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Patch Notes 24-OCT-2023

Server Changelog

  • New: Halloween event preparations - event announcement and dates coming shortly!
  • Change: Rift Tweaks
    • Source crystals can no longer be added to socketed rings.
    • A hammer may be used on a socketed ring with a gem inserted to remove the gem without using all of the gem's uses
    • Artisan rings will now give an event message and remove the buff icon when depleted
    • Added Rift sickness information to /rift menu
    • Wave 2 has been rebalanced to have more diverse mobs (and less ogres)
    • Libila buff has been reduced to 1.5x mob spawns, down from 2x
  • Change: The creature limit on Cadence has been significantly increased
    • This means that more wild creatures will be around now
  • Change: Added a 10 minute cooldown to epic portals to fix a lockpicking skilling exploit
  • Bugfix: You can no longer found a village or resize a village near No Build Zones (Must be at least 20 tiles between perimeter edge and zone edge)

Patch Notes 26-SEP-2023

Server Changelog

  • New: New title has been added for 100 Butchering. Congrats Sleepys!
  • Change: Rift scout camps have been enabled on Northern Freedom Isles.
  • Bugfix: Light tokens can now be snuffed.
  • Bugfix: Socketed rings from before the rift update can now have a gem inserted.
  • Bugfix: Purchased rift reward delivery time is now reduced.
  • Bugfix: Bracelet of Inspiration will no longer improve the item by 1 quality point with their Moments of Inspiration.
  • Bugfix: Legacy Shoulder Pads that were made of bone are now changed to an improvable material.
  • Bugfix: Arrow bundles will no longer incorrectly warn you when the bundle is enchanted and you are adding an unenchanted arrow to it.
  • Bugfix: It is no longer possible to expel a mayor that is offline from a PMK.

Patch Notes 19-SEP-2023

Server Changelog

  • New: Decorative Ship item
    • Can be created using Fine Carpentry, by using a carving knife on a log
  • Change: Hammer of Magranon and Sceptre of Ascension skill changes have been reverted based on feedback.
  • Change: Action timers for creating arrow bundles have been decreased.
  • Change: Visibility range for unfinished items has been reduced on PvP servers.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the error where only the last spell being applied to arrow bundles would show when opening.
  • Bugfix: Arrow shafts can no longer be added to bundles.
  • Bugfix: Using horse bardings on animals should now result in the correct speeds.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where arrow bundles could have spells cast on them that should not be possible.
  • Bugfix: Strange bones can now be used on Rift rewards.
  • Bugfix: Rift rewards will now increase the correct skill when improved.
  • Bugfix: Rift sickness no longer depends on the rift being active.
  • Bugfix: The range to be able to continue a colossus inside a rift has been extended.
  • Bugfix: Continue chance on right click and on crafting window will now update with rift sickness as you work on a rift colossus.
  • Bugfix: Fixed combat log messages for acid and frost imbued weapon strikes not showing hit strength.
  • Bugfix: Fixed acid imbued weapons doing reduced damage.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Oakshell not working properly.
  • Bugfix: Fixed acid traps doing less damage than they should.

With the release of the new rift colossus there was a bug in the rift sickness mechanic where it did not reduce over time. This caused the colossus to be considerably more difficult to complete than intended.

This mechanic is designed to allow more players to contribute by making the colossus more difficult the more pieces you attach in a single hour. However the effect is supposed to reduce over time allowing continuous contributions.

If you encountered this bug and were prevented from contributing as much as desired we apologize for the inconvenience and confusion and we encourage you to try again at the next rift

Monthly Skin

The "Small Knarr" skin, available now on the Marks shop, can be applied to the new decorative ship item.

Patch Notes 12-SEP-2023

Server Changelog

  • New: Rift Update
    • Rift Colossus
      • Four unfinished colossus, one for each god, will be placed around the rift before it starts. For each part added to the colossus, the builder will have a chance to get a rift point (to be spent for rift rewards) or a rift material.
      • Difficulty of adding parts to the rift colossus has been cut in half.
      • Adding parts to the rift colossus will cause rift sickness which will increase difficulty of adding parts but goes away over time.
        • Players do not need to be online to reduce rift sickness.
      • A finished colossus will grant different buffs during rift combat, depending on which god it belongs to:
        • Fo - one random wound healed every minute, Willowspine is applied to rift participants
        • Magranon - Mass Stamina is applied to participants every minute, Frantic charge buff is also active for players in the rift area
        • Vynora - Excel is applied to all rift participants
        • Libila - Only fight skill and body strength will be lost on death, double rift creature spawns
      • Rift Points
        • Rift points will now be awarded proportionally according to damage dealt to the rift creatures.
      • Rift Rewards
        • Functionality of the bracelet of inspiration has been changed - this item guarantees success on a Moment of Inspiration when improving items, while being worn. Upon creating a rare item the bracelet gets destroyed.
        • Socketed rings now give different crafting and gathering bonuses depending on the gem used
        • Artisan rings increase skill gain for a skill you select up front.. These can also be recharged with rift points when it’s close to being depleted.
          • Depleting a ring does not damage it.
        • Shoulder pad functionalities have been changed, and their effects now are more varied, with some providing new buffs such as the Tank and Berserker affinities, respectively reducing and increasing the incoming and outcoming damage at once. Also reducing movement speed penalty in heavy armour and improving dual wielding.
        • Soul stealer necklace functionality has been balanced, now triggering only on stronger enemies
      • Unfinished colossus visibility range extended
      • Artisan ring will be enabled on PvP
      • Many Rift Items will now be impable and repairable
      • Many rift effects scale based on quality
      • Left and Right shoulder pads have been consolidated into one fits both sides
      • Removed land deformation on rift landing (will still remove trees and grass but will not create dirt from other tiles or make mounds)

Important Note: Only rifts that spawn the beam after the update will have unfinished colossus to work on.

