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Cooking is the skill used to make food that has a higher nutritional value than raw foods, which includes butchering, hot food cooking, baking, making beverages and oil, and dairy food making.

Cooking creates recipes for a player’s personal recipe book, which is populated as a player discovers different combinations and food types for each recipe.


A cookbook is a player’s personal recipe storage containing all recipes known by the individual player. To open the cookbook, click the cooking button on the right side of the quickbar. You can also bind it to a key with “TOGGLE_COOKBOOK”.

  • Recipes that are known to all players are green in the cookbook. As a player discovers new recipes, they are added to that player’s cookbook. Any variations to the recipe, such as whether the recipe can use any meat to be created, will be updated in the cookbook when discovered.

[14:13:09] Recipe "fennel oil" added to your cookbook.

  • Recipes in white represent those that were learned by creation.
  • Recipes in red represent an unknown recipe, for which the product was used in a known recipe (for example, if the player was given that ingredient).
  • Recipes that a player has as a favorite are shown in gold.
    • You can favorite a recipe by ‘’right-clicking’’ on the recipe name and selecting ‘’mark as favorite’’. You can also add personal notes to the recipes.


Recipes are acquired by creating different cooking products, adding a player-written recipe to the cookbook, or finding a recipe in a creature’s corpse. Recipes are stored in a player’s personal cookbook, which is populated as a player discovers different combinations and food types for each recipe. Recipes may have optional ingredients as well as required ingredients. The optional ingredients can increase the weight, difficulty, and/or nutritional value that the product has. Each optional ingredient will usually increase the difficulty by 5.

Lootable Recipes

Trolls, goblins, and rift ogres have their own special foods, and therefore give a chance to find a recipe on the corpse. Each creature type has a basic, rare, supreme, and fantastic recipe available. These recipes cannot be created without it existing in the player’s cookbook.

Nameable Recipes

Some recipes exist that, when discovered, will be named with the first creator’s name in the title. A player can only have one recipe named after them. The recipe name will then be known as “(Player)’s (recipe name)”.

Recipe Sharing

Recipes can be transcribed from a player’s recipe book, allowing it to be traded. To do so, ‘’right-click’’ on the recipe, then ‘’options’’ > ‘’mark recipe to be written’’, fill a reed pen with ink or dye, then ‘’right-click’’ on a paper or papyrus and select ‘’write recipe X’’. Note that if your recipe was made with potato but can be made with any vegetable, it will be written as potato. Basic recipes (marked in green) and rare or better recipes cannot be written down. To add a received recipe to the cookbook, ‘’right-click’’ on the recipe and select ‘’read recipe’’, then ‘’Add to cookbook’’.

Note: Recipes must be in your inventory to be added to your cookbook. Adding from a container (like a backpack) will not work.


Lore is a function activated by ‘’right-clicking’’ on the container holding ingredients and selecting ‘’lore’’, giving a player hints about which ingredients can be used. The hints are based on which ingredients are in the container, and will give hints toward creating a random recipe that can be made from the ingredients within. This random recipe will always be pointed toward with those same ingredients for the particular player; however, the same ingredients used by a different player may hint toward a different recipe, if available.

Sample messages:

[10:52:27] Have you tried adding ground any spice? - part of a recipe

[10:52:03] You think this may well work when cooked. - complete recipe

[10:55:45] The items inside do not make any known recipe. - no known recipe for that combination

[10:55:45] The Ingredients in the frying pan would make an omelette when cooked. - valid known recipe

[12:20:57] You think this may well work when cooked in a different cooker. Valid ingredients incorrect cooker


Nutrition & CCFP

Every edible item has different nutritional values, as well as values for calories, carbs, fats, and proteins (CCFP). When items are combined to create a resulting item, the CCFP values are combined to give the result its own CCFP values.

  • Calories – High bar reduces stamina drain
  • Carbs – High bar reduces water usage
  • Fats – High bar increases favour regeneration, and reduces drain on sleep bonus.
  • Proteins – High bar reduces food usage

Note that when the player’s food bar is full, no more food can be eaten (with the exception of endurance sandwiches and sleep powder). The same goes for beverages when the thirst bar is full. The basic unitary consumption for a player per Wurm day are:

  • 2000 calories
  • 300 carbs
  • 80 fats
  • 50 proteins

Note that there is no penalty for not filling one or all elements of CCFP.

You can toggle the visibility of the CCFP on the status bar on and off by typing the command "/toggleccfp" in the chat window.

Temporary Affinities

Some prepared foods consumption can result in a temporary affinity, giving the player a 10% bonus skill gain to a specific skill for a short period of time. Different players get different affinities from the same meals, and the food item must be prepared identically to get the same affinity again. The amount of time the affinity will be effective is determined by the amount of the food that is consumed.


Recipe-based foods have the ability to be created rare or better. Rare foods have higher CCFP values and give longer temporary affinities.

  • Rare – 10% improvement
  • Supreme – 40% improvement
  • Fantastic – 90% improvement

Rare and better recipes also exist, and can be found on creature corpses. These recipes cannot be created without existing in the player’s cookbook, and cannot be written down to be given to another player.

Wrapping Items

  • Fish and meat can be wrapped to allow them to be cooked directly in a cooker without a container.
  • Most other non-liquid foods can be wrapped with waxed paper to reduce decay.
  • Cheese can be wrapped with a wool or cotton cloth square to reduce decay.
  • Wrapped foods decay about 5 times slower than unwrapped.
  • Wrapping has more effect than salt for reducing decay, and overrides salt with decay prevention.


Wine, and distilled spirits, increase in quality when it takes decay ticks, representing drinks aging. Wine will age better inside a building than outside (ie: where other items would have minimized decay, wine ages better). Wine containers must be sealed for the wine to age. Oak barrels have a slight bonus over other wood types. Note that for beverages which need to be fermented you must be online and on the same server when it completes to receive credit for any achievements and/or get the fermented recipe in your cookbook. The fermentation process will take approximately 5-7 RL days to complete.

Tools and Ingredients




Ingredients consist of liquids, meat, animal products, vegetables, herbs, and spices obtained through several other skills.


Skills & Characteristics



  • Cook at 50 skill
  • Chef at 70 skill
  • Master Chef at 90 skill

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