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This guide takes 1 to 3 hours to complete. Upon completion you will have a powerful collection of tools resources and skills to either begin your own settlement or become a skilled monster slayer.

Part 1: Gear up!

You may find it helpful to stick around the starting settlement for your first few hours. Use the spirit guards for protection, and the bartenders for food. Also, there is often clay, iron and water nearby.

Xanadu Update

In some cases, on the new Xanadu server, it may be difficult to find water sources. In light of this, it is more than ever a good idea to stay near the bartender in your starting settlement. Although you cannot die directly of thirst in Wurm, being dehydrated can drastically reduce your stamina recharge rate, which can be deadly when fleeing from hostile creatures.

Currently, the best strategy for survival on Xanadu, aside from joining experienced players in a village, is to follow this guide as best as possible within a 5 minute walk from your starting settlement.

Starter kit

Some of the gear you start with will just weigh you down early on (see encumbered). Open a bank account at the token and deposit the following:

10kg of wood

  • Find a log at least 4.0 kg in weight, and create the following:
  • Also, collect about 6kg of wood scrap or logs. (use this as fuel for a fire in the next step)

Clay Jars

Clay jars can be used to carry drinking water.

  • Find out where the nearest clay is, and dig clay until your digging skill gets to 5 or 10, this will also improve your body strength.
    • press F2 and check out what your Body Strength is. The maximum weight in kg you can carry is equal to 2 times your Body Strength, before taking a 25% walking speed penalty. (3.5 x Body Strength) results in a 75% speed penalty.
  • create 2 jars, and use the woodscrap to make a fire and cook the jars.
  • fill up the jars with water from a lake or ocean.

Get some fuel

Tip: You can equip and carry about 40kg total before being slowed down

  • pick up as much tar, peat or woodscrap as you can without a speed penalty.
    • dont forget kindling if you are using tar or peat
  • head to the nearest mine in search for Iron

Get some iron

Check the trader

Often times the trader will have cheap items that are very helpful to new players. As a new player you can trade foraged items, pottery and spindles for the following. Sometimes you may have to bargain excessivly in order for the trade to be equal. If the trader says "I am low on cash right now" it is still possible to trade, you just need to demand more items to make the trade equal.

  • pelt
  • teeth and glands (low weight highly effective healing covers)
  • cotton or cotton string (fishing rod)
  • seeds (to start a farm)
  • rope to catch stray cow or horse if you are lucky enough to find one.

More options for getting coin!

There are two further alternatives for getting coins.

First and foremost, you can "Sell" items to tokens through activating them and right clicking the token. This will award you 1 base iron coin and then another additional one per 10 quality levels of the item you are selling (1 + 1 * (QL / 10)).

  • Corpses are always 100 QL, and will award you 11 iron each.
  • You can sell for a max of 5 copper coins per hour. This is a low amount, but a guaranteed income.
  • CAUTION The item you have active when selling will irreversibly be removed from your person. BE VERY SURE YOU WANT TO SELL THE ITEM YOU ARE SELLING.

Secondly, there is also the alternative to forage, botanize, or kill mobs for the rare chance to get coins upon completing the action or the kill. The denominations you can receive is 1 copper, 5 copper, 20 copper or 1 silver. The upside of this is obviously the immense short term gains, but the downside is that there are absolutely no guarantees that it will happen at all.

  • Chance of this happening is based on the Rarity system, and chances can be improved by raising the Enchantment bonus of the village you are a part of.
  • "Domesticated" animals (animals with blue outlines) have a higher chance to grant coins on kill.

Part 2: Embark on your adventure

It's time to leave the comforts of your hometown. Eat at the bartenders for the last time. Fill up jars with about 6kg of water. Look at your compass, and hit the open road!

Your First Kill

Now that your Body Strength is 20 you should be able to defend yourself in a fight (to some extent). Make sure your short sword is in your right hand. And turn off Autofight, so that you can see if you are too far, or too close to your target. Most animals are still stronger than you. However you should be able to kill the following:

You might be able to kill the following, but only if they are a young age.

Do not attempt to kill a wild boar, snake or unicorn these three are deceptivly strong and very dangerous if provoked.

Once you have a fight skill of 5 or 10 you can try more challenging game. If you are losing a battle, retreat into the nearest lake, most animals in Wurm can't swim. Also, you can call tower guards by entering "guards!" in local chat.

If you want more practice you can train your skills, by chopping down trees with your weapon. This will damage your weapon, but you will gain weapon experience. Also, see practice doll for becoming a better fighter.

Settle Down

Find a place to settle. Look for areas with lots of:

  • water very close
  • trees very close
  • iron nearby (Iron rock can be an alternative to an iron vein)
  • clay nearby

The following are not essential, but can be useful after you get settled.

But, Water, Iron, and Trees are the most critical. See also: Prospect

A quick house

Here are some fast ways to create a secure area to store your items.

  • find a small cave, and put a mine door on it.
    • about 20 planks
  • build 3 fences and the door of an unfinished house.
    • about 26 planks
  • build a bsb and a large chest and put locks on them.
    • about 30 planks
  • build a 1 tile house
    • about 80 planks

Hint: 1 log = 6 planks

Hint: 1 old tree = 4 logs = 24 planks