  • New: Arrow Bundles
    • Arrow Bundles allow the player to combine multiple arrows into one item, so that they can all be improved, and spell cast on as one.
    • To create a bundle, activate a wire and right click a war arrow or a hunting arrow, then click "Bind".
    • To add an arrow to the bundle activate an arrow, right click the bundle, and click "Add to Bundle".
    • To break apart the bundle back into separate arrows, activate a pair of pliers, right click the bundle and click "Unbind".
    • Max arrow count that can be stored in the bundle is scaled with the players fletching skill. Min 2, max 41 at around 100 skill.
    • Arrow bundles have the amount of arrows appended to the name.
    • Initial ql of the bundle is dictated by the creation arrow. If an arrow is added and of different ql than the bundle, the bundle ql will change to the average of the current (bundle ql + arrow ql) / arrowCount in the bundle. Basically the same way bsbs do it.
    • You can have an MOI on a bundle while imping it. The rarity of the arrow bundle will be transferred to 1 of the arrows when unbinding.
    • You can mix arrow types in the bundle, war and hunting arrow counts are saved to the bundle.
    • Creating, adding, or unbinding, the bundle must be in your inventory.
    • You can add rare+ and casted arrows to the bundle, but their spells and rarity type will be lost. (You are warned at the start of the action, and have time to stop.)
    • Action time is variable and based on the quality of the arrow, wire and the fletching skill of the player.
    • The materials when improving a bundle is scaled to match that of the arrows added. 41 arrows means 41x the required log amount per imp action. This is only the material cost for the log improvement action, every other improvement action is the same as normal items, and there is not an actual difficulty increase.
    • Bundles can have spells cast on them, but are substantially more difficult to cast on. Be diligent when casting on them with lower channeling priests as they may shatter or get damaged.
    • You can cast any spell onto the bundle that you would be able to cast onto an arrow.
    • You cannot improve an arrow bundle that has more arrows in it than you can add.
    • You cannot imbue or use a rune on an arrow bundle.
    • You cannot combine bundles, you can only add arrows to them.
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Miscellaneous Items. Congrats Trash!
  • Change: You can now dye quivers.
  • Change: Changes to the "/suicide" command.
    • The functionality of the "/suicide" command is now part of the "/respawn" command. If you are already dead, the /respawn command will pop up the respawn location window as it does now, but if you are still alive, it will pop up the suicide window.
    • Text associated with this feature has been changed to be somewhat less graphic and remove any explicit references to self-harm.
    • Some text in the pop-up question has been added to include information about loss of skill and items.
    • The swirling visual effect in the client when dead is now a different color if the death was due to the use of /respawn, to differentiate it from the blood red swirl used when dying of wounds.
    • At some point in the future, the "/suicide" command itself may be removed, and it has been removed from the "/help" command, but for now, it will still function, with the same results as the "/respawn" command.
    • The purpose of these changes is to remove references to suicide/self-injury that are upsetting to some people. We trust that these changes will help alleviate that concern without removing anything of value.
  • Change: The "Bury All" action will no longer destroy any equipment the creature was wearing or wielding when it was alive. An exception is made for the huge shod clubs given to trolls when they spawn. For corpses of creatures killed before this change, this data will not be available, so it will instead skip destroying any horse gear.
  • Change: Artifact Changes
    • Hammer of Magranon now uses Large Maul skill.
    • Sceptre of Ascension now uses Medium Maul skill.
    • The Hammers, and Warhammers skill will remain in the skill list and be recycled at a later time.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the repair action on a paved highway bridge when having a pavement item activated.
  • Bugfix: Calling guards from the creature right-click menu now uses the same text as calling guards from the guard tower right-click menu.
  • Bugfix: Unfinished items that drop to the ground when finished will now drop at the proper location when placed on another item or inside a container, instead of vanishing mysteriously.
  • Bugfix: Having a spyglass activated no longer prevents Get Info and Freeze from appearing in the menu when right-clicking a tile.
  • Bugfix: Replacing a rune on a non-empty container is no longer blocked if both the rune being added and the rune being replaced have no impact on size or volume.
  • Bugfix: Large planters will no longer decay on funded deeds, like other decorations.
  • Bugfix: "Plant"/"Plant naturally" key bind now works on tile borders.
  • Bugfix: A warning will be given when attempting to plant a hedge or flower bed where a hedge, flower bed, or fence already exists, instead of the materials being wasted.
  • Bugfix: Stopped some light sources from reverting to their unlit model after being renamed.
  • Bugfix: The pirate's hat can now be improved using Cloth Tailoring skill.
  • Bugfix: Adding or removing a size rune from an item on the ground will now update its visual appearance immediately.
  • Bugfix: Changes to an appearance due to changes of its colour or the additional or removal of a glow rune will now show immediately even if the item is placed on top of another item.
  • Bugfix: "Dead" status indicator is now removed immediately after respawning.
  • Bugfix: Fixed stacking behavior of Vynora's Insight effect from Wellspring of Knowledge. It will now add to the duration of the effect if it already exists, and set it to the new power level if it is higher.
  • Bugfix: Corrected typo in examine text for normal cave exits.
  • Bugfix: Corrected the weight of scrap material when creating a crude canoe, as well as the felled tree minimum weight in the crafting recipes list.
  • Bugfix: Material weight has been added to the crafting recipes list in some cases where it was missing.
  • Bugfix: Chat responses from tower guards are no longer doubled when calling for help in chat.
  • Bugfix: Actually change kingdoms on PvP servers when swapping faith to a religion your kingdom does not support.
  • Bugfix: Players will now properly keep faith when swapping faith to Libila and subsequently converting to HoTS on pvp servers.
  • Bugfix: Planting an item on a tile corner bordering a village should now always place the item in a location considered within the village's borders. Note that this change does not apply to any items that have already been planted.
  • Bugfix: Fixed very long item names getting shortened in some situations.

