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This is a shameless, unofficial copy of the Wurm server release notes as shown in the news section of the Wurm client. The section headings are the date the server was updated; YYMMDD.

Please note that this page was not created by Code Club AB, so it is not an official document.


  • Make sure to log on and visit Santa Claus with your premium account between the 24th and 26th swedish time for a gift!
  • First aid now removes a bit more damage
  • A bug when secondary attacks replaced primary weapon attack was fixed.
  • The bug that made actions happen too fast was probably fixed but couldn
  • Mycelium growth was a bit bugged and should work better.


  • The insane block odds for armour was lowered and now depends more on quality
  • More special typed creature should appear and also keep their types after the next reboot.
  • You no longer gain archery skills from targets if your archery skill is higher then 40 or your bow skill is higher than 30.
  • A bug with mycelium previously made it possible to spread outside the HOTS kingdom
  • The special creature types were not saved over restarts.
  • Found a bug with village voting


  • Fixed zombie instadeath on raised. The creature type does not work yet though.
  • You should now be able to string a bow that is wielded.


  • Removed the ondeath skillgain for spirit and kingdom guards because of the excessive spawn rate these creatures have.


  • A bug made all wounds act like bad wounds.


  • Short sword damage was increased a bit and large axes were made a bit slower.
  • Stealth login bug fixed
  • Falling damage was increased by 1/4th.
  • RT wounds are no longer seperate wounds
  • Enemies of a village should now be able to pass through picked gates.
  • Healing has been changed and should now closely match the thread in general forum. Thanks for the well written suggestions!
  • Your combat focus level level should now decrease properly while not engaged. You will lose half your combat focus level immediately if you attack a creature instead of a player in order to prevent boosting.
  • A bug made farwalker items inject money into the economy, so I had to remove the possibility to sell them to the traders for now.
  • A bug where deed money when disbanding did not end up in the current mayors pocket was fixed.
  • You now gain bow skill when shooting at live targets
  • Uniques should not become locked up as much and heal a bit better.


  • Creature lairs should spawn more creatures.
  • Fishing is close to impossible in small bodies (less then 4x4) of water now.
  • Newbie items should no longer be improvable nor be lost on death.
  • Skillgain over 20 from woodcutting is now restricted properly to hatchets.
  • The trader now buys back farwalker items
  • Uniques were made tougher. Aged creatures were also beefed up a bit
  • Archery targets no longer yield archery skill if it's above 40.
  • Light guards were made tougher.
  • The time it takes to sow crops is now effected by skill and the seed quality
  • Firstaid damage reduction further tweaked in order to promote other ways of healing.
Also increased the need for healing covers for severe wounds
  • Combat focus level now decreases by 1 per 3 seconds while you are not fighting. You may check it using the command /fl
  • You should not have to wear the shield now every time you logon in order to get the shieldbash icon
  • Bugs with speed modification when climbing and stealthing fixed.


  • Archery skillgain was slowed down pending some kind of solution.
  • Armour evasion was reinstated. All creatures now have armour damage reduction again. Armour damage reduction for players worked all the time.
  • Fixed a bug where overall fight skill gain was set too low after loosing premium.
  • You no longer lose reputation for killing when duelling
  • The failure rate of the crown of might is now a bit more humane
  • Improving rates were set to old ones
  • Throwing liquid should disappear in it disappearing now.
  • Hatchet damage for trees was upped
  • Skillgain for fighting was lowered some
  • Firstaid damage reduction tweaked
  • A bug with upkeep made all of it to back into the economy
  • Trader demand is or will soon be reset
  • You may no longer use a farwalker item if a player enemy has been nearby for one minute or more.
  • Fixed a severe cause for lag.
  • Reconnection problems near newtown should be less common.
  • Practice dolls receive and do less damage now
  • There are sounds when creatures are hit by unique attacks now
  • Taunting should work now
  • The Nickname special move was renamed to Carver.
  • Wall and fence damage was increased.
  • Still have to come up with a solution to the old archers archery issue.


  • Spirit and tower guards now use armour modifiers so they are tougher.
  • The crown of might now has a failure rate depending on the soul strength of the target creature.
  • Armour damage was reduced.
  • Improving was made too easy and had to be nerfed.
  • Healing time and bandage used greatly reduced.
  • Removed permadeath due to strength loss for basic accounts for now.


