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You can send mail to other players in the game via spirit containers which have been enchanted by priests/priestesses of Fo or Libila with the spells Courier or Dark messenger.

Mailboxes do receive damage and can be destroyed by decay, causing the cast on it to disappear.

Types of spirit containers

There is no difference in operation between the various spirit containers.

Mail between servers

  • You cannot send an item to a member of an enemy kingdom on Chaos or on Epic servers. You get the message: "You may not trade with the enemy."
  • You cannot send items between Freedom or Epic servers and the Jackal server.
  • You cannot send items between North and South Freedom clusters.
  • NOTICE: Items will be mailed to the server the recipient is currently present on. It can only be retrieved from that server.

Sending process

To send the mail,

  1. Drop the item(s) into any spirit container, then right-click the container, and select Send.
  2. There are two dialogues that will control how the items are sent.
    1. The first allows you to specify the name of the recipient, and what items should be sent using C.O.D. (cash on delivery). It also allows to skip the second dialog.
    2. The second dialogue allows you to see how much the delivery charge will be, and to specify the C.O.D. amount you will charge the recipient if applicable.

Receiving process

When you login, you will receive a message if you have any mail. You sense imps speaking your name and saying you have 1 mail waiting to be picked up.

To receive or check for mail, right-click any spirit container and select Check. If an item is sent as Cash On Delivery you need to have the money in your bank to cover the delivery charge before you can receive the items.

You also have the option to return the items to the sender.

Non-retrieved items

If the recipient does not pick up their mail within two weeks, they are automatically returned-to-sender.

If the original sender does not pick up the returned items within two weeks, they are destroyed.

If the recipient uses return-to-sender and the original sender does not pick up the items within 7 days, they are destroyed.

If a merchant disbands due to 3 months of inactivity of its owner, then their contents will be mailed to the owner with a 6 month expiry period.

There is no way to extract items from the mail system if you are not the recipient !

If you are sending something valuable, ensure that the recipient is available to pick it up before you send it. If you return an item to the sender, it would be good manners to contact them to ensure they retrieve it before the two week deadline.

Postage charges

The postage is 1 copper per item for same or cross-server mailing. The postage fee is taken from the bank account of the sender as the items are sent, unless they are C.O.D., in which case it is taken from the recipient when received.


  • An inscribed papyrus sheet or paper sheet is 1 iron to mail.
  • Combined items (such as metal lumps, wood scraps, liquids, etc) are 1 copper per 5 kg.

Delivery times

Any items sent via mailbox have a predetermined time for mailing, based on the power of the enchant of the sending mailbox. the timer is 101 minus power in minutes.


  • 1 power will take 100 minutes.
  • 50 power will take 51 minutes.
  • 99 power will take 2 minutes.
  • 101 or higher power will be instant.

Can be sent

Cannot be sent

Additional Uses of Mailboxes

Mailboxes can be right-clicked on to access the Jackal points shop and the Rift points shop.


Items sent in containers still incur fees. Example : A backpack with 3 wood scraps in it would cost you 4 x 1 copper (1x backpack, 3x wood scrap) to send due to being counted as 4 separate items. However, combining items (e.g. lumps) does decrease the mailing cost - combined items that are mailed will cost 1 copper per 5 kg, so a 5kg lump costs the same as one 1 kg lump.