Client Changelog

  • Change: Repetitive event messages sent within a short time frame of each other will now be condensed to prevent spam
    • In the event tab, if a new message is identical to the last message and was sent within 1 second of it, they will be condensed to one line with a counter. For example, if you try to drag a stack of 17 invalid items to a food storage bin, the event log would have one line reading "Only raw, unprocessed items can be stored in the food storage bin. (x17)".
    • If a new on-screen message is identical to an existing on-screen message, the existing message's timer will be reset instead of a new message being added, to prevent flooding the screen with identical messages.
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing name of unpaved, unreinforced cave exits.
  • Bugfix: Fixed flashing the wrong inventory items when moving slowly due to high inventory weight. It will now always highlight the heaviest item currently visible in your inventory window. The inventory itself, inventory groups, and body parts will be skipped if their contents are expanded, preferring to highlight their actual contents.
  • Bugfix: Fixed "ALT: Details" text not appearing in item tooltips if the item can be repaired but there is no "default action" key binding to display for repairing.

Patch Notes 15-AUG-2023 and August's Monthly Skin

This month's monthly skin is the Sol Shield, inspired by everyone's favorite fiery sky sphere. It's available on the Marks loyalty shop now, and it can be applied to any medium metal shield item.


  • Change: Removed deed war bonus from being applied when on a PVP server for purposes of combat.
  • Bugfix: Examining a vehicle that isn't a boat will no longer tell you that it doesn't have a course plotted.
  • Bugfix: The "Take" option has been removed from marble brazier pillars, since it was already impossible to pick them up due to their weight.
  • Bugfix: Repairing an item is no longer blocked by the target item, or activated item, being ground-use-only, such as a wine barrel or large anvil.
  • Bugfix: Corrected buggy pluralization grammar for some unfinished items, such as "the colossus needs" instead of "the colossus need".
  • Bugfix: Harvesting crops from a field will no longer allow a player to go over their inventory weight or item count limits.
  • Bugfix: The name of the creature being led is now displayed properly in breeding failure messages when it is not in the mood to breed.
  • Bugfix: "Mine Other Vein" village permission is now required in order to mine rock salt veins.
  • Bugfix: Fixed client download link in the registration email
  • Bugfix: Fixed plurals for amphora.
  • Bugfix: Amphorae are no longer loadable - the change has been reverted until a proper fix for the loading is implemented.

Patch Notes 02-AUG-2023

Server Changelog

  • Change: Large amphoras are now loadable
  • Bugfix: Fixed an exploit related to meditation path swap
  • Bugfix: You may now place weapons into tower guards hands again
  • Bugfix: Buildings now correctly update their final build state when an added plan frame is removed by a player lacking the required skills to construct the extension

Patch Notes 18-JUL-2023

Server Changelog

  • Change: Tich Marble Frags found via archaeology will be changed to be metal.
  • Bugfix: Campfires will no longer turn immediately to ash when snuffed.
  • Bugfix: Erupt and Freeze permissions are now consistent and both now only require sorcery permissions on a village to cast.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: You can once again bind mouse keys with quick binds.
  • Bugfix: Fixed all Jackal skins and metal staff not showing correctly.

Patch Notes 13-JUL-2023

Server Changelog

  • Change: Tich Marble Frags found via archaeology will be changed to be metal. This one did not make it in todays patch, it will be in on Tuesday.
  • Bugfix: Fixed crashing issues when using the crafting window for bridges and planned walls/roofs.
  • Bugfix: Campfires will now revert to Ash and will disappear completely after they have burned out.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Hover keybinds will no longer accept invalid keys, any broken/invalid keybinds people have accidentally bound will be removed next client launch to resolve issues people have been having from them.

Patch Notes 04-JUL-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Storing rare or enchanted items inside bulk containers is impossible again.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue of not getting skillgain when meditating, if you didn't have a path.
  • Bugfix: Fixed examine text for unlit fires.
  • Bugfix: Fixed creating canoes that caused constant refreshing or crashing.

Update Post and Patch Notes 30-JUN-2023, and July's Monthly Skin!

Before listing the patch notes today, we wanted to take a moment and talk a bit about the changes and new things coming with this update.

The New Silver Shop

In the Silver Shop, you’ll now be able to purchase items from anywhere in the world and at any time that previously were available only by trading with Traders. You’ll also notice a few fun new ones! You can find the silver shop in the Menu Bar under the Shop tab. In the Skins tab, you'll find a rotation of previously released skins available for purchase again! The Services tab is where you’ll find Meditation and Deity changes and a one-time option for an extra hour of sleep bonus and an extra care slot for your critters. Please note that this is the same as buying them with Marks, and if you have already purchased them in that way you can not purchase them again. Traders already placed on a deed will remain as a testament to the game's history, and any existing discounts tied to your deeds will still be applicable. As we progress, items available in the shop will also include those that offer discounts on deeds, fostering an even playing field for new players. Traders will remain available for purchase until July 17th, so seize the opportunity to invest in the future of your deeds while you still can.

A Fresh New Look for the Website!

Today is also the release of our new website! We're working on freshening things up and bringing a brand new feel to our website. Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress, and will have many more features in the future. Please also note that some of these images are placeholders and will likely change over the next few weeks as we settle down from this update.

What kind of features are we planning, you ask? Here's a few! We will be working on be adding a dedicated community page to the website showcasing player-generated content, statistics, high-scores, and more. This community hub will offer newcomers a glimpse into the vibrant world of Wurm Online. We're also developing a character dashboard to manage all your accounts from one place and share your character stats(opt-in). While these feature aren't quite ready, be on the lookout for them! We will provide dates a bit closer to their completion on when you can expect them to go live.

July's Monthly Skin!

We have been so busy behind the scenes preparing for this update, we ran late on releasing June's Monthly Skin and are going to skip right to releasing this one for July instead. We apologize for missing a month, and will make sure to keep up the schedule going forward.

July’s “Trusty Axe” skin gives your Small Axe a lovely leather wrapped handle detail! Available through the month of July in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Small Axe to give it a unique and fancy look!

A New Way to Redeem Keys

You'll now find an option under "Interface" to paste your key codes, making the process much easier!

Now Craftable: The Crude Canoe!

Meant to be an easier way of traveling around for newer players, though many older players may also find ways to make these easy-to-create boats useful!