  • The trader supply-demand algorithm got a kick and is now working much better.
  • Improving new items have a flatter ql gain. Restoring old weapon quality works pretty much like before. Fletching was made faster.
  • There is now a price column in trade windows. It may be a bit incorrect at times since the prices varies with amount
  • You can now set the description of items of up to 20 letters
  • The friends list should now be sorted in structure management.
  • Hatchets should be used for woodcutting and now have no limit in skillgain to trees but should be poor in combat. You need to create special hatchet axe heads now.
  • Resurrection stones can only be purchased from the traders for real silver now (this was the intention from the beginning, but there was a bug before)
  • Mycelium growth bugs should be fixed.

071114 (testserver)

  • You should now see legal messages when attacking same-side guards again.
  • You may now start focusing in battles immediately.
  • There is now a price column in trade windows.
  • Damage from fighting was reduced even further
  • You can now set the description of items of up to 20 letters
  • The friends list should now be sorted in structure management.
  • Hatchets now have no limit in skill-gain on trees but should be poor in combat
  • Balanced the fight styles some. Aggressive will now parry and block 1/3d of normal.
  • You should no longer need to become unlawful in order to attack the enemies settlements.
  • Special moves were made cheaper
  • Certain actions that received out-of-range messages while moving should no longer do so.

071113 (testserver)

  • Removed the possibility for shovels and pickaxes to become stuck.
  • Shields should now be harder to use against good archers, but easier against unskilled archers.
  • Fighting skillgain for killing enemies was lowered.
  • You now get 10% of the skill gain if a guard or spirit was involved in the killing'
  • Short and medium bow damage was increased. Damage is however now reduced too far outside perfect range.
  • Archery was made harder to hit. Archery skill will increase faster
  • Bugs with archery facing should be fixed.
  • The difference in to-hit chance between lower and higher skilled players increased.

071109 (testserver)

  • Made some changes to equal defensive and aggressive a bit.
  • You now stop sneaking when casting or performing archery
  • Damage to weapons and armour reduced
  • Skillgain for fighting styles and weapons increased.
  • Archery should have a bit harder to hit depending on armour.
  • You should now see when your pet tries to attack someone.
  • You will now change stances in a more appropriate way when autofighting.

071108 (testserver)

  • Tweaked damage armour reduction for non-unique creatures. This means they will take much more damage from a succcesful hit.
  • You now get free attacks on people who fumble
  • Bows now do a bit more damage
  • Secondary weapons now attack.
  • Some special moves for swords were messed up and should be cleared
  • Attack text changed from move in to attack to include weapon type
  • You may now switch targets while fighting
  • If your selected target is too far away, you will now still change stances.

071106 (testserver)

  • Fixed bugs where you parried too easily, especially when exhausted
  • Bug where you gained your opponent fight type skill fixed.
  • You are now supposed to gain skills when sparring and doing damage.
  • Bug with targeting fixed.
  • Carts should no longer show damage like creatures.
  • Wound descriptions changed.

071102 (testserver)

  • Removed the slowdown. In general fighting should be much faster.
  • Bug removed: Age modifier was applied to players which made you hit much less.
  • Weapon damage was dramatically increased.
  • Increased the parry/shield penalty when moving a lot. If you are moving you will only parry and use the shield at all if you have weapon/shield skill overs 40.

071101 (testserver)

  • Trying a version where you slow down in fighting. It will still be possible to escape just harder.
  • More items then deeds are required to be purchased with coins only now, such as resurrection stones.
  • Removed the round-type of fight that was being tested and reverted to flowing realtime instead.

071030 (testserver)

  • A bug set creature wounds to a very low severity when hit in the same spot.
  • Axes no longer parry
  • You may see some obscure numbers in spam mode that may help you detect imbalances.
  • You should hit more overall
  • Autoattack is more inventive and adaptive
  • Autofighting should be saved now.

