Titles of Kings

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Titles that appear after kingdom leaders' names in a settlement token's Kingdom History. There are two known sets of titles, which combine to form the displayed title. One is gained from having a high/low kingdom expansion. The other is gained from a high/low success percentage, which is simply the number of levels (Offices) killed by said kingdom divided by the number of its offices killed by opposing kingdoms.

Due to differences in scores, it is possible to have a title such as "_____ the Stupid Savior".

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Not all sub titles are shown here, nor are the exact rankings as displayed

Expansion Titles

Sub Title Rate
Traitor -50%?
Failed -30%
Stupid -10%
Acceptable  ?
Conquering  ?
Strong  ?
Great  ?
Fantastic  ?
Magnificient  ?

Success Titles

Sub Title Rate
Savior  ?
Holiness  ?
Warrior  ?