All that is needed to create the canoe is an axe, a carving knife, and a wood source. Create the unfinished canoe using an axe on a felled tree, and then add an oar, two logs, and six pegs to complete it! These boats are meant to be short-term travel options though, and cannot be improved or repaired. Crude Canoes will always decay, even on deed.

Another Round of Clarification Messages!

Another slew of clarification messages is going in with this update, and it’s just as long as the first! From breeding animals to fueling furnaces, or practicing your archery to using spells and runes, messages in event will be even clearer. Some examples:

  • When breeding: “The Young Bison doesn't seem to be in the mood right now: She is far too juvenile.” No need to wonder anymore whether age, hunger, or anything else is the problem.
  • When fueling a furnace: “The forge is now burning as hot as it can get.” To prevent over fueling.
  • When missing your target during archery: “The war arrow lands in the tall grass” or “The hunting arrow hits an overaged birch tree”. This may help find lost arrows.
  • Fo’s “Refresh” spell is now “Second Wind” and will more clearly state its effect on the target; “You restore <Target name>'s stamina.”
  • Glow runes will now specify whether they glow Faintly, Moderately, or Brightly rather than Slight, Okay, and Decent.

These are only a few examples. Check out the full list on the forums here:

Click here to see the Event Message List

Alchemy Cupboard Changes

Previously, Alchemy Cupboards only held 10 small pottery flasks for storing liquids... but now they’ll be able to hold a lot more!

  • Flasks will become Measuring Flasks instead, with the ability to set their volume like a measuring jug (up to 5 liters) and the option to seal or unseal them freely without needing a peg or sealing kit.
  • Basins can store 60 liters of of liquid and can be sealed with wax sealing kits
  • Storage Cabinets can store any kind of bulk item (food and non-food) and can be locked (including quality locks being set), but they do have a much smaller capacity than a food or bulk storage bin.
  • Existing alchemist's cupboards will automatically gain these additions without losing anything currently stored in them.

And Now... The Patch Notes!