071029 (testserver)

  • The code erroneously checked if the attacker was aggressive instead of the defender when determining parry and shield block.
  • Left hand shouldn't attack while wielding two handed weapons.
  • Special moves should now work
  • Thrown creatures should not become invisible
  • A too large strength damage multiplier was removed, lowering damage again in many cases.
  • Various null-pointers and other small exceptions fixed.
  • Normal style now has a higher chance of hitting, aggressive does more damage, and defensive parries and blocks.
  • Dragon fire effect goes away faster.
  • Max sum damage of wounds should be about 100 now.
  • Fixed a bug with the artifacts. Summoned artifacts will not work like the true ones that are hidden though so they will be hard to test
  • Fixed various other bugs from the bug thread in the forums
  • Certain animals will now die from starvation

071016 (testserver)

  • Sowing crops now give a little farming skill.
  • You may now use stealth mode, which may make you invisible to many other creatures and players.
  • You may now duel and spar
  • Soup is created more often now if you use a lot of liquid when cooking.
  • Mycelium infected thorns now hurt as well, but HOTS half as much!
  • Archery now uses the main archery skill to hit with the bow skill as a bonus modifier
  • Finally lowered the crazy prices on the most expensive deeds.


  • The Colossus! Rename the unfinished one to x before you drop it and it will be renamed "Colossus of x"!
  • Settlement guards should help eachother better outside the deed now


  • You will now only block with the shield against archers if the archers is on your left side or slightly ahead to the right. Standing still increases the chance of blocking.
  • The chance that an arrow bounces off your armour has been decreased.


  • Plate and chain mail now takes less damage from piercing attacks such as arrows. Chain also takes less damage from slashing as well
  • Shields will now be effective against arrows even when moving. If it was made a special action you would still be prone.
  • Rotting touch will now add infected wounds, also for arrows
  • The difficulty to hit the legs, the face and the head with arrows was increased.
  • War arrows were made easier to make and improve


  • Fixed a bug where flaming aura damage on arrows was too high.
  • Effective faith is now 30 for non-premium priests.


  • Your selected fighting mode should now persist over logons
  • A bug where zombies could be dominated by magranon priests was fixed.


  • Bugfixes with mailboxes. They now have more fitting names. If the mailbox does not work you may need to reenchant it.
  • A fatigue-limited antimacroing system has been put in place, so GMs may manually create simple checks to catch players macroing. The fatigue limits have been increased. Only the most active players will ever notice this system.
  • Only premium players may now drain tokens


  • You may now construct mailboxes. They need a rare spiritual enchantment in order to work though.


  • Aggressive creatures did not always attack you when you started taming them. This became a problem so now there is higher risk involved
  • There were several problems fixed which caused uniques to receive too much damage.
  • Dropping dirt and sand will now only change rock, sand, dirt, packed dirt and steppe tiles.
  • The weather has been stabilized and crops now grow at normal rates again.


  • You should now be able to spawn at allied settlements if you die within 50 tiles of their center. As an effect of this you may only be invited to join another village once every 24 hours. Becoming mayor by deed giveaway will still work any number of times.
  • Repairing wooden fences now remove more damage.


  • Removed the possibility to spawn at an ally for now since it was abused. The spawn points outside your village is calculated somewhat different to make them less prone to spawncamping.


  • Fixed a bug with nodrop items
  • A bug that caused fields and trees to grow 5 times to fast was fixed
  • Catapults should no longer fire backwards


  • Bags of Keeping now take no damage when you die if you have strength above 21 or faith above 35.
  • You may now build low stone walls near mine entrances no matter how steep it is.


  • Instead of rejecting non-premiums from the wild server, the following steps has been taken:
  1. Non-premium players will now be considered alts and suffer real death if they die too frequently without raising their strength again.
  2. Bags of Keeping now take 0.3 damage when the owner dies. This is because they were used to suicide-trade.
  • You may now lay floor boards in marsh.
  • Fixed a server check that was missing that made fence sections destroyable because of lag.


  • Max fatigue time was lowered from 12 to 8 hours max. After the weekend we will see if it can be lowered further.
  • Uniques had their damage dealt increase severely.


  • You now stop climbing due to exhaustion when you have less stamina left.


  • Fixed a bug where you could get citizen damage bonus to fences and walls if the guards were dead.
  • You may no longer start climbing when you are exhausted


  • Taming timer was halved
  • Creatures will no longer attack large groups of players, and hyenas/boars/gorillas will not hunt the same way either


  • Taming timer was increased.
  • You now gain less skill from shooting arrow shafts compared to real arrows.


  • Fixed a possibility to tame through doors.


  • Fixed a bug with managing merchant prices.


  • Now when you lose priesthood your faith is set to 20


  • New accounts now start out with 19.5 in body stats in order to show that there is progress there as well. Those stats will gain faster up to 20
  • Tempering metal now uses variable amounts of water


  • Whitelight (not Horde of the Summoned) players on the wildserver may now attack eachother without skill or reputation loss. Inside villages the justice system should work as usual.


  • Size 5 homestead deeds may now not be disbanded the first week after having been planted since it was abused.
  • An bug where you sometimes could shieldbash a creature without fighting was fixed.
  • In order to prevent peaceful, risk free skillgrinding player vs player combat yields no skill gain until we have made it so that only kills yield skills. This has high priority.


  • The command /gofemale has been readded where you may turn into a female character. WARNING: This is permanent and irreversible!


  • There were 14 days reimbursement premium days missing in many cases. Fixed.
  • Those players who had purchased 100 silver only received 5 of them. Fixed.


  • In order to make battle rank system less abusable, only premium players will gain and lose battle rank.
  • Transfer bug fixed. Respawn bug fixed. Reimbursement bugs fixed. The premium time available from the village token will often be a bit incorrect due to the complexity of the formula involved. Report any large deviations of course.
  • Trader price of spyglasses has been lowered to 5 coppers since they were being used to drain the traders of money.
  • Resurrection stones are now nodrop so they will stay with you if you die. Traders only sell them and the price is set to 5 silver.
  • Because of the overuse of size 5 homestead deeds and the landhogging it involved, upkeep on them is now 3 times as expensive. The other homestead deeds have lower prices.
  • You will now leave a corpse if you die as a newbie


  • Ore distribution is now less regional
  • Kingdom and village guards now refrain from attacking the powerful uniques, since they consider it suicide. Uniques should ignore them.
  • There is a new item available in shops. It is a one-shot item that when you use it will keep your items safe in 50% of the time and cut your skill loss in half. The effect stays until you die. Note that you may lose these at death if you carry a lot of them (they are not No-Drop)


  • Draining from a deeds upkeep will now drain at least 75 copper coins (of which you will receive a fraction). The 7 days grace period has been removed also.
  • A crash bug was fixed.
  • Magranon priests now need soul strength in order to become champions of Magranon.
  • A bug with converting between the white light religions was fixed.
  • You should now be able to plan buildings on planks.


  • Only premium players with 21 strength may dig on, unpave, drop dirt on (no 21 strength required), and flatten near roads in order to reduce the widespread griefing. Vynora priest restrictions removed.
  • CMs may now use red colored chat.
  • Enemy creatures will no longer affect the test feature with enemy presence (only players will)
  • Unique creatures will now never run out of stamina.
  • Treating wounds with healing covers is now a bit easier


  • In about a week the minimum settlement drain amount will rise to about 75 coppers in order to get rid of cheap obstructing homestead deeds. This means you may want to consider upping your defenses if the deed is located in a warzone.
  • Test Feature: In order to promote warfare on the wild server (mainly to make it harder for wl priests to cohort with HOTS), long-term enemy presence will make the other side gain less (0.8 times) skill for non-aggressive tasks. After a while more you gain bonuses to aggressive spells, attacks, and damage while fighting players. You will notice when this kicks in. In order to make it harder to detect players, all enemy kingdom creatures have the same effect.
  • Libila priests may now mine.
  • You may no longer destroy house walls in your own kingdom on a home server unless you are guest, owner, or citizen of the same village as the structure.
  • Expanding a deed now a) gives half the money back for the old deed to the mayor and b) keeps the old upkeep c) adds a months worth of light upkeep.
  • You may only destroy your own kingdoms guard towers if they are made by you, or is located on your settlement.


  • Watch out for the easter bunny!
  • An exploit where dominated animals did not fight back when attacked near cave openings should be fixed. Report if it is still bugged and be warned that demotion is at hand if you are caught doing it. Some players were demoted already and more may follow. Contact the GM


  • You will no longer receive notification about when you are being ignored by another player.
  • Left hand speed was increased somewhat. It was severely bugged before thought so it probably wont increase much more if anything.
  • Guard Towers now have slightly more influence. Size 5 homesteads have less influence
  • The sceptre of ascension is more powerful when desecrating other altars.
  • Shield bashing now does some damage.


  • Hits to eyes should be much more rare now.
  • A bug with secondary weapons made them attack too frequently.
  • Animals will now turn towards you when you try to tame them.
  • A bug with locate artifact fixed.


  • Creatures now look around for enemies periodically.
  • Bug with stealing and detection fixed.
  • Taming distance has been diminished so you now need to be closer to the animal.
  • The reputation of a criminal is not reset to 0 any longer when he/she is killed by the guards. He/She has to spawn outside the village instead.


  • Rafts and carts now move more smoothly.
  • Flower generation was altered a bit.
  • A bug with faith bonus for Magranon made it affect fighting skill gain and weapon damage for everyone with high enough faith and favor.
  • Bug with giving pets commands on fields fixed.


  • Rafts and carts now use a new system when dragged that uses less network and server resources. Still a bit ugly but it will look better next week again.
  • Bug with the killing arrow disappearing fixed.
  • You may no longer add both FA and RT enchants to a weapon. Consider old weapons with both enchants treasures:)
  • Flowers now spread to nearby dirt tiles.


  • Pottery skillgain was made faster.
  • Log weight was lowered a bit in order to reduce the amount of scrap produced.
  • Door and gate locks were not sacrificing properly. This has hopefully been fixed.


  • Containers and unfinished items may no longer be enchanted. The only effect the option had was the possibility to destroy them.


  • The absorb rate was made quicker.
  • Found a/the bug with FA-wounds.(!)
  • Spells cast on items may now fail again and even destroy the item.


  • Flower patches are now generated by the server that you may replant if your gardening skill is high enough. The flower descriptions and names will change later.
  • HOTS members may now absorb mycelium at a slower rate.
  • You will now take a reputation hit again when attacking someone considered innocent (non-HOTS only).


  • Street lamps now decay slower.
  • Alignment requirement removed when changing religion now.
  • Fixed a bug with village motto having " characters.
  • A strange disease runs through the land, driving cows mad and killing them off at a high rate.


  • Bug fixes with lamp.
  • Crocodiles are even harder to tame. Lava fiends may now be dominated.
  • Chicken pox runs through the land, killing off hens, chickens and roosters at a high rate.


  • Newbies now have 24 hours faint free light.
  • Lots of icons mapped. Thanks Kilean for helping out.
  • Added floor boards and street lamps.
  • Butchering skill progress increased.


  • Bug where premium HOTS could swim to home fixed.
  • Short sword damage was lowered.
  • You may now cultivate moss.


  • Twohanded sword damage upped.
  • Crocodiles are now aggressive and harder to tame.
  • Mining bug fixed.


  • Bug where you were able to found settlements in the wrong places fixed.
  • Guards dying at spawn fixed.
  • New technology was found that made mortar require less sand and clay. The erosion caused by masons before was reported to be massive:)
  • A player corpse may now be looted by his/her friends, fellow citizens, or allies given that he or she is still online.


  • Signs may now only be turned by the person planting it or citizens of the village.
  • The check for skill 30 in masonry in order to build stone house walls now works.
  • A bug with village skill decay bonus was fixed.
  • You should now be able to sacrifice locks as well. Also found a bug with sacrificing keys.
  • You should now be able to found settlements as close as 50 tiles away from a homestead, or 20 tiles if the homestead accepts settlements that close.
  • Dogs now swim.


  • Settlements now receive a bonus to skill decay that grows over time.
  • Signs may now be removed by the person who planted it or the citizens if planted in a settlement.
  • Yet another fix to stone house walls improvement and repair.
  • You are now able to sacrifice unused keys.


  • The sever crashed because it was unable to create native threads. This should be or will be remedied shortly if the current configuration does not work.
  • Stone house walls now requires stone bricks to be improved and repaired.


  • The fairly annoying bug where the brick you were holding when building house walls was deleted fixed. You now need a trowel instead, which is more in line with the need for a hammer when building normal walls as well.
  • Trading with traders fixed.


  • You may now build stone house walls if you have masonry skill 30.
  • Flaming aura damage was lowered to 1/3d.


  • The game servers now have double the amount of RAM and upgraded operating systems and java versions in order to increase stability.
  • Shields now take 1/5th of the damage they used to.
  • Sleeping in beds should work again.


  • Fixed a possible reason for finishing lag, and the ghost items.
  • Coloring items on the ground should work again and colored carts as well.


  • Fixed another crash bug.
  • Guard towers may no longer be constructed near the huge altars.


  • After several days of burning agony since the dawn of the new millennium, the lands of Wurm suddenly heaved and shattered, forming new islands.
  • Rafts float again.
  • You may no longer deed the area within 100 tiles of the huge altars on the wild server.
  • You may no longer build fences within 20 tiles of the huge altars on the wild server.
  • Fixed the bug that made the server shut down yesterday.