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210105 Patch Notes 05/JAN/21

  • New: Moonmetal can now be purchased in the Marks store on Northern Freedom Isles servers.
    • This does not include Defiance.
  • Change: Changed Marks-purchased moonmetal quality to 80 quality.
  • Bugfix: Healing in inactive rift area will no longer increase participation points.
  • Bugfix: Fixed mining products being able to be gathered above 100 quality on Epic servers.
    • Instances of this issue will be retroactively fixed back to 100 quality.

210128 Patch Notes 28/JAN/21

  • Change: Altered Prayer skill gain to be significantly faster and more reliable.
    • Note that this change only affects skill gain.
    • The likelihood or quality of other events from prayer, such as receiving gems and gaining Faith, have not been altered.
    • Altar quality is no longer a factor in skill gain.
    • Higher Faith increases the chance of gaining Prayer skill.
    • Prayer actions resulting in skill will give more skill than before.
    • A higher percentage of prayer actions will result in Prayer skill gain, especially at higher skill levels
  • Change: More items are now protected from accidentally being used to fuel a fire, including the following:
    • Rare, supreme, and fantastic items
    • Enchanted or runed items
    • Items of very high base price
    • Newbie items
    • Runes Rift gear
    • Magical chests
    • Magical staves
    • Indestructible items
    • No-drop items
    • Improvable, non-bulk items of 90 QL or higher
    • Items that are seasonable drops, have been given as Christmas gifts or special rewards, or are similarly limited.
    • Please note that this protection is only against using the “Burn” command to fuel a fire. Flammable items fitting these criteria will still burn if placed on or inside a hot forge, oven, or other heat sources.
    • In addition, selling these items to a settlement token is no longer possible in cases when it was possible before. The following also can no longer be sold in this manner:
      • Drake hide armor
      • Dragon scale armor
      • Items made of moon metals (adamantine, seryll, and glimmersteel)
  • Change: The penalty to quality level when mixing different qualities of the same item in bulk storage has been removed. Now, adding multiple items of the same type to a bulk storage bin, food storage bin, bulk container unit, or crate will always result in a quality level that is an exact average of the items themselves.
  • Bugfix: You are no longer able to use a Charm rune, Rebirth, Summon skeleton, Summon worg, Summon wraith, or use the Charm of Fo when you have a caged pet.
  • Bugfix: Can only seal/unseal liquid containers if you can currently pick up the item on a settlement or it is already in a players inventory
  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue preventing embarking vehicles when they are on a bridge
  • Bugfix: Fixed Traitor missions being removed before properly finishing the mission
  • Bugfix: Horses should now retain their position when hitched on vehicles
  • Bugfix: It is no longer possible to play checkers while being away from the board
  • Bugfix: Mixing liquid foods or beverages will now appropriately average the CCFP and complexity values of the liquids being mixed.
  • Bugfix: Non-English CA Help channel should no longer appear again after disabling on server restarts.
  • Bugfix: Wagoner contract on traders will no longer show when on servers where wagoner feature is disabled.
  • Bugfix: Affinities will no longer attempt to be awarded to a skill or characteristic that already has 5
  • Bugfix: Fixed levelling in caves using old imbue formula.
  • Bugfix: Fixed hate lockpicking bonus not working on defiance
  • Bugfix: Hitching posts will no longer cause animals to teleport tiles away or go invisible.
  • Bugfix: Only one person can forage, botanize, rummage, or collect snowballs on a given tile at a given time
  • Bugfix: Fixed Valrei rewards not always being given out to offline players
  • Bugfix: Horses that have grown from foal to adult will now correctly apply speed penalties.
  • Bugfix: Horse shoes will now take damage even when a saddle is not present when being ridden.
  • Bugfix: Converting from BL to WL kingdom with marks deity swap will now always give you a positive alignment.
  • Bugfix: Artifact Fixes
    • Artifacts inside settlements that stick slightly outside the starter areas will now count as inside the starter areas when polling artifact decay, this includes the perimeters of that deed that may be outside the zone as well.
    • Artifacts will now vanish when they run out of charges inside Defiance safe zones instead of waiting for the next natural decay tick.
    • There is now a warning if you enter an area with increased artifact decay with an artifact on you. This warning is also shown when the artifact is moved around at all inside that area.
    • Artifacts will now only lose 5 charges per hour within starter areas.

Client Changes:

  • New: “Show detailed hover information” in UI tab of the settings (new UI only), can now be used to disable details of the item mouse-over box, leaving only the item name (like in the old UI)
  • New: Added a font scale setting to the new UI (only affects certain UI components), and changes the minimum UI scale to 80%.
  • Bugfix: Disembark default action when pressed over a creature will now work as intended.
  • Bugfix: Enchant after Dispel will no longer show upon mouseover
  • Bugfix: Enchanted items will now show correct enchants and power upon mouseover.
  • Bugfix: Fixed players going bald after taking off helmets.
  • Bugfix: Hitching posts will no longer cause animals to teleport tiles away or go invisible.
  • Bugfix: Skill tracker bars will now show progress to next level correctly on new UI
  • Bugfix: Stopped the camera wobble when using the checkerboard.
  • Bugfix: Subgroups within Inventory groups will now stay visible upon relogging
  • Bugfix: TURN_UP and TURN_DOWN keybinds will no longer go outside reasonable camera rotation limits in first person.
  • Bugfix: World portal map on Haven using the old UI client will now show correctly
  • Bugfix: Horizontal bar on Village plan from the token now works correctly.
  • Bugfix: Removed non-functional close button from the settlement founding form

210201 Patch Notes 01/FEB/21

  • Prayer gain was tweaked again, slightly decreasing the skill tick size and skillgain.
  • Average total action time to reach 70 prayer is now extended by about 50% from what it was after the latest change.
  • Average total action time to reach 70 prayer is now between 30% (at 1 faith) and 300% *(at 100 faith) faster than it was before the first prayer change.
  • Change: Hitched creatures will now not contribute to making players around them diseased
  • Bugfix: Electrum Fo runes will now work correctly again
  • Bugfix: Concrete will no longer raise the ground next to housing