Server Changelog

  • Bug fix: Meditation path advancement timers will now properly update their displayed skill level when you gain skill during a play session.
  • Change: Changes to Holy Sites
    • Dogs have been added to the creature spawn pools for Magranon holy sites.
    • Donkeys have been added to the creature spawn pool for Magranon sand (obelisk) holy sites.
    • Holy sites can now spawn creatures over a wider area around the holy site than they could before.
    • Random holy site spawns can now include hostile creatures under more circumstances when they previously would not. Specifically, there is a chance to allow a hostile creature to be spawned if the spawn location is outside the boundary of the holy site itself, and has a greater chance with increasing distance from it.
    • Chance to get a map hint is now increased by your current Faith Bonus and altar rarity when praying or preaching, by the number of valid sermon listeners when preaching, and by rug rarity and meditation path level when meditating. Chance is also increased significantly if you are meditating on a special tile for your meditation path (this is not a new change, but may not have been adequately expressed in previous patch notes). This should result in hints being a bit more common going
  • Bug fix: Corrected very large material weights showing incorrectly in the crafting recipes list.
  • Bugfix: Tunneling will now correctly check for side shafts
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where it would sometimes tell you about having left and rejoined freedom isles influence when resizing villages.
  • New: You may now redeem game keys from an option on the Interface menu dropdown.
  • New: Early Game Boat - The Crude Canoe!
    • This type of boat is very easy to create, and can be crafted in the wild using nothing more than any axe or saw, a carving knife, and a source of wood.
    • To create, start by using any kind of axe, hatchet, or saw on a felled tree (TODO: weight), then add an oar, two logs, and six pegs.
    • To aid in this, oars can now be created using a carving knife.
    • Crude canoes travel a bit more slowly than a small rowing boat, and cannot hold any cargo.
    • As they are intended for short-term use and are simple to create, crude canoes cannot be improved or repaired, and will always decay, even on deed.
    • Unlike other vehicles, crude canoes do not need to be over 10 QL to function.
    • Decay will not destroy a crude canoe while it is being piloted, but the extreme damage will cause a minor decrease in its speed.
    • Crude canoes can have up to 1 passenger in addition to the captain.
  • Change: Alchemist's cupboards have been significantly improved:
    • Vials have been renamed to "measuring flasks", can have their volume set like measuring jugs (up to a maximum of 5 liters), and can be freely sealed or unsealed without needing a peg or sealing kit.
    • Each alchemist's cupboard now contains two basins and four storage cabinets.
    • Each basin can store 60 liters of liquid and can be sealed using a wax sealing kit.
    • Each storage cabinet can store any kind of bulk item (food or non-food), and can be locked and have a quality lock set, but also has much smaller capacity than a food storage bin or bulk storage bin.
    • Existing alchemist's cupboards will automatically gain these additions without losing anything currently stored in them.
  • Change: Containers with adjustable volume can now have their volume set with liquids inside, as long as the volume being set could still hold all that liquid.
  • Change: Many warning, error, and other messages changed for the sake of clarity:
    • Color, glow, farming, enchant success, and spell rune effect descriptions.
    • Failure messages when hitching or unhitching creatures
    • Failure messages when attempting to move or drop items that cannot be dropped
    • Failure message when attempting to install a stone or metal mine door without enough Mining skill
    • Failure messages when moving items into the wrong type of bulk container
    • Failure messages when attempting to give a creature items it cannot equip
    • Unclear or missing messages in archery, especially when arrows or thrown objects miss their targets or break.
    • Messages when a creature is not in the mood to breed, with specific reasons given if Animal Husbandry skill is at least 15
    • Failure message when casting a spell that still has a cooldown timer active (the time given is now more precise)
  • New: Crafting success chance is now given under more circumstances, not just creating a new item:
    • Continuing an unfinished item
    • Creating a healing cover (requires 30 Natural Substances skill)
    • Creating transmutation liquid
    • Continuing a fence
    • Success chance is now shown when hovering over the "Create" or "Continue" button with the mouse in the crafting window, whenever crafting is possible but a chance for failure is present.
  • Change: Some minor quality-of-life improvements have been made to the process of creating transmutation liquid:
    • You can now activate the liquid or its container and right-click the solid or its container, rather than having to specifically activate the liquid and right-click the solid's container.
    • If the solid is not in a pottery amphora, attempting to mix the ingredients will give an appropriate failure message, instead of the option not appearing at all in the right-click menu.
    • You can now create transmutation liquid even if one of the containers is on the ground, as long as you could carry any weight that would be added to your inventory.
    • You can now create transmutation liquid inside large amphoras in addition to small amphoras.
  • Change: The spell "Refresh" has been renamed to "Second Wind" in order to differentiate it from the Path of Love "Refresh" ability. The spell itself has not been changed, only the name.
  • Bug fix: Unexpected destruction of a creature cage will now cause the creature to escape properly instead of getting stuck in limbo.
  • Bug fix: Loading a creature into a creature cage is now blocked if the cage is above 80 damage, since that amount of damage would cause the creature to be dumped back out anyway.
  • Bug fix: Corrected some messages shown when dragging items from a creature (or saddle bags) to a container and failing.
  • Bug fix: Erroneous "too unruly" message is no longer given when trying to drag items to saddle bags that contain too many items already.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bee smokers sometimes not allowing you to add more fuel even if there was some space left for more.
  • New: Dragging equipment to empty space in the creature's equipment window will now attempt to automatically equip it to the right body slot, as if you had dragged it to the creature itself.
  • Change: Branded creatures may now be renamed by anyone with both "Manage Item" permissions for the creature and "Brand" permissions in the village, not just the village mayor.
  • New: Combat wound messages are now shown to players near the defender as well as creatures near the attacker.
  • Change: Changed small metal shield name, so it will read, for example, "small iron shield" instead of "small iron metal shield".
  • Bugfix: Running custom timers will now resume with the appropriate time remaining after quitting the game and launching it again later.
    • For example, if you have a custom timer running with 8 minutes remaining when you quit the game, then log in again 5 minutes later, the timer will start running automatically with 3 minutes remaining.
  • New: Adding fuel to a furnace, lamp, bee smoker, or anything else that burns fuel, will now send a message if it has been brought to maximum fuel capacity or temperature.
    • This message is given to everyone in the immediate vicinity of the item, unless it is being held in a player's inventory, in which case only they will see the message.
  • Change: Descriptions given when examining burning fires have been improved:
    • Normal temperature descriptions such as "searing hot" have been removed, since for fires they are redundant.
    • Two additional descriptions have been added for when a fire is at extremely high temperatures, at thresholds where the fire is hot enough for items inside to reach "glowing brightly" and "glowing white-hot" respectively.
    • At over 20 Firemaking skill, an estimate of how long a furnace will continue burning is given. More information, and more precise times, are given at higher skill levels. Note that these are only estimates, as many factors influence how long a fire will burn. This applies to ovens, forges, kilns, smelters, campfires, and stills.
  • Change: Dragging small carts, vehicles, or other items is now a bit more convenient:
    • The amount of weight you are carrying on your body/inventory no longer contributes excessively to stamina loss when dragging things.
    • Stamina loss now properly calculates the weight of bulk items stored inside the item being dragged.
    • Movement speed is now a bit faster than before when dragging small carts, crude canoes, and rafts, and a bit slower than before when dragging large ships (corbitas, cogs, knarrs, and caravels).
    • Movement speed penalties from dragging (and some other sources) now stack with movement penalties from carried weight in a far less punishing manner.
    • Crude canoes, small rowing boats, and small sailing boats can now be dragged over land at any height, but with a penalty to speed, and a significant penalty to stamina drain from any weight stored in the boat.
    • Creating items from a felled tree can now be done when the felled tree is on the ground.
    • If either the item or the scrap created with it cannot fit into your inventory due to weight or item count limits, it will drop to the ground instead.
    • Creating items from the felled tree will be prevented if you do not have appropriate permission to pick up the tree.
  • Change: Medium axes and axe heads have been renamed again, this time to "large axe" and "large axe head", to be consistent with the skill the weapon uses, and their descriptions have been changed to reflect this.
  • Change: Black ink can no longer be drunk. While cephalopod ink is perfectly edible in real life, the potential to misclick and accidentally chug your ink when attempting to fill your pen was simply too high.

Patch Notes 23-MAY-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Meditation and faith gain counters in the new server-controlled timers now properly show how many you have left instead of how many you’ve already done.
    • The meditation path advancement timer is now more clear in its name and hover description about whether or not you have enough skill to advance to a new path level.
  • Bugfix: Meditation cooldown will reset correctly when a new day starts.
  • Bugfix: Temperature state text in item hover descriptions has been improved and should no longer overlap other text.
  • Bugfix: Priests can now quench hot items.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where animals crossing servers would disappear.
  • Bugfix: Missions will no longer sometimes show an incorrect amount of karma rewarded for participation following a server reboot.
  • Bugfix: Progress toward the “Hold 100 Sermons” journal goal has been fixed.
  • Change: The new quality lock system has been improved: If a maximum quality is set, only items under that quality will be allowed, instead of items equal to or under that quality. For example, if a container is set with a minimum of 90QL and a maximum of 100QL, 100QL items will no longer be allowed. This change should allow you to set proper ranges on multiple bins without having to worry about any accidental overlap, especially with 100QL items.
    • Text has been changed in several areas to make this change clear.
    • You may wish to double-check your existing quality-locked containers in order to make sure their settings reflect what you want after these changes.
  • Change: Missions asking for the creation of guard towers will now give credit for any guard tower built, regardless of type or kingdom.
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Weapon Heads Smithing. Congrats Aetherwalker!
  • New: Added missing titles for 3 skills:
    • Blade Smithing
    • Weapon Head Smithing
    • Trebuchets

Patch Notes 09-MAY-2023 and May’s Monthly Skin!

