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Press F2 to see your characteristics. Characteristics help when you perform actions depending on them. When a new character is created all characteristics start at 19.5. Like skills they are limited to 20 if you don't have premium time. Points in characteristics are gained much more slowly than those in skills. On PVE: If a character was once premium and then loses premium, their characteristic skills will drop down to 30 (or remain unchanged if lower than 30); however, you can not raise them further until becoming premium again. On PVP: Characteristics remain capped at 20. Crossing from PVE to PVP will enforce this cap immediately.

  • Body
    • Body strength - High strength allows you to carry more, take less damage from hits, and do more damage in fighting and destroying walls.
      • 21 strength is needed to get the option to destroy a wall.
      • 20 strength is needed to unpave or dig on roads.
      • 23 strength is needed to load and unload things.
      • 21 strength is needed to prevent damage to a Bag of keeping/Master bag of keeping upon death
    • Body stamina - Body stamina reflects how much stamina you can have in your stamina bar.
    • Body control - 20.50 body control is needed to be able to use the steal command, and to ride certain animals. Body control helps with chance to evade hits during fighting.
      • 21 control is needed to ride a horse.
  • Mind
  • Soul

Skill effect on characteristics