delay of 24 hours added

150323 Minor Valrei fixes

  • PvE servers should spawn global missions more often
  • Vynora spam and demigods respawning fix

150319 Wall turning!

  • You can now turn walls!
  • Vynora is now properly set as Ally to Fo on the Valrei map and should stop generating missions.
  • Demigods on Valrei have been balanced. They spawned too strong initially and the code has been changed.
  • Removed ability for animals to be lead by using a mooring rope (it was letting multiple animals to be lead by the same mooring rope)

150313 New walls!

  • The new wall types are live: Timber Jetty, Timber Balcony, Wooden Wide Window, Wooden Canopy Door, Plain Stone Oriel, Decorated Stone Oriel. Enjoy!
  • 27 Cavalier Helmets were sent out to the 25% random Cavaliers of the winning Jenn-Kellon kingdom on the last Challenge round.
  • The poll for an Elevation Map reset has been finished, with the result of Yes [172 (68%)] versus No [78 (31%)]. Total Players Voted: 250. Like the poll clearly stated, this is not binding in any way. This is a very drastical change for those involved with investments in time and land and we will not take any immediate action or decision based on this but make a statement next week instead. Even if we don’t reset the map, we will keep doing more tweaks and improvements to how Epic works in the following weeks.
  • Rumours have it that Vynora is focusing on some sort of research and will no longer partake in Valrei Missions like before. Vynora followers are expected to do Fo missions instead.
  • Fix for minedoor permissions not working correctly
  • Fix so cutting grass under bushes will work
  • Some changes to the Elevation depot spawn with more variation

150309 Mine door fix

  • Fixed managing mine doors loosing people added when check boxes used
  • Fix so GATHER keybind will not work on mycelium trees
  • Fix so cannot GATHER on Mycelium
  • Epic cluster server web stats bugfix
  • Epic home server missions bugfix

150306 Some changes to Epic

  • Various changes to Epic missions like removing sacrifice domestic creatures missions, tweaking numbers required and modifying based on item difficulty.
  • Merged Epic numbers in who lists as well as stats pages
  • Made local list premium only on Epic as a sort of spy prevention (already was implemented on Chaos)
  • Wand of the Seas should now properly (only) work in deep water
  • Flattened some areas in the Elevation HOTA zone. It looks pretty ugly right now but is hopefully an improvement.
  • Added a depot spawning a few interesting items once per day in Central Elevation HOTA. First spawn in about 24 hours. A very limited version of the Challenge depots.
  • Added random treasure chests containing a couple of potentially interesting items on Elevation (toned down version of Challenge chests). Max 20 may exist at one time.
  • Changed some creatures on Elevation to use new combat system, for instance Trolls, Deathcrawler and Brown Bear.

150225 Boat transfers and hauling

  • Fixed bug where Select bar and Target bar did not remember if it was toggled on or off when logging in
  • Fixed bug in crafting interface with duplication of menu list in certain circumstances
  • Fixed bug where toolbelt arrangements did not save correctly
  • You now haul heavy things up and down multi storey buildings using a rope. You need to be positioned at floor openings.
  • Sailing across server borders should now position you better (not on mountains) when there is a difference in size.

150209 Modifying conquering

  • We are modifying conquering of Battle Camps which affected guard towers this weekend. The battle camps are a bit wonky still but we will sort them out asap.

150123 Combat Tweaks

  • Tweaks to shield bashing, dodging, and archery

150122 Shield Bashing tweak

  • Shield bashing should now work better. It is harder to bash heavier and fat creatures and defender body control also increases difficulty.
  • Dodging is now easier when you weight less and have less body fat.
  • Archery damage is now a bit more random.

150121 New Tapestries!

  • New tapestries are live
  • Fixed a bug with winching catapults
  • Converting mayors now check kingdom influence
  • Possible fix for dislocation when dropping dirt in a vehicle

150115 Tent issues, replacing missing boat locks

  • Creatures may no longer be tamed or dominated if they are led by someone else than the one taming/dominating
  • You should now always be able to pick up your own tents even if they are in water
  • You no longer receive hunted status from catapulting same kingdom on enemy deeds
  • Added to examine on boats with missing locks… “It looks like the lock has nearly rusted away, it should be replaced.”. Plus Added a “Replace Lock” as an option for players in above situation

150107 Achievement triggers fix

  • Many achievements should now trigger more properly
  • Ballista damage was tweaked