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: You are no longer able to cast dirt in bulk storage bins that are inside a bulk container unit.
  • Bugfix: Fixed text errors when examining fortified coffee.
  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong description when examining fermenting whisky.
  • Bugfix: Fixed empyrean item creation related achievements.
  • Bugfix: Fixed error-prone behavior when sailing between servers near the corners of the map.
  • Bugfix: Founding a settlement now only checks for water on the actual tile the settlement token will be on, instead of checking tiles to the northwest of it, and the error message given has been updated to reflect this.
  • Bugfix: Duplicate sizes in missions and some other places have been fixed, such as “small small mauls” or “large large anvils”.
  • Change: Quality locks on bulk containers have been significantly improved:
    • You can now set minimum allowed quality in the container, the maximum, or both, by right-clicking the container, then clicking “Permissions” followed by “Set Quality Lock”.
    • The highest minimum quality you can set is now determined by the quality level of the lock, rounded up to the nearest whole number. Previously, the lock quality was rounded down.
    • Maximum quality allowed in the container is not restricted and can be any whole number up to (and including) 100.
    • Existing quality locked containers will keep their current minimum quality when being switched to this new system.
  • Change: Items can now be smelted at any temperature at or above “glowing hot” instead of an unlabeled temperature above that threshold, and a message is now sent to the event tab when you smelt an item. The option will also appear in the right-click menu regardless of temperature.
  • Change: Items now have two more temperature categories beyond “glowing” in order to make it more clear when items are at a very high temperature. Instead of simply “glowing”, items can now be “glowing dimly”, “glowing brightly”, or, when near maximum temperature, “glowing white-hot”.
  • New: Added the ability to quench hot items in liquid to cool them down.
  • New: A new item, the Large pantry cupboard, has been added to make storing your food ingredients easier!
    • This functions similarly to the bulk container unit, but for food. It contains four pantry shelves, each of which is equivalent to a food storage bin.
    • It is built similarly to the bulk container unit as well, requiring 1 handful of large nails, 3 wooden beams, 6 planks, and 4 food storage bins.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Being drunk will no longer break Item Tags
  • Change: Added confirmation window for when rare+ liquid is being split into a smaller containers.
  • Bug fix: Removed reference to non-premium account deletion in Steam store.

Monthly Skin

May’s “Harrowing Halberd” skin has sharp pointy things on a stick… an all time classic! Available through the month of May in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Halberd to give it a unique and fancy look!

Patch Notes 25-APR-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bug fix: Wax sealing kits now have their quality and damage set properly when a container is unsealed.
  • Bug fix: Placing a smaller item on a larger item (such as an anvil), then picking up the larger item, will no longer cause the smaller item to appear to be on the ground again if a change is made to it while in your inventory, such as cooling down or being renamed.
  • Bugfix: Dyeable carpets now show “dye trim” as the option for dyeing the secondary part of the carpet. Which part of the carpet is the base and which is the trim has also been fixed for large flower carpets, small colourful carpets, and large colourful carpets. Colour of existing items has not been changed.
  • Bugfix: When eating a snowball with a full hunger bar, it will now fill your water bar correctly.
  • Change: All metal bowls can now contain liquids.
  • Change: You may now lead the normal maximum of creatures on PVP servers as long as you are not leading a horse, hell horse, mule or donkey. Leading any of the listed creatures will limit you to 1 as in the past.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer use office titles to check if a player without an office is online

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed font size in Steam store window causing text to escape the window.

Art Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed hair showing incorrectly when wearing Winged Helms.

Patch Notes 6-APR-2023, Easter Event, and April’s Monthly Skin!

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Items placed on walls will now correctly fall to the floor when walls are removed.
  • Bug fix: Locked items with permissions applied, such as vehicles, now require management permissions in order to dye or remove color from them.
  • Change: You can now place items on guard towers.
  • New: Backpacks are now dyeable.

Happy Easter

This Easter, we are changing things up a bit! From the start of Sunday, April 9th until the end of Sunday, April 16th ( server time) premium players can forage to find an Easter Basket which contains a single step treasure hunt close to your village containing some brand new goodies! Players not part of a village will have their basket located near the closest starter village. You can continue to forage for new dyable Easter Eggs even after your basket has been found, which come pre-dyed in random sizes and colors.

April’s “Bunny Backpack” skin turns your backpack into a cuddly and festive rabbit! Available through the month of April in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Backpack to give it a unique and fancy look!

Patch Notes 28-MAR-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Birchwood archaeology fragments will now convert to wood fragments on attempt to combine them. This will allow use of the legacy birchwood frags.
  • Bugfix: Holy Site Fixes
  • Bug fix: Holy site backlash effects now give an event message even if entirely resisted (using Soul Strength).
  • Bug fix: Holy site backlash creature spawns now spawn around the target player instead of some other location very far away.
  • Bug fix: Corrected a jumbled message when multiple holy site backlash creatures are spawned around someone nearby.
  • Bug fix: Holy site backlash damage effects now give messages appropriately, specify which body part they hit, and their effects (such as bleeding) function properly.
  • Bug fix: Bleeding effect power is now properly updated in the spell effects bar/window when it is reduced over time by bleeding.
  • Bug fix: Fixed visual effects not starting properly for players inside a holy site when it is first activated.
  • Bug fix: Additional creature types may now spawn at the Fo steppe holy site (Sampo).
  • Bug fix: The amount of moon metal from rummaging at a Magranon holy site has been reduced.
  • Bug fix: The amount of favor given to a deity on holy site expiration has been corrected.
  • Bug fix: Boars and hyenas now change size properly if they have a condition (such as Greenish or Champion).
  • Holy site pulse messages are now alerts (in orange text) to better stand out in the event tab.
  • Holy site backlash creature spawns now have “vengeful” added to their name, for the sake of clarity.
  • Fo holy sites now spawn creatures twice as often as other holy sites. This only affects normal timed creature spawns, not creatures spawned due to backlash effects.
  • Holy site spawning should now heavily prioritize whichever type of holy site does not exist on that server for that particular deity. For example, if a Fo holy site is being spawned, and a Sampo exists on the server but not a Wishing Tree, it will be extremely unlikely to spawn a second Sampo, and extremely likely to spawn a Wishing Tree instead.
  • Event tab messages from holy site pulse and expiration will now be alert colored instead of normal colored.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed some situations where placing an item on a far target would snap back to a closer door.
  • Bugfix: Holy Sites enhancements
    • Bug fix: Corrected final positioning of meteorites and their visual effects, and the fire and smoke effects now fade out properly when they land.
    • Bug fix: Some previously-missing visual effects have been added to holy sites.
    • Change: Meteorites spawned by Magranon holy sites will now fall with staggered timing instead of dropping all at the same instant.

Art Changelog

  • Bugfix: Empyrean lamps will now show model and light effects correctly.
  • Bugfix: Steel Helms with the Bucket Skin on will now correctly show the head.
  • Bugfix: Fixed items with skins applied not showing empyrean material.
  • Bugfix: Catapult and Battering Rams will now display the color they are dyed properly.

Patch Notes 14-MAR-2023 and March’s Monthly Skin!

Server Changelog

  • New: Added religious advisors and altars to all SFI starter towns on non PvP servers. These were already on NFI and have just been included on SFI now. Religious Advisors will convert you to a deity of your choice.
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Blade Smithing. Congrats Nineol!
  • New: You can now paint Marble Planters.
  • Bugfix: Holy Site tweaks and fixes
    • Bugfix: Fixed “%THEIR%” displaying in holy site messages instead of the player’s pronouns when performing exorcism actions.
    • Bugfix: Added several missing spell effect descriptions related to holy sites.
    • Bugfix: Planning buildings at holy sites is now properly prevented.
    • You can now feast at the Sampo even if your hunger is low.
    • Reduced amount of holy site corruption and/or power loss from pulse events, especially when there are fewer participants.
    • Increased spawn rate of creatures from holy sites.
    • Actions that increase or decrease a holy site’s power or corruption at a holy site (purifying, desecrating, praying, preaching) will now affect the holy site even if you are beyond your maximum Faith gains per day. You still can’t gain Faith more times per day than normal, but you can now contribute to the holy site without daily limits. The 20-minute prayer cooldown timer still applies.
    • Praying, preaching, desecrating, or purifying a holy site will now have greater impact, especially at low skill levels.
    • Reduced chance and amount of holy site corruption from performing special actions, prayers, or sermons. Chance now scales with existing corruption, with special actions having no chance at all at 0 corruption.
    • Holy site items now show “Power:” and “Corruption:” instead of “Ql:” and “Dam:” when examining them.
    • Holy site visual effects are now visible to all players within an activated holy site, even those who worship a different deity or have low Faith.

Monthly Skin

March’s “Small Cherry Tree” skin turns your Marble planters into adorable, tabletop cherry trees! Available through the month of March in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Marble planter to give it a unique and fancy look!


Hotfix Notes 08-MAR-2023

  • Hotfix: Fix for carpets and other vertically placed items not aligning to the contour of the ground. If you already placed one you will need to pick it up and drop it to have it properly orient again.

Patch Notes 07-MAR-2023 and Holy Site release

The time has finally come and Holy Sites are beginning to make appearances across the lands of Wurm! Starting today, you will find sacred shrines dedicated to the gods scattered throughout the world, with their locations revealed through visions triggered by the prayers of faithful Wurmians. To make sure you all get to jump right in and experience this exciting new feature, we will be increasing the spawn rates of Holy Sites, meaning one site for each deity should be up throughout the majority of March on every server.

Click here to learn more about Holy sites

Along with Holy Sites going live today, we have several Quality of Life changes and some new and improved carpets for everyone to dig into today. All existing carpets have been updated to support dyeing them different colours, and we didn’t stop there! You can dye them 2 separate colours, a main and a detail colour, to allow deep customization of any carpet you like. On top of updating the 3 existing carpets to support this new function, we have 3 new carpets being released with this update, increasing your design options to include 6 carpets total of various sizes and styles! With so many choices of color and style, are you worried about where you’re going to fit all these carpets? Worry no more! Carpets will now be place-able on walls, bringing even more decorative options to colorize your cozy interiors.

In PvP news, Defiance will begin having PMK’s enabled within the next few days, and the nerf to the Break Altar spell will be removed. These changes will have their own dedicated post once everything is configured and ready to go for the Player Made Kingdoms launch on Defiance!

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Wrong resources showing in event message when digging with a full inventory.
  • Bugfix: Siege Weapons will no longer lose their loaded ammo between server restarts.
  • Change: Successful actions on Moments of Inspiration when combining archaeology fragments will now always make them rare regardless of how many fragments are already attached.
  • Change: Removed Break Altar nerf on all pvp servers.
  • New: You can now right click the window header to save default size/location of the window, new inventory windows(windows containing items) that don’t have a historical location saved will use that new default. Window sizes/locations now save more often and not just on closing/logging out.
  • New: Creatures can now be fed and tamed by activating a container with the food inside of it, similar to planting and sowing from containers. This will, for example, allow you to queue up multiple taming actions using the same container with multiple food items inside it.
  • New: You can now dye carpets, with two colour zones (main and details) for greater customization! New carpets made after this update will now come out as white, and existing carpets have been dyed to retain the colours they had before this update (including carpets with colour runes). Added 3 new carpets along with the update to the existing 3, and these are crafted using the loom the same way old carpets are.

Client Changelog

  • New: Added a “Find in Recipes” button to right click menu on items.
  • Searches based on using that item as a material in the recipe, not the recipe for that item.
  • Change: Unnecessary columns have been removed to make the mission window smaller.

Patch Notes 21-FEB-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed description when examining Nogump.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error on bait in the tackle box.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a grammar error when examining a barrel of fermenting whisky.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a grammar error when examining a vehicle with an Adamantine rune attached.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error when receiving rift points.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error when examining items.
  • Bugfix: Prevented size runes from reducing an item’s size to zero.
  • Bugfix: Fixed treasure map images when being mailed.
  • Bugfix: Added discord/server feed integration to missing area, condense unique slaying messages into 1 message for discord/server feed but leave as normal for twitter.
  • Bugfix: You will now receive the message on the first page, that you are not able to send mail cross cluster, when sending mail.
  • Bugfix: Prevented rift points being added before a rift has started.
  • Change: Examining or inspecting a creature will now show three possible levels of hunger instead of two: Not hungry, hungry enough to eat, and very hungry. For clarification, the amount of hunger needed for a creature to be called “Very hungry” is the same threshold previously used for “hungry”.

140223Patch Notes 14-FEB-2023 and February's Monthly Skin!

From now until the 20th, premium players logging in will receive a box of chocolates and a bottle of our new Starberry Cordial to celebrate!

Server Changelog

  • New: Added option for discord integration to enable/disable sending alliance chat
  • Bugfix: Fixed a recent change that accidentally allowed you to target and enter combat with creatures you were leading. Charm and Dominate spells will still be possible against a creature you are leading or already have tamed, but other actions are now back to how they were before.
  • New: New title has been added for 100 in Stone Chisel skill. Congrats Rocklobstar!

February's Monthly Skin:

Tired of all the fuss over Valentine’s Day? Let it out by bashing in the skulls of your enemies! February’s “Dark Maul” skin is the perfect deadly accessory to make any Large Maul even more intimidating, available through February in the Marks Shop at any settlement token!

090223Patch Notes 09-FEB-2023

We wanted to go over a few things along with today’s patch notes. First off, we will be releasing the Holy Sites testing again to give it a real testing period (unlike the first which was right around the holidays). We apologize for the delay, but it will be ready for testing again tomorrow followed by a release after gathering more feedback. Defiance PMK’s are being held back along with it while we consider some changes there as well.

On the second topic for today, due to changes with the Twitter API, we will be introducing a Discord replacement. To add this select Discord Settings on your token and add in the requested webhook information, these are the first and second part of the link given when creating the webhook..

As a temporary replacement for server feeds should twitter go down, you will now find an active list of the last 50 server messages at the link below for each server. This is more intended to be a temporary solution for the maintainers of tools used by the community that track these so they will be able to continue working until we have a more permanent solution should the twitter feed stop functioning.

Information on making webhooks for your server:

Intro to Webhooks
Independence Feed Example:
Other Server Link Subdomains:

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Filleting meat with a full inventory will now stop at the beginning of the action instead of wasting the entire action timer and damaging the tool.
  • Bugfix: Wound healing rates on mouse hover will now update constantly instead of only on healing ticks.
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing tree stumps.
  • Bugfix: Catapulting fences and walls on a deed by non citizens, will no longer cause damage on PVE.
  • Bugfix: Offensive spells such as Charm Animal are no longer prevented from being cast on tamed/led creatures on PVE servers, as long as it is the taming/leading player casting it.
  • New: Added Discord integration alongside twitter as options for out of game logging.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Item Tag Fixes
  • Item tags will now go to the last active chat window.
  • You can now tag equipped items in the character window.
  • Items in worn backpacks, quivers, etc should now be taggable.
  • Color of rare tag is now in line with the rare color in other places.
  • A new setting has been put into the launch settings and in game settings that lets you select which button combo you wish to activate tagging. Current options are alt + click, shift + ctrl + click or disabled.

310123Patch Notes 31-JAN-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Liquids in recipes will now check weights correctly
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error in the list of friends window.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error when cancelling placing an item.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue that let Rift Scout Camps spawn too close to buildings off deed.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with too many items in one area preventing login in certain cases.
  • Change: Drastically reduced the speed bonus of the rare speed trait on all PvP servers.
  • New: Item Tags – These will allow you to link items in your inventory/containers into chat, showing the same information hovering over it gives.
    • Hold down alt and click an item to link it into a chat
    • The item tags are a static picture of an item taken when linking it, these will not update with the item.

Art Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed the spyglass in 3rd person view.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the coals glowing on stone forges and ovens.
  • Bugfix: Presses will now show their correct wood colour when placed
  • Bugfix: Huge Bell and Large Bell resonators will now show the correct icon.
  • Bugfix: Fixed erroneous glow on campfires in combination with certain containers while turning those containers visible (baking stone, cake tin, cauldron, coffee pot, pie dish, roasting dish, plate, pottery jar, sauce pan and teapot)

170123 Patch Notes 17-JAN-2023 and January’s Monthly Skin!

Server Changelog

  • New : Stopped deletion of old accounts without premium.
    • Historically, we’ve deleted accounts that have never purchased premium time after 90 days of inactivity. Moving forward, we will not be deleting these accounts. The adverse effects of deletion on our customers have far outweighed the benefits of cleaning up these accounts. The effects of this change will be observed moving forward, and other changes may be made to inactive accounts in the future.
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Staff. Congrats Ehizellbob!
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Foraging. Congrats Muse!
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Botanizing. Congrats Muse!
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Coal-making. Congrats Welmari!
  • Bugfix: Fixed the message for missing blank map in cartography table.
  • Bugfix: You will now be able to copy a map from your locked cartography table.
  • Bugfix: Changed message for overlapping survey areas to make it slightly clearer that only overlapping parts have lower skillgain.
  • Change: Village stamps will now work on mini tokens from archaeology
  • Change: Treasure maps can now cross servers and display which server they came from but will be unable to be opened on any server but the original.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed item jitter when placing items in certain situations.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issues with facing direction on surveys when using 3rd person view.

Art Changelog

  • Bugfix: Stone slab piles model will no longer look like a box pile

January’s Monthly Skin: The Bucket Helm!

January’s “Bucket Helm” skin is fashionable and functional, with a solid metal liner for superior protection and blocking out the smells imbibed by it’s previous uses! Available through the month of January in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Great Helm to give it a unique and fancy look!

040123Patch Notes 04-JAN-2023

  • Bugfix: Fixed issue preventing claiming of Christmas gifts from the stocking in January we are extending the Christmas event by 2 days to give people a full week to claim these before the event ends (You can check the remaining time of the event by hovering over the Christmas icon in the Spell Effects window)
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with stamps causing client disconnect issues.