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Large cart
A Large cart
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  • Large cart
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A fairly large two wheel cart designed to be dragged by an animal.


  • A large cart is a mobile container used to transport cargo and players.
  • It has a larger capacity than the small cart.
  • It can be dragged by a player or led by up to two animals.
  • It can have a commander and up to three passengers.
  • It can store up to 100 items directly on the bed. By using a combination of other containers, this storage limitation may be increased.
  • A player must have 20.1 mind logic to command the large cart.
  • All carts need to be of at least 10 quality to be functional.

Hitchable Creatures

Many of Wurm's creatures may be hitched to pull a cart or wagon.


  • The owner and any person with the Manage right can modify the usage permissions through a window available via the right-click > Manage vehicle context menu. The permissions control Driver (embarking as commander), Mount (embarking as a passenger), Access inventory hold of the cart, and Manage these settings. Each of these rights can be granted or denied to all Friends, Villagers, and Everyone. The owner will always have all permissions.
  • Any player can push a non-hitched cart off deed, regardless of whether or not it's locked. Deed settings, hitched animals, weight constraints, and local security can help prevent carts from being undesirably taken by others. Dragging an unhitched cart off deed requires that it is unlocked or that the player has permissions.
  • Important: Permissions only take effect when the cart is locked with a small or large padlock, and anyone can attach one, if one isn't attached already, to enable the permissions. Older carts may not have locks attached; however, all newly created carts automatically include a working lock upon creation.
  • On Freedom, carts cannot be lockpicked except by the owner. Attempting to do so will result in the following warning: Stealing carts is punished with death penalty here. You decide not to.


A large cart normally holds the maximum of 100 items directly in the hold, however, as mentioned above, the total capacity may be increased by stacking other containers, such as rafts and crates, inside. Up to 7 rafts can be added to a large cart or 3/5 large/small crates. Some items, such as felled trees, cannot fit in rafts, and are indicated as such below.

Item No containers 6 rafts 7 rafts 5 small crates & raft 3 large crates
Any of: 100 (320 combined) 312 312 750+40(1 raft)+7 900 + 38
Finished support beam 7 Does not fit in rafts?
Felled tree 18 12+1 (2 per) 14+? 0 ??
Slab 59 42+13 (7 per) 49+6 0+7(1 raft)+1 0 + 7
Log 73 71 70 750+9(1 raft)+1 900 + 9
Plank 100 600+94 (100 per) 700+93
Stone brick 100 564+94 (94 per) 658+76 750+94(1 raft)+18 900 + 90
Troll 3
Backpack 78

Quantities ending in a question mark are estimated or otherwise unconfirmed. Quantities denoted as "??" are unknown and need to be tested.

Crate and raft combinations

There are various configurations of small crate, large crate and rafts that can be placed together into a large cart.

Large crates Small crates Rafts
3 0 0
2 0 3
2 2 0
2 1 1
1 4 0
1 3 1
1 2 2
1 1 4
1 0 5
0 5 1
0 4 2
0 3 3
0 2 5
0 1 6
0 0 7

Loadable items

Not all items currently listed. In order to load you must be embarked as commander or passenger, have permission to access the cart's hold, and have 23 body strength or higher. Right click item and select load.

General Notes

  • Never use an abandoned cart, even if unlocked. If you drive the cart onto a deed and disembark, you may not have permissions to embark again, or unhitch the animals.
  • Although carts cannot be dragged in water tiles, they can be pushed. They can be dragged through tiles with 5 slope of water or less.
  • 15 kg of dye is needed to paint a large cart.
  • The maximum weight a player can drag in a large cart is determined by the formula: (body strength * 7 - carried weight) * 10 - 240.
  • Non-premium players can hitch animals to the cart but not command it. However, if the player has been premium before and has their mind logic skill at or above 20.1 before they lose premium, their cap will be at 30 instead of 20. as the cap is for most other skills. This, in turn, will allow them to command the large cart.
  • A cart cannot be driven over tiles that have a total slope of 40 or more over any two adjacent edges.

Speed Notes

  • Animal traits and conditions will affect the cart speed.
  • Commander stamina is drained while driving the cart, however, having zero stamina has no effect on the cart movement itself.
  • Animals remain hitched to carts during server restarts.
  • Hunger is the primary and quite rare reason that a creature may go aggressive, attack, and kill another that is hitched or destroy the barrier protecting said animal and then kill it.
  • Vehicles now slow down as they gain load.
  • The vehicle itself does not add to the weight of itself only its contents this allows cart speeds to stay consistent with before unloaded.
  • Weight of the vehicle is split evenly between all the haulers.
  • Empty carts will continue to go the same speed, only loaded carts will see any reduction.
  • A vehicle’s quality helps offset the weight in a vehicle, this effect starts at above 30 quality and will reduce the weight penalty up to 3x at 100 quality.
  • The weight of the user’s inventory counts onto the vehicle’s weight now.
  • Having all draft traits will give a speed bonus instead of speed traits when a creature is hitched.

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