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Release notes by year:
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110721 Minor mount changes

  • Chain and leather Bardings now give a bit less movement penalty. The effect together with weight previously was a bit too much.
  • Putting on and removing barding now requires you to stand on solid ground
  • A bug where a movement penalty wasn't removed for creatures was fixed

110715 Fo priest buff.Horses and guards toned down

  • Tower guards and horses were a bit too powerful in the new system and now have lower Combat Rating
  • Followers of Fo now receive a passive healing bonus at faith 20
  • Oakshell power now uses the rule of 70 algorithm and may glance
  • If the power of an Oakshell is above 70 it will grow into a Thornshell and cause wounds like Area of Shared Pain where you wear no armour. The effect name won't change yet though.

110713 No more disappearing mounts

  • The reason for some mounts disappearing in caves during restarts was that it used code to delete creatures from crowded underground areas. This should happen no more.
  • Armour glance rate versus mobs has a lot less dependency on the type of attack the creature does.

110712 Mode differentiation and soft spots

  • The effects of defensive and aggressive mode has increased. They are dependant on skill. Max combat rating bonus for normal fighting was raised to 2.5
  • You need to succeed with the skill rolls for aggressive and defensive mode in order to receive these effects
  • Fightstyle skillgain speed increased
  • Drake and scale received a bit more damage reduction
  • You no longer lose focus when you are hit hard when fighting players since it skews fights very fast
  • There are now "soft spots" you can hit depending on your stance versus the opponents. These will give a bit higher chances of critical hits
  • Examining an opponent now gives information on which stance he uses
  • Creatures will try and move into your soft spots

110711 More fighting tweaks

  • We are still trying to get the fighting system modifications in balance. This update addresses some more issues.
  • Dominated and charmed creatures now have half the Combat Rating
  • Strongwall can now be cast on entrances while outside
  • Creature spawns now give skill again on the wild server
  • Shield bashing now has a cooldown
  • Creature attack rate was lowered
  • The rate at which your secondary weapon is used increased
  • Shield effectiveness was increased
  • Aggressive stance deals more damage
  • Defensive stance now deals a lot less damage
  • Defensive stance gives more bonuses when parrying and using shield
  • Normal stance gives a bit higher Combat Rating so you hit easier
  • Fungus and Fungustrap casting cost was lowered approx 25% since the combination was weak compared to Fire/Icepillar
  • The max number of guards a settlement may hire was set to 50. No existing settlements currently have more guards.
  • Axes now do more damage per second since they don't parry
  • Weapon speed for twohanded weapons in aggressive mode was set to 90% instead of 80%

110707 Fight skillgain increased

  • The skill you gain from slaying creatures increased
  • Parrying with shields and weapons should occur more frequently again. Sometimes a successful parry only reduces the success chance of your opponent instead of fully blocking. Your skill will cause greater chances of deflection
  • Dragon scale armour was buffed a bit compared to drake hide

110706 Minor buffs

  • Drake, Dragon Scale and Plate armour received some more damage reduction
  • Foot and leg wounds are again a bit more severe
  • The lockpicking penalty to boat locks was lowered a bit

110705 Weapon tweaks

  • Weapon skill now affects weapon swing speed maximum 10%. So at weapon skill 50 you have 5% faster swings and at skill 90 you have 9% faster swings.
  • Swinging now has a floating value, so you may swing on average every 3.5th second instead of like before every 3d.
  • Armour glance rates were modified and balanced.
  • If you have achieved and use your mastery title when improving armour or creature wearable items, you now gain improvement speed bonus. The reason behind this is that the demand for armour is very high compared to the time it takes to improve it, especially on PvP servers.
  • Lockpicking boats have been made harder.

110704 Combat changes, bug fixes, Wurm meeting date

  • Combat was changed in various areas since it was pretty much broken in some aspects:
  1. Each armour type has a set base damage reduction affected by quality and the rule of 70 which means it has 91% effectiveness at quality level 70.
  2. Armours have a glance rate depending on they type of weapon that tries to penetrate it. This should make various types of armour more interesting.
  3. Favor gain was increased by 15%, but armour now affects favor gain speed (using speed reduction formula). Cloth has no penalty and wearing studded leather has about the same gain as before.
  4. Weapon parry, dodging and shield use was also tweaked.
  5. Since we are not able to mass test these changes unless we put them live, your feedback is important so please test and discuss in the forums.
  6. Two handed weapons get a speed bonus when used in aggressive mode
  7. Some damage tweaking is still needed but hopefully it's within fairly sane ranges.
  • The annual official Wurm meeting date is set to friday the 26th of August in Stockholm. More info in City Hall in the forums at www.wurmonline.com/forum.
  • Leg wounds speed reduction was increased again
  • The increased improve rate for armours made it too hard to gain skill and was removed for now. The rule of 70 effect and the new changes should be enough to ensure you can get hold of good armour easily enough.
  • Creature wearable items such as saddles and horse shoes are now as fast as armour to improve.
  • Lockpicking on enemy deeds with at least 10 guards now give "risk" skill gain bonus even if they are dead
  • A bug where animals would not return from being offline when you got a new pet was fixed
  • Debugged leading creatures around mines so it works a lot better and no animals are lost
  • Small carts should no longer visually stay beneath ground when you walk on top
  • You may now use a "last gasp" ability on your body to drag yourself out of the water which allows you to climb without slipping for two minutes.

110628 Full loot reinstated

  • The partial loot system was abandoned in it's cradle and full loot is reinstated with some major improvements to armour instead:
  1. The rule of 70 is applied to armour, which means that armour (like weapons) is 91% effective at quality level 70. At quality level 30 it is 51% effective.
  2. Armour parts are now twice as fast to improve and polish
  3. Magranon faith protection probability was reversed back up to 25%
  4. Res stones probability was upped a bit to 25%
  5. Foot and leg wounds should have a lot less impact now
  6. Damage to ridden mounts should slow them down significantly
  • Structures that have no walls should fall down more properly in the future (may take two days continuous uptime)

110627 Evalutating partial loot system

  • Horses should now be properly affected by wounds, armour penalties and encumbrance
  • Minedoors off deed is now 5 times faster to destroy in order to curb gatehopping
  • The "prosperity bonus" for deeds was removed
  • We will evaluate a partial loot system in order to promote taking risks and testing pvp for a week:
  1. The difference is that you now get to keep most of the items you wear on your body
  2. Previously you lost everything, but now you only drop the items in your inventory, as well as your weapons, your shield, any containers worn and one piece of armour when you die
  3. The effectiveness of res stones and the magranon bonus were reduced to 12.5% each, so accumulated 25% instead
  4. BoKs work as previously
  5. The reasons behind this change have been discussed in the forums. We'll see how it feels and what the real effects are

110623 Altars and prosperity bonus on wild

  • The "prosperity bonus" added to the settlements on wild this last update was not well received in its current form and will be modified or reverted.
  • The huge altars may now be destroyed using normal weapons as well. They still heal themselves 1 point approximately every 10 minutes at which time a warning is broadcast. Break altar does some more damage as well and requires lower casting level.

110616 Small tweaks and bug fixes

  • Tweaked how steppe and grass spreads
  • Jam is now made from maple syrup and berries instead. Winemaking should work properly again
  • Cake slices now take into account the weight of the cake
  • Freezing lava walls no longer should create a huge pit
  • There was suspicion of a stealth bug. We debugged the code and fail to reproduce it
  • You can now destroy enemy unfinished kingdom items such as towers
  • Area spells will no longer affect you when you log on invulnerable
  • A bug where dredging could cause dislocation was fixed.

110613 This should be interesting

  • The Wild Endgame and the functionality of the altars changed. The altars may now be destroyed on Wrath day and the day of Awakening in the first and third week of a Starfall when the moons are aligned to open them up for attacks. You may attack your own altars.
  • If the altar receives critical damage, a random artifact belonging to the deities of the altar is used to channel protective powers to prevent the altar from being destroyed. The artifact shifts and is returned to and hidden by the spirits in the process.
  • The protection causes the altar to immediately disappear and reappear somewhere else.
  • The followers of deities belonging to the altar receives a light internal head wound from channelling their life force into healing the altar.
  • Weapon minimum swing timer was increased to 3 seconds.
  • Spirit guards became too fast with these last changes and should be less deadly again.

110610 WoA downtoned

  • A poll showed that more than 2/3ds thought that WoA was overpowered so the effect has been toned down on weapons only. It was perceived as one of the main barriers to entering PvP which was a very undesirable situation. Basically, every weapon is now very fast and WoA may have effect in certain situations increasing speed a little bit more. Creature weapon speeds increased a bit as well in order to balance.
  • Very low Animal Husbandry skill now doesn't totally wipe traits. Instead a random number of up to 5 traits will be kept. Note that color is a trait.

110607 Birthdays and Heatwaves

  • We're having a fat heatwave here in Sweden, and I had a long nice weekend. There was a heatwave in Wurm as well, with quite a lot of venerable creatures dying from age that shouldn't have because they were cared for. I found a situation that caused it. From what I could see it would have happened even with the previous deed protection but I never received any reports about it so it's a bit confusing. In any case I am sorry for your losses. Like a team member put it "Looking forward to see you at the Wurm meeting in about 2 months. Then I can give vent to my anger at a nearly 2-year breeding program has been destroyed ;)"
  • Removed some code that prevented bred creatures from spawning in very populated areas.
  • Steppe and moss should spread a bit easier.

110527 Breeding, spawning, caring, coloring

  • In order to bring the animal situation in control you may now start to "care" for animals. This prevents them from dying to old age.
  1. Starting next wednesday European time venerable creatures will lose their on-deed/tamed/leading/hitched protection and die at venerable age unless "cared for".
  2. You start and stop caring by right-clicking on an animal. The number of creatures you can care for increases with the animal husbandry skill.
  3. Type /stopcaring on the command line in order to stop caring for all animals.
  4. Thank Othob Rithol for the caring suggestion
  • Trying to preserve a color when adding more of the same should be a bit easier now. Thank Tich.
  • How traits are generated was changed thanks to a suggestion from Gaeron. The forum post is here: http://wurmonline.com/forum/index.php?topic=55489.0
  • Creatures should no longer spawn on severe slopes such as mountain sides.

110525 Traits and artifact recharging

  • Good traits were a bit too common for animals since the last change. Toned down.
  • Recharging artifacts now gives a server wide message. Recharging also takes up to 4 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

110523 Light and wild modifications

  • We are looking at solving the problems with lights acting a bit weird. Also, you can soon light candelabras filling them up with candles first and candles should no longer pile.
  • Horses now should slow down when they receive damage. Further tweaks may be required.
  • You should no longer be able to use farwalker twigs and stones very close to the huge altars or duelling rings.

110516 Rebranding required

  • A golden opportunity to rebrand your creatures has surfaced! A bug made it so that brands were lost during server restarts, so creatures need to be rebranded. Uncertain Congratulations.
  • Pets were often lost when changing servers since the last pet id was transferred from the previous server and saved. This should work properly in the future.

110513 More understandable faith bonus

  • The calculations for altars and the bonuses they create was improved and should yield more understandable results.

110509 Yet another small breeding tweak

  • Now your creatures can be made to mate so that you can gain skill, but if the creature max limit hit is reached there will be no offspring produced when the time for delivery is up. There is also now a space consisting of 1/25th of max creatures reserved for animals to spawn in the wild.

110502 Creature tweak and fat bug

  • A bug where creatures started gaining fat as soon as they lost fat was fixed. Note that creatures will starve to death when they lose all their fat levels.
  • Very old and very young creatures will no longer breed and there is a period in life where animals are more prone to breed. Certain sick creatures stop breeding earlier as well.

110429 Late Easter

  • The Easter Bunny has arrived. Since we failed to summon it last weekend we asked for a special appearance now. It was sighted at a LOL on the wild server and in The Howl on Freedom. It seems that you may also accidentally find your easter egg while foraging.
  • A bug where your pet could be attacked by your own tower guards when you attacked an enemy deed was fixed.

110426 Long awaited client and server update

  • The client and server has been updated. This should solve a lot of problems and cause very few new ones.
  • The biggest changes are on the client which no longer uses JOGL, but instead only LWJGL.
  • Major changes on the server:
  • Movement code changed which should cause less disembarking.
  • Creature spawning now has two pools where 50% is reserved for aggressive animals and 50% for non-aggressive. This should even out over time. In the next update, creatures older than approximately 6 months will start dying unless they are on deed, loyal or ridden. Uniques, humans and guards are not affected.
  • There are lots of small bugfixes such as with meditation and artifact recharging.

110323 Old embarking bug resolved

  • The old bug that often teleported you shortly after embarking a boat was found and fixed in the unstable client.
  • A bug with handing out Slayer of Champion titles was fixed

110322 Tunneling and ignore powers

  • Opening tunnels is now a bit harder in certain circumstances as a counter measure to an exploit. This may be improved after some feedback.
  • The weird wild lag should be gone.
  • Experiment: The /ignore command now has the functionality to auto mute for an hour if enough premium players from the same kingdom use it on another player in a short time frame. You only have one such vote within a set time frame as well. This system may be abused for a while so try not to take such mutes too seriously initially.

110316 Artifacts change

  • Instead of artifacts insta-disappearing after a month of finding them, they will now have 120 charges. Every week 10 charges are removed. Every time you use an artifact one charge is used. You can recharge the artifacts at the enemy altar of light. If an artifact has 0 charges it will disappear within the week.

110311 Sleep bonus frozen by default

  • By default, sleep bonus is now frozen when you log in so don't type /fsleep until you want to start using it.

110310 Registration and artifacts

  • Registration emails work again but for yahoo and hotmail they usually end up in the spam folder. We'll try to figure out which settings are wrong.
  • Artifacts will now disappear after around a month of use. The current ones will disappear randomly in about 3 weeks. Most artifacts had new functionality added and shorter cooldown.
  • Transfers between different types of servers are now limited to at least one hour.

110309 Servers moved, all systems online

  • We officially have to declare this last effort to move the server software to new hardware a success. There have been many failures and worries along the way but everything seems to be up and running perfectly now on the new hardware.
  • The registration and shop pages are open and working again.

110309 Shop and registration down due to server move

  • The shop and registration is down because we have moved the game servers to new hardware and operating system which means a lot has changed. Since these pages use dns entries we had to move the servers so that we can pinpoint the problems and find solutions.
  • The forums are also undergoing some changes in case you think they look different.

110303 Horses buffed and mine door restrictions

  • Horses have received a buff and barding protects the whole horse for now.
  • Various restrictions on surface mining was imposed because of exploitability, and you can no longer attach mine doors to openings larger than "90" steps/dirt
  • A bug with staff skill was fixed that prevented them from working properly
  • Archery will act a bit weird and deal damage with a delay until next update because we are making arrows visible during flight.

110302 Guards and horse barding

  • Spirit guard combat rating was returned to what it was before
  • Horses now can wear barding (just bug fixed)
  • Armour chains are now created in larger doses.
  • Two handed weapons now give CR bonus versus creatures on vehicles if you're not on a vehicle yourself.
  • The brand new polearms give double damage against mounted moving creatures

110301 Guards nerfed

  • Spirit guards were nerfed because they were deemed over powered with the recent changes.
  • The amount of village bonus you get from sacrificing was made ten times higher. There's a forum post in City Hall covering the details.
  • The server move was a moderate success but we had to rever again. It seems the servers themselves are very fast but there is something wrong with the network.

110228 Village faith bonuses

  • There are now a couple of small faith bonuses that apply to the whole village. You gain these bonuses as you sacrifice items. They are visible in the Settlement Info window.
  • A new attempt at changing the hosting will take place on Tue 1st of March at 10 AM CET. Estimated downtime is up to 4 hours.

110217 Champions gone

  • Apparently the deities decided that there were too many champions and removed them all. The skill bonuses they received have been reverted. Those who raised channeling a lot after champing long ago have been compensated somewhat.
  • The deities have apparently agreed to only allow a certain number of champions - 3 Magranon champions for Mol Rehan, 3 Vynora or Fo champions for Jenn Kellon, and 6 Libila champions for Horde of the Summoned.
  • Champions no longer have real death - instead they lose 1 point extra characteristic when they lose champion status. They are required to gather champion points by slaying enemies and raiding deeds. A champion starts with 15 champion points and loses 1 per day. In other respects they are the same as before.
  • The three known champions who sacrificed their lives for their deities will stay revered in the memory of the people they served: Longshanks, Teslas and Maincorpse.
  • On another note - spirit guards have changed some and may be a bit too hard now. They may attack mounts and also attack in larger groups on extremely heavily guarded deeds. Give feedback.
  • Most creatures hunt a bit differently - hopefully more effectively.
  • Priests should now be able to finish unfinished items.
  • OH and you are now able to do more things on boats such as crafting in inventory. Possibly archery and spells. This may be disruptive so come with feedback as soon as possible after trying it out.

110131 Deeds, contracts, and skill corrections

  • Merchants now trade ownership when the contract is traded
  • A bug which let you control mounts and vehicles with too little skill was fixed
  • A bug where non-premiums were able to trade deeds for founded settlements was fixed
  • Lamp/sign/flag decay bugfix

110124 Zombie skill-gain

  • Skill-gain when fighting summoned Zombies is now lower since people suspected exploits. Skill-gain shouldn't need to be 0 since it has summoning cost but it shouldn't be safe skill-gain either.

110121 Jewelry enchantments

  • You can now cast no-locate on rings, bracelets and necklaces. This is a first jewelry enchantment and we may get a few more. The chance that it will hide you against a Locate Soul is (ql+power)/2 %. The enchantment slowly gets worn out when a locate soul is cast.
  • You will now see how many more items your personal merchant may put up for sale in the management windows.
  • No-locate cast on creatures now stays 3 times longer as well. Locate Soul was unchanged and never increased favor cost. The time to cast was increased instead but that was reverted.

110120 Locate, creature enchants, and healing

  • The locate player spell cost was increased to 20 favor because it made it too cheap to keep track of invaders
  • Creature enchantments and healing now works on allies like they should

110117 More spell and champion tweaks

  • Vulnerable actions such as casting and healing are more often interrupted by being hit now
  • A speed bug with web armor was fixed
  • Frantic charge now updates movement properly
  • Using key-bind to repair through walls was fixed
  • Area spells still are too dominant on the battle field so favor cost was increased to 30
  • Fire Pillar no longer targets creatures. Instead Fire Heart received a buff. The corresponding Vynora spell is Shard of Ice which is a bit slower but with more damage.
  • Willow-spine should work better now
  • Being overheated invalidates your link just as if you are out of range
  • Champions no longer receive Faith bonus in their own territory

110114 Spell tweaks

  • The Fo spell Charm Animal is now available, and the Magranon spell Frantic Charge is now available.
  • Ward should have more effect. Creatures should become more careful overall.
  • Web Armour didn't have the slow down effect it was supposed to which was fixed.
  • Zombie infestation now creates more powerful zombies.
  • Scorn of Libila casting time was reduced to 15 (from 20) and favor cost to 40 (from 50)
  • Signs, lamps, banners and flags will be maintained by existing spirit guards in villages now

110112 Favor overheating test

  • We are going to test a form of cool-down where you get overheated if you use a lot of favor in a short time. The reason behind the solution is that linking was deemed to be a bit too powerful sometimes. If this initial code is too much we'll have to ease it up but we need real fight situations to test it on.
  • Area spells now cost 20 favor instead of 10. Pain rain cost was reduced to 40 since the new favor cool-down should make it harder to create death zones with it now.
  • A minor tweak: you should now be able to dig 1 deeper than you can flatten.

110110 Area spell & leading bug-fix

  • Casting area spells below ground now properly is obstructed by cave walls
  • The bug with leading your mounts on foreign deeds was fixed

110105 Lag situations reduced

  • The lag that occurred after a Fire-pillar spell was cast has been remedied
  • A situation where the server froze like last Friday because of a chase-case with Tweets has also been sorted