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A Porridge
  • Porridge
Skill and improvement


Porridge is a food made with vegetable and grain with very small amounts of water. The Maximum QL of the resulting porridge is 3x of your Hot food cooking skill


Put water or milk and grains in a cauldron or sauce pan. Current tests show that that at the MOST .02kg of water for every .30kg of grain. So, for example, if 1.20kg of grain (4 grains) add 0.08kg of water at the most--any more water will result in dishwater.

An easy way to measure quickly, is to fill a pottery flask, then drink it when your water is about 90 so you will only consume 0.20 litres of water, leaving you with 0.05 litres of water in the flask.

The maximum ratio of water to grain is 1 to 15.

Pumpkins may also be used in place of grain which will make adding water easier. An easy rule of thumb would be to add 1 water per 10 weight of food.